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Nobody’s Perfect: Hillary ‘Umbridge’ VS Kardashians: OR LGTB VS Vagina Smelling Contest

Nobody’s Perfect:

This week, it’s between Hillary Clinton and the Kardashians..

Hillary first: Hillary 2016

You’re not a progressive unless you can find a cause…without the cause, there is no reason for people like Hillary to exist. Here’s Hillary’s first step to becoming the next Presdient, and I must admit, I had to stop watching after a few seconds, because frankly, Hillary’s tone made me sick: …the “I am so good, and I am here to save the gays, and America, and I am speaking VERY clearly because I know you are all stupid, and I still want to be President, but not yet…first …we need more gay people, and we are about to make it law.”

OMG, send me a canoe and let me go over the falls. But, as much as I HATE this women, (and I do NSA), I will, for the sake of the children, translate this almost unbearable rant  for you.

 Nobody Notes:  This woman, is a tyrant. As is Obama. They are abnormalities of power and corruption and to be feared with every fiber.

Here’s Miss Perfect Hillary:  

 “Gay rights are Human rights, human rights are gay rights.”

Nobody Says: So, gays were never human? When was this discovered?Hillary evil 1

 “There were some countries that did not want to hear that.”

Nobody Says: Hillary is going to stop all gay hangings in Iran, by her magnificent  leadership, even though she doesn’t have the courage to accuse them of much of anything.  Her point is to change us.

 “That’s who we are, it’s in our DNA.”

Nobody Says: Have you looked at your DNA lately Hillary?

“How to protect his L.G.T.B citizens..”‘

Nobody Says: WHAT? What’s that stand for?

Last Gay Tinker Bunker?—– Lesbian Gay Tokus Batter? ——–Little Gay Tiger Bitch?

We can’t call them gay anymore? Is Hillary trying to get rid of the word…”gay”? Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of gay family members that are loved dearly, but really… what rights DON’T they have?

“I was pretty tough…I directed our diplomats around the world.”

Nobody Says: Wow..Hillary’s stand on “Gays” in Benghazi got her L.G.T.B. diplomat raped AND killed. Good job Hillary.  How’s that “Let’s send the gays into service as gay diplomats in countries where it’s a crime to show them how TOUGH I am and get them all used to gays.” How’s that working out Hillary?

*Reach out to the brave activist fighting on front lines.”

Nobody Says: Yeah, we’ve seen all those brave gay activists standing on the front lines all OVER the middle East Hillary…. Sure we have.Hillay Evil 2

“Blah Blah…now having left public office”

Nobody Says: Oh right….sure…GOOD…stay out.

“For America to keep leading in the world that means we must invest here at home.”

Nobody Says: Oh…here comes the punch line. Translation: You hicks need to change, and you WILL change, all the churches will now marry gays and accept gays into marriage even though it’s against the Bible.  Wait…Hillary is starting to look like that evil woman Principal who wore pink in Harry Potter: Professor Umbridge.

“LGTB deserve the rights of citizenships and that includes marriage.”

Nobody Says: Uh…so now gays are not citizens? What? Since WHEN is marriage a RIGHT? Next thing you know…Hillary will tell you who can marry, and who can’t.Professor Umbridge

Wait…she IS telling you that. She wants to make it the law. All Churches will have to marry gays.

“My views have been shaped over time…”

Nobody Says:   The rest of us had to watch Hollywood and TV sitcoms, with gays kissing, and taking over our TV shows. No offense against gay…but statistically speaking, one or two would have been quite enough. but EVERY SINGLE SHOW? COME ON!  We were brainwashed basically. You on the other hand, are running for President. And getting rid of MEN is the main objective here.

That’s about enough of Hillary.

The other contestant for the week was Kim Kardashian, who in desperation for ratings decided to through a vagina smelling contest!

In what is a new low sisters Kim and Kourtney decided to hold a very vulgar competition on Sunday night’s reality show – to see whose private parts smell the sweetest!Kardasnian smell off

Hillary, leader of the feminist movement which encourage the vagina dialogues would be proud to see her children smelling each other vaginas.

As far as we know, the Kardashsian sisters are not gay…but this rather crudeness of our American Culture has made Hillary the winner of the Nobody’s Perfect award of the week.

After all, Hillary helped make this all possible. (To be fair, Bill helped out a lot in that department too..he needs to take at least half the blame.

Next thing you know, one of the gay designer boys will be throwing an anus smelling contest— After all…LGTB’s have equal rights now as citizens.

And I thought of some REALLY funny Hillary vagina jokes, but I won’t go there…but you can!

(Nobody apologizes for the content of this blog, but to me, there is a definite connection between these lowlifes.  They are all ..unhinged. )

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Got Any Money in the Cyprus Bank?

Nobody Reports

If you are a poor British retired soldier, living out your life on the Island of Cyprus, you woke up and found out that the EU, decided it was running out of money, and so, they “taxed” your savings.  They just reached inside your pocket like the good elite oligarchs they are, and grabbed what they felt they could.A customer walks out of a branch of Laiki Bank UK, in north London

If you are too late getting to the bank, the banks will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday because, they have a lot of pillaging to do.

Russian citizens account for the majority of the billions of Euros held in Cypriot banks by foreign depositors, and Russian banks are heavily exposed to the island as a favored offshore centre for big business. tired-looking Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund, appeared to have lost track of the calendar and wished weary reporters a “happy St Patrick’s Day” a full day early. She made no reference to a deposit levy, talking only of “burden sharing.” Several EU officials blamed Anastasiades for insisting on low contributions from uninsured deposits, hurting his country’s small savers to protect wealthy depositors, many foreigners. Under the new proposal, smaller depositors with up to €100,000 would be taxed at 3%; savers with €100,000 to €500,000 would be taxed at 10%; and those with more than €500,000 at 15%. despite all the promises, your savings are vulnerable to arbitrary confiscation.

But have heart! Those deposits could have been rendered even more worthless when the ECB cuts off its funding to Cypriot banks, a decision which would — through devaluation and insolvency — lead to depositors losing as much as 60% of their money.

Well, it’s the same old song isn’t it? “We must all share the burden.” and “It could have been so much worse.” The elites of the world, who continue to tax and steal money from the rest of us, are basically saying: Hey…we only took off your could have been worse..we could have KILLED you!Cypress

In the meantime, Japan will begin pumping huge amounts of yen into the economy, and our own Federal Reserve is pumping money too.

There seems to be more to it than simply wanting money. It’s the Russians that are going to be hurt the most…because they are sending Naval ships to the region.

Russia is helping Syria, and are sending Navel ships into the area. Simply put… they can’t get into Syria as long as this money stream is flowing through Cyprus. And the reason Cyprus is suffering…is also due to a very expensive explosion in 2011 which cost them billions:
Ruskies have at least 50 billion euros stalled in Cyprus. They have open storage on the base were 98 containers of explosives that had been seized by the United States Navy in 2009 after it intercepted a Cypriot-flagged, Russian owned vessel, the MV Monchegorsk travelling from Iran to Syria in the Red Sea. According to leaked US cables through Wiki Leaks, released in 2011, the US through Hillary Clinton exerted pressure on Cyprus to confiscate the shipment. The ship was escorted to a Cypriot port and the Cyprus Navy was given responsibility for the explosives, which it moved to the Evangelos Florakis a month later. At the time of the incident in 2011, the explosives had apparently been left in the open for over two years. The Cypriot government had declined offers from Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States to remove or dispose of the material, having feared an adverse reaction from Syria. The government had instead requested that the UN effect the removal, but claimed that its request had been rejected.

While the average American doesn’t get much news about the EU…we can only imagine how we would feel if we woke up one day…went online, and found out our “savings” had been taxed.

Obama has been looking at a way to “borrow” from our 401K’sand Pensions plans. Could our government be thinking about doing the same thing?

After Obamacare, we’d be foolish not to think so.






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