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Cancerous Thoughts on Cantagious Cancer

Nobody Remembers

We haven’t seen a good plague lately, but I can speak from experience: You don’t want to catch a killer flu.

Last year, I caught some kind of flu. I coughed for weeks and there were times the cough was so bad, I swore that if I had been any older, it would have killed me. I’m not one to get flu shots, and I take my chances, but to this day, I don’t know what I got, but it was much worse than pneumonia, and I’ve had that twice.Black death

Yes, H.G. Wells had it right: the tiniest creatures can lay you flat. And odds are, among everything we have to worry about, the pandemic is right up there on the top of the list. You are more likely to die of some mutated bug than an asteroid, even though NASA is praying. And you KNOW…Obamacare will make us all sicker.

Did you know that so many people died in the Black Death, in today’s population estimates, it would be as if one billion people left the earth?  In terms of scale, about the population of China.

The worst flu pandemic of the last 100 years happened in 1918. and has been called the great Pandemic of Spanish Flu because one of its first high profile victims was the King of Spain. Of all the people on Earth (1.6 billion at the time) almost a third were infected. More soldiers died of the flu in the autumn of 1918 than as a result of combat in the entire war.

The Spanish flu killed within hours.Spanish flu one

We’ve had all kinds of scares since then: AIDS and Ebola being two of the most devastating, and mad cow. How many cows, chickens and pigs have been killed just in the last 25 years? That tells you something doesn’t it? It’s the little virus that can decimate your country.  But here’s the one that frightens me the most: Contagious Cancer.

From  the book: Megacatastrophies:

Beyond environmentally related cancer lies the still more frightening prospect of transmissible cancer a form that could be passed on from one person to another like an infectious disease. Cancers of this type have already been seen in some other animal species.

Yes, in…you will not believe this: the Tasmanian devil, a large Australian Rodent has a cancer that spreads like a virus.

 It’s a facial tumor disease DFTD, a transmissible parasitic cancer. And once infected the Tasmanian devils develops lumps and stuff on the face and body witch interferes with feeding so they starve to death. The population of Tasmanian devils had plummeted by seventy percent since 1996 and as of 2010 about 80 percent of the population was infected by the disease.Tasmanian Devil

So, cancer CAN be transmitted, which makes you wonder if the CIA has developed a strain of cancer that can be transmitted, and they really did kill Hugo Chavez?

Nobody Knows…but  a cancer spreading like the flu? That would be just as bad as any WMD.

I think I’ll write NASA and tell them they need to add cancer to their prayer list…and pray for those poor little Tasmanian Devils.


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Nobody’s Fool: Michele Backmann

Nobody’s Fool

Last week, Michele Backmann mentioned Obama’s lavish lifestyle, and here Bill O’Reilly ridicules her for it, and this Nobody Thinks he’s wrong.

To take on Obama with such a “trivial” matter, when Presidents ALWAYS spend lots of money is not good, Bill says. She should concentrate on the important things.

BUT…in this economy, with so many people out of work, the President should be cutting back. His golf trip to play with Tiger Woods alone would have paid for so MANY things…tours at the White House for one. Our Presidents are big hypocrites and we should expect more from them.

Michele is right. But both of them missed the real point here. The President should have a budget. The office itself has grown into such an expensive KINGSHIP, they make any King or Queen on earth look like misers in comparison. For instance, what President had to build a ‘replica’ of the Oval Office while the real one was being upgraded? Most of them moved into a hotel, or another room.

The American people find it disgusting what Obama and Michelle are spending on our dime, taking monthly vacations…and Bill O’Reilly, seems to think it’s okay for a President to go hog-wild with his money spending because all Presidents have done it.

That doesn’t make it right. It’s like saying “Hey mom…all the kids do crack!…It’s Okay!”   It’s the same argument. Bill’s argument is weak.

So, Michele Backmann wins the Nobody’s Fool award for the week. I hope she hangs in there.

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