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Nobody’s Email: Liberal Chick Is …Upset At Michelle Malkin

Nobody Gets Email

Wow….do ya think¬†this liberal ‘chick’ smoked enough dope in her lifetime? Like hey dude…don’t¬†disrespect Mom and Dad Obama. Really…this is some kind of time warp. I’m almost positive I met her at the Grateful Dead Concert in 1969. I have no idea how she has stayed looking so young! And to think: She has FANS.

When did headbands come back in style? What did I miss?

Beam me up Scottie.

And this is what she is upset about. The beautiful and brilliant Michelle Malkin is making fun of her mommy.

Oh…the nerve. It’s a good think Michelle didn’t ask me to be in the video..I’m afraid Liberal Chick would have demanded my arrest.

Kudo’s to Michelle. I hope she makes more…one a week would be nice. I’m not sure Liberal Chick knows what year it is, so it will drive her crazy.

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Nobody Gets Email: Minimum Wage

Nobody Gets Email

Is it any wonder that the young blacks are going around raiding malls, and getting in fights, and dropping out of school? (Besides the facts that they don’t have dads to step on thier toes.) Nobody has been hit harder in Obama’s great economic plan, than the young blacks. The fact that Obama wants to raise the minimum wage, to ME means, that they know in Washtington that there are just not going to be middle class paying jobs in America ever again. That’s what happens when the “elites” professors, Congress, and big banks get together to make a “global” economy.

They wanted to use China’s slave labor, and just let our economy die.

Okay, what do I know. Here’s a man who DOES.

(Thanks to Tom Beebe)


Fifty years ago, Milton Friedman wrote that the minimum wage would do great damage “To Negroes and Negro youth”. No group is in greater trouble today than them. Now Obama has proposed increasing the minimum wage to $9.00.
baby shocke

Why not an amendment to his proposal to scale back the wage by 10% a year to help bring youth into the workforce?
$4.50 for age 15
$5.40 for age 16
$6.30 for age 17
$7.20 for age 18
$8.10 for age 19
and then $9.00 for age 20 and above.

It has been said that the minimum wage was created to protect union wages. Isn’t it time to “spread their wealth around? As an employer, wouldn’t you hire a kid for $4.50 where you would leave the job open if you had to pay an adult $9.00?

If this makes sense to you, would you please copy and paste the above into the “contact form” for your Senator and/or Congressman.

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