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Nobody’s Email: Michelle in Skinny Jeans…(expensive) Skinny Jeans…

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Evidently, Michelle Obama would rather wear a real hot sexul outfit to a Kids Choice Award, than anything that would give the kids the idea that she was actually a “MOM.” My self, I think if I were her— I would have had second thoughts about the “skinny” jeans. That’s the biggest front zipper that I’ve ever seen! Or did she stable that together? Doesn’t the White House have Mirrors?

Do I sound catty? Well? Sure I do! Even in Las Vegas, that’s a bit…suggestive. But then again, all the Obama’s got left is “style.” The substance is just not there. And…where are the bangs?

And for the amount of money it costs for the taxpayers to send her there, they could have left open the White House for another four years.

So, the only answer to this problem, is to reopen the White House and put them up in a Holiday Inn. After all, it’s being remodeled anyway…how much is THAT costing?


(Thanks to Tom Beebe)

A new standard in First Lady fashion.

Our First Hooker       

$1,596,899.49 to attend a one day national event dressed like a hooker.         Many thanks to the 51%        that voted them back in!

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Nobody Cares About What You Copy at the Office

Nobody Cares

I thought this was interesting: If you happen to work at some place and have made copies of your personal stuff (even at libraries) then it has been stored.

Sneaky buggers.

You learn something new every day, don’t you? So now Nobody has been warned. Be careful what you copy.

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