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Taking Control of the Future Slaves…

Nobody Remembers

Today, Glenn Beck was elaborating the horror coming to our schools called Common Core. There’s lots on the internet about it, and on his site, so I’m just going to make an observation about what Glenn was saying.Common Core one

Basically, our kids are going to be tested, studied, and put in the holes that the government thinks they should fit in…and this Nobody Thinks this has been going on for many years…they are just now getting the technology to put it on steroids.

Here’s a story from personal experience:

When my son was the fifth grade, life was pretty tough for him. Since my husband left us when he was one, we lived with my parents who watched my son while I worked at night.  My father took over the role as his dad growing up, and they spent many a weekend on the golf course together. So when my father came down with a brain tumor, my son had to watch him die slowly, at our house.

It was not easy for him…or any of us.

One day, I had a parent teacher conference. The teacher was concerned about things at home she said. Not that he was doing bad in school..he wasn’t. His grades were good. But she said, she was concerned about something that he wrote.

“Well, I’d like to see it.” I said.

“No…that’s not for you to see. The parents aren’t allowed to see the kids diaries. You see, every day, we make the kids write about their lives in a diary, and everything they say is confidential.”

So…every single day they were spying on our kids home lives…even back then. And she wouldn’t tell me one single thing. Common core two

Obviously, my son was upset about his grandfather dying. And the fact that she would not let me see his diary, meant that I couldn’t help my son. Kids don’t always tell their parents everything because most of the time they are trying to keep their own parents from thinking bad things about them. My son wasn’t stupid, he knew he wasn’t the only one in the family suffering, so he keep his thoughts to himself.

But…I was furious at that teacher and the fact that they were basically making rats out of all the kids.

This happened around the year 1997…the years Bill Clinton was in office.

Clearly, the school systems have been placing kids where they THINK they should go…giving them the subjects they think they should be in, instead of allowing the parents and the children pick what subjects they want to take.

They have been collecting data for years. The parents lost their rights a long time ago. And now Bill Gates is going to give the PTA’s millions of dollars to implement their big spy-seeking engineering programs. We should all be furious.

What Glenn Beck, and Michelle Malkin are talking about is more than any of us dreamed would happen. The state will decide everything— to what college your child can go to, to what sports he can play, to what jobs he will get in the future.

The teachers are well becoming Gestapo’s.

It’s social engineering…just like the Nazi’s of old.

The Chinese are going so far as to create super DNA children, they have no problem with it.

Just because they have the technology to arrange your whole child’s life, desn’t mean they should do it.

So, just how long has this been going on?

Somebody should ask the teachers.


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Nobody’s Fool: Roma Downey

Nobody’s Fool

Last night on Hannity, the beautiful Roma Downey was on the show promoting the last episode to the very popular miniseries “The Bible”.  Over 10 million people have watched, and a whole generation of people, who did not attend church when they were kids, are discovering the wonderful stories from the Bible for the first time.Roma Downey

BUT…when Hannity asked Roma questions about the strong resemblance between the Devil and Obama, Roma denied it. She also said she didn’t see the resemblance, to her, it was an actor with silver makeup.

Now…you could THINK that this woman, is sooooo innocent that she really doesn’t see a resemblance, or you can assume that these people really do believe Obama has devil like characteristics and knew exactly what they were doing when they put it in the movie, and decided to just deny it.

After all…what’s worse? A President who lies to Americans with every word he utters, or filmmakers who are denying that their portrayal of the devil was purposely designed to look like the President.

Obama is doing damage a devil would admire, so I say, in this case Nobody Thinks that Roma Downey and her husband win the Nobody’s Fool award for the week.

Because…you can’t fight evil people the normal way…..can you now? What’s good for the goose, can be even sweeter for the gander.

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