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Don’t Miss: Michelle Malkin at CPAC

Nobody Flashes

I’ve always said that the only woman in America who I would trust to be the first woman president would be Michelle Malkin. She’s been fighting for America for more years than I can remember.

She NEVER disappoints.

Don’t miss this patriotic speech.

Michelle is in a class all her own.

Eat your heart out Ann Coulter.


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Nobody’s Fool: Michelle Malkin

Nobody’s Fool

I posted this blast from the past (2009)with Michelle Malkin, just because she is really the best.

I have always said that Michelle would be a fabulous first woman American President…and I just love to hear her talk.  Can you imagine Hillary Clinton trying to debate her?

Ha! I can.

She’s great. Watch…and enjoy!

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Nobody’s Email: Liberal Chick Is …Upset At Michelle Malkin

Nobody Gets Email

Wow….do ya think this liberal ‘chick’ smoked enough dope in her lifetime? Like hey dude…don’t disrespect Mom and Dad Obama. Really…this is some kind of time warp. I’m almost positive I met her at the Grateful Dead Concert in 1969. I have no idea how she has stayed looking so young! And to think: She has FANS.

When did headbands come back in style? What did I miss?

Beam me up Scottie.

And this is what she is upset about. The beautiful and brilliant Michelle Malkin is making fun of her mommy.

Oh…the nerve. It’s a good think Michelle didn’t ask me to be in the video..I’m afraid Liberal Chick would have demanded my arrest.

Kudo’s to Michelle. I hope she makes more…one a week would be nice. I’m not sure Liberal Chick knows what year it is, so it will drive her crazy.

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Michelle Malkin: True Grit

Nobody’s Fool

Some day, I’m going to write a whole blog on why I think Michelle Malkin should be our first woman President. Not that I think she would ever want to be, but Michelle is the kind of patriot that if she thought she could help America….she would.

Her best asset, besides having more brains than most of the faculty at Harvard, is her great gift to speak with wit, humor and honesty.  And not many people can speak with such passion and as quickly as Michelle. There is not much doubt in my mind that not only would she be a great President, she would be one of our best.

Michelle has TRUE GRIT. The best part of this video is the ending. Watch, and applaud.

I did.

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