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Dirty Barn Members.. Get Rid of John Bonehead!

Nobody’s Opinion 

Let’s start our weekend on a great note, shall we? Ted Cruz’s heroic stance against Obamacare has finally come to some kind of fruition. YEAH TED!  Ted, has never stopped attacking the corrupt leaders of the House. He has led those “dirty and RADICAL right-wing conservatives” across the nation into seeing, the main problem with the Republican Party, and for that, he got called a “Jackass” by John Bonehead on his way out.

Ted…be proud.

Yes…John Boehner, as you heard in the above video, plans to ‘clean out the dirty barn.”J b 2

Whoa. If the barn was dirty in the first place, it’s only because of the biggest shitter in the house has been crapping up the barn so long, SOMEBODY had to call in the aerosol.

So, all you people out there who voted to put in the men to STOP Obamacare, you are now…named…dirty. Radicals.

Asked if the tea party wing was being unrealistic in its expectations, Boehner emphatically replied, “Absolutely, they’re not realistic!” Our system of government is not about Hail Mary passes,” Boehner said. “It’s the Woody Hayes school of football: three yards and a cloud of dust, three yards and a cloud of dust. It’s a slow methodical process.”

According to John Bonehead, it takes maybe a century or more to effect “change”  even though Obama did it on his first day.  What if our President was Hitler, and he ordered all newborn females to be gassed? And what if they didn’t have the votes to overturn his veto,—John Boehner would insist that “these things take time.”

Saving little babies from being cut up and sold to the highest bidder is going to get a ‘committee’ from John. (Right.)

So, what happened behind closed doors that made the Speaker quit, right in the middle of the great Pope orgy? It seems…it’s desperate times for the GOP.  245 days of talking about the Pope and his greenhouse little mini mouse van should keep everyone NOT thinking about the election.  Our President, with the help of John Boehner, just shoved down the American throat: climate change, higher taxes, and the flooding of millions of immigrants with a no borders world. I’m sure it only fueled the fires of those dirty American jackasses out there who want to get back at him.

Besides, John wanted to make himself look like a “holy, innocent, good man.” who the Pope thought so much of, he asked “HIM” to pray for him, so he is repeating that story everywhere. Jb 4

What’s next to distract us from giving airtime to those dirty animals…Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Ben Carson? Jeb Bush?

Jeb Bush came out on FOX to tell the world that those polls that show he’s still losing big time in the race, really don’t matter at all. Once American sees how his plans will work to take the country to a better place, they’ll vote for him. He’s SURE of it. And I can’t tell you what else he said because..I fell asleep.

He does that to me…something about those catatonic eye glasses, that makes me think of the last guy who was trying to sell me funeral insurance in my living room.

What’s next to distract us from giving airtime to those dirty animals…Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson?

How about…a visit from aliens? That might take up at least six months. They could even have the Pope meet them at the United Nations, and make them global citizens. The aliens might even give John another good cry. And who’s not up for that?

What putz.

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Nobody Wonders About Thomas Sowell’s Thinking


Nobody Wonders

 The right of a nation to kill a tryant in case of necessity can no more be doubted than to hang a robber, or kill a flea.—John Adams

I am a BIG fan of Thomas Sowell, and I don’t think that I have ever read a piece by him that I could disagree with: But this week, Thomas sided with the progressive Republicans in saying that Ted Cruz did damage to the party by trying to defund Obamacare. Nobody has a different opinion on that matter, so Mr. Thomas, forgive me, but I must protest. (Read his article here.)Thomas Sowell

Thomas: The tea party’s principles were clear. But their tactics can only be judged by the consequences.

Nobody: Tell me Thomas, you are basically saying that the only time to fight for your principles is when you are sure to win that fight…right? I don’t think there were many men that signed the Declaration of Independence that thought America had much of a chance of winning that fight…and yet, they stood together on principle. You don’t win a fight with just one battle. Instead of attacking the one lone man who did, we SHOULD be attacking the rest of the men that didn’t stand, and that was most of our Congress.

Thomas: Since the tea party sees itself as the conservative wing of the Republican Party, its supporters might want to consider what was said by an iconic conservative figure of the past, Edmund Burke: “Preserving my principles unshaken, I reserve my activity for rational endeavors.”

 Nobody: You reason here that because the democrats are in the majority, they can pass Obamacare and therefore fighting to defund it was “irrational.”

Irrational? If you know something is going to destroy America, do you stand aside because you don’t have the legislative power? That’s irrational. Your rationality depends on honest and fair elections, something that NO one has the power to verify since elections results are now done in Spain, in secret, and reported to an elite few. Where have you been Mr. Sowell? Vacationing? The whole process of our elections have been changed with technology. This is not the America you remember. Not to mention, the power of the Feds and the corporate lobbying. The ‘people’s voice is very little right now. We are being boiled like frogs.Obamascare

Thomas: Most people outside the tea party recognized that defunding Obamacare was also beyond their power — and events confirmed that.

Nobody: Right…we knew we would lose, so don’t fight. We also knew that Obmacare had other nasty goodies  in it—like establishing civil armies in our cities, and that it would doom us to poverty, and in many cases death, but hey, it will die of its own accord, right Mr. Sowell? With only a handful of men opposing it, why should we feel confident about that? We can’t.  Ted Cruz looks like a hero right now with all the people losing their insurance. John Adams would have been right up there with him..

Thomas: With the chances of making a dent in Obamacare by trying to defund it being virtually zero, and the Republican Party’s chances of gaining power in either the 2014 or 2016 elections being reduced by the public’s backlash against that futile attempt, there was virtually nothing to gain politically and much to lose.

Nobody: Okay, what you are saying that since our principles are just, we should compromise them, in order for the progressive members of the party to remain in power. Right now, there is no public backlash against Ted Cruz. The public backlash is against Obama and his lies.  You, dear sir,  are still on page one.

Thomas: However difficult it might be to repeal Obamacare after it gets up and running, the odds against repeal, after the 2014 and 2016 elections, are certainly no worse than the odds against defunding it in 2013. Winning those elections would improve the odds.

 Nobody: We have lost the last two Presidential elections with your kind of thinking. The power of the President trumps all of Congress  at the moment.  And the tea party will not vote for another loser, especially if they believe in Obamacare as Mitt Romney did.  The Democrats will successfully smear all republicans because they are just better at it, and their people have been brainwashed by years of liberal education, and they are being supported by the government. This is all by design.ted curz

In the meantime, Mr. Sowell, people will die waiting for the RIGHT time to defund Obamacare. Tell me, if I have cancer, and lost my doctor, do I have to wait until 2016 to get my treatment? I could very well be dead. Does that matter to you? Or does the success of the ‘party’ matter more?

Thomas: If the tea party made a tactical mistake, that is not necessarily fatal in politics. People can even learn from their mistakes — but only if they admit to themselves that they were mistaken. Whether the tea party can do that may determine not only its fate but the fate of an America that still needs the principles that brought tea party members together in the first place.

Nobody: It’s just your opinion that the tea party made a mistake. From our side of the isle, because Ted Cruz was honest, and right to oppose this horrible death sentence to America, we are proud to follow his example. You’re the one making the mistake by siding with the progressive Republicans, who are run by the corporations and banks, and you have given in, probably to keep yourself employed. Don’t worry, Peggy Noonan did the same thing.

When Hitler was in power, would you have told the Jews to just wait to the next elections to protest?

Nobody Wonders what happened to Thomas Sowell great thinking cap, and if he will ever admit HIS mistake in taking political expediency to principle.  Our founders didn’t wait,  and one of the reasons our country has gotten to this horrible point, is because more good men did not stick up for principle. No, they WAITED until the NEXT election. They sold out their principles every single time.

You might want to live in a country like that Thomas, but I don’t.

You admit the tea party is right on principle, but wrong on ‘tactics.” I disagree, and probably because I have much more to lose than you.

Only time will prove which one of us is right.

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Herbert Hoover: Tea Party Poster Boy: Read This Remarkable Speech

Nobody Remembers

Remember Herbert Hoover? If you do, you might remember that your school taught you that it was Hoover that caused the Great Depression, and the great and noble FDR saved the United States from his terrible destruction.

Poppycock. FDR put us in the mess we are today. His expansion of government was so huge, so invasive, we never got over it. He was also the Clinton’s god. It’s not by coincidence that when Obama ran for President, they put him on the cover of the Times as FDR. The liberals have never gotten over the man they thought was truly, government personified.  They even build a memorial to him in Washington D.C., which not too many people know about. And now, Obama has become his reincarnation.Obama fdr

I was glancing through my Annals books today, and found this remarkable speech, given by Herbert Hoover—(see it in it’s entirety here.)

In this speech, Hoover sounds just like a Tea Party patriot—and who knew? Certainly not any history teacher I can remember. He was always made out to be the scum of the earth, and after reading some of this, I can see why.

Hoover could not believe what Roosevelt had done with the New Deal. Remember the New Deal? That was the biggest unconstitutional growth ever mandated by a President, BEFORE Obama came along.

Listen to a few things that Hoover said in a speech delivered to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on June 10, 1936, and tell me it doesn’t bring you to shake your head in: OMG..this crap has been around for a long, long, time:

 “The Supreme Court has reversed some ten or twelve of the New Deal major enactments.”

 (so..see, Obamacare CAN be reversed! )

“Many of these acts were a violation of the rights of men and of self government. “New Deal One

(By the way, has anyone gone to Justice Roberts house for candy tonight?)

“the Congress has abandoned its responsibility to check even the expenditures of money. They have turned open appropriations into personal power. These are destruction of  the very safeguards of free people.”

(Will Paul Ryan suddenly developed a fondness for China? )

“We have seen these gigantic expenditures and this torrent of waste pile up a national debt which two generation cannot repay. “

(Right now, we’re looking at the year….7822. )

“One time I told a Democratic Congress that “you cannot spend yourselves into prosperity.” You recall that advice did not take then. It hasn’t taken yet.  “

(How would Herbert like those Obama phones? And no, it hasn’t taken yet. Sorry Herbert.)

“Billions have been spent to prime the economic pump. It did employ a horde of paid officials upon the pump handle. We have seen the frantic attempts to find new taxes on the rich. Yet three quarters of the bill well be sent to the average man and the poor. He and his wife and his grandchildren will be giving a quarter for all their working days to pay taxes. Freedom to work for himself is changed into a slavery of work for the follies of government.”Herbert Hoover

(Why isn’t this engraved in the Halls of Congress..? And try half the year…)

“We have seen an explosive inflation of bank credits by this government borrowing . We have seen varied steps toward currency inflation that have already enriched the speculator and deprived the poor. If this is to continue, and end result is the tears and anguish of universal bankruptcy and distress. No democracy in history has survived the final stages of inflations.”

(We have seen…we are seeing, the final stages of inflations. Obama is stocking up on bullets.)

“We have seen the building up of a horde of political officials. We have seen the pressures upon the helpless and destitute to trade political support for relief. Both are a pollution of the very fountains of liberty. “

“The New Deal may be a revolutionary design to replace the American system with despotism. “

(Can we find a big pot to dump all the despots in and start over?)

Nobody Thinks that this speech could be uttered by Ted Cruz today…as it would sound as true as the day it was written.

Allistar Cooke remarked that FDR WAS a dictator. He expanded the government more than any that had come before him.  And that’s one of the reasons Presidents have made Congress impotent.

America survived that man, but can we survive another? democrat

In conclusion Hoover said this:

“There are some principles that cannot be compromised. Either we shall have a society based upon ordered liberty and the initiative of the individual, or we shall have a planned society that means dictation, no matter what you call it or who does it. There is no halfway ground. They cannot be mixed. Government must either release the powers of the individual for honest achievement or the very forces it creates will drive it inexorably to lay its paralyzing hand more and more heavily upon  individual effort.  Less than twenty years ago we accepted those ideal as the air we breathe. We fought a great war for their protection. We took upon ourselves obligations of billions. We buried our sons in foreign soil. but in this score of years we have seen the advance of collectivism and its inevitable tyranny in more than half the civilized world. In this thundering ear of world crisis distracted, American stand confused and uncertain.”

And American STILL stands confused and uncertain.

Obama hopes that in the future, George W. Bush will be remembered as the man who caused the “great recession” of the 21st century, and that he, Barack Obama, saved the people.

And if Herbert Hoover was alive today he would say: POPPYCOCK!!

My nobody friends, we are repeating history.


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Tea Party Patriots..STAY THE COURSE!

Nobody’s Opinions

Here’s the good news:

Ted Cruz, and the tea party representatives in the House made an  attack on the Washington establishment of Wall Street globalists, and it was a smashingly HUGE success. How do I know? It’s not just because Rush Limbaugh has given his full support to the ’cause’—- the internet, and the Cable programs are filled with hate—-no, they are worse…they are overloaded with hate articles and quotes:tea party five

 “Jim DeMint and Heritage have been completely discredited among Republicans, among conservative Republicans” –NBC Andrea Mitchell

“I think that the era of the far right and the era of the Tea Party is over. “—-Washington Post columnist, E.J. Dionne.

“The tragedy of tea party Republicans destroying their credibility with reckless brinksmanship.” American Conservative—Rod Dreshertea party patriots 2

“Right now, tea party extremism contaminates the whole Republican brand.”–former Speechwriter for George W. Bush.—-David Frum

Tom Hartmann blamed Reagan for this whole Tea Party trend of “anti-American crazies who hate our government,”

Rep Steve Cohen called Tea Party congressmen: —“domestic enemies” that he took an oath to defend the country against.

“MichiJayJay” opined that for the GOP, losing wasn’t punishment enough: “[N]ow that the teabaggers are down, we have to kick them, and kick them, and kick them and kick them. Into the goddamn dirt. Don’t let anybody forget for a second what they wanted (and still want) to do.”tea party 4

Jeb Bush urged Cruz, a freshman senator from Texas, to “have a little bit of self-restraint.”

Lindsey Graham said…”The political marketplace will determine Ted Cruz’s future. We helped President Obama when he needed our help the most. After this debacle called the shutdown, our party’s been hurt, our brand name is at the lowest ever, Obamacare actually got a bump in polling, and we got in the way of a disastrous rollout,” Graham said. So from my point of view, this was a tactical choice that hurt us, but the good news for the Republican Party is the debacle is over if we don’t do it again, and Obamacare is a continuing debacle,” Graham said.tea party 7

And it goes on and on and on–which means that we are witnessing the final plot to completely control the American Patriot, and put a stop to their ideas of freedom. We now see clearly who wants to fight for the American people, and who are there representing the corporations, and their own Wall Street wallets. We now know who the ‘progressives’ are. It’s good to know your enemies.

The Bad News:

Obama is still President and has given himself dictatorial powers, beyond anybodies Constitutional imagination. The damage he is doing will be hard to reverse. Congress so far, is packed in his favor.  If the Tea Party gets stronger, ( and it will) he might contrive to do something much more harmful to the last Americans standing, besides close down their memorials. His next action will border on insanity.

And John McCain, might as well be Jane Fonda, when that happens.  tea party message

We need to support Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and all those that fight for freedom.

It’s..that simple.  “Stay the course.”

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The Founders Try to Teach Bill Maher About REAL Neanderthals

Nobody’s Opinion:

I was watching Book TV the other day, and caught a bit of Benjamin Wiker, who had written a book, called Worshipping the State. How Liberalism Became Our State Religion.  Amazingly enough, Dr. Wiker explained the history of how progressive liberals have overtaken Western government in about ten minutes, and it started back in 1860’s. He explained that in the beginning of our country, one couldn’t get a graduate degree. You had to go to Europe to finish your graduate degree so most everyone back then went to Germany to get further education, and so, they graduated and brought the German liberal and very GODLESS point of view back to our universities, and voila! Liberal schools burped out future liberal Presidents to fill our democratic parties.

He went on: To a progressive the state must replace God, therefore, the only way that can happen is to get rid of Christianity. And any other religion that attacks Christianity is accepted by them, and that’s why they protect Islam over Christianity. They both have a common enemy. With Christianity came morals, and therefore the Ten Commandments have to go out the door. No adultery? They can’t stand it.  Liberals  want to have a much sex, as much money, as much success, as much power that they possible can, and those pesky Ten Commandments just get in the way. He explained that the liberals made a religion out of “liberalism.” They demand abortions: they demand free sex: the rules of the state must rule all… and now they are demanding to stay in power while being allowed to grope as many woman as they can possible get their wieners on.

Bill Maher is the poster boy of wiener watchers.

And since the progressives feel so superior–they just bypass  God’s commandments, and make up their own. They exempt themselves from any law that the rest of the Neanderthals down below them have to obey. According to Joe Biden, that’s what conservatives are: Neanderthals.

After seeing this very nasty rant by Bill Maher’s…this misanthropic Neanderthal (According to Joe Biden, who would know)  was so dumbfounded by his audacity to rewrite history, I decided to let our founders answer his very imaginative twist of history:…..

Bill the Gay Hobbit (My husband name for him)

“The tea baggers must call out that group of elitist liberals whose values are so antithetical to theirs, I’m talking of course about the founding fathers.”Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson says upon hearing this:

I believe that justice is instinct and innate., that the moral sense is so much a part of our constitution as that of felling, seeing, or hearing. The last of the faithful stand against tyranny, which in their right that God gave them: Evidently sir you did not read my words: “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, and they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights: that among these are life, liberty , and the pursuit of happiness.”  It is their right to pursue justice, as it is your right to pursue all those ugly prostitutes, that you hang around. I stand with them.

Bill the toe sucker:

“The founding fathers would have hated your guts, (he talking to the Tea Party People) and what’s more, you would have hated them, they studied science read Plato, hung out in Paris, and thought the Bible was Bull shit.”

George Washington, turns to John Adams and said,

“I hate deception, even where the imagination only is concerned.”George Washington

Bill the marble-palace lapper-face Dog King says that John Adams said:

“this would be the best of all possible world if there were no religion in it.”

John Adams, sticks it to him:John Adams

“Suppose a nation in some distant Region should take the Bible for their only law Book, and every member should regulate his conduct by the precepts there exhibited! Every member would be obliged in conscience, to temperance, frugality, and industry; to justice, kindness, and charity towards his fellow-men; and to piety, love, and reverence toward Almighty God … What a Eutopia, what a Paradise would this region be.”
Diary and Autobiography of John Adams, Vol. III, p. 9.

Bill the bog ignorant bob-squirt says:

“Political power must stay in the hands of the smartest people and out of the hands of the dumbest loudmouth slowing down the checkout line at Home Depot.”

John Adams turns to Jefferson. and says:

The fundamental article of my political creed is that despotism, or unlimited sovereignty or absolute power, is the same in a majority of a popular assembly, an aristocratic council, an oligarchical unto and a single emperor.”

I see the tea party people…and I am proud. And this Nobody says  “So THAT’s why they prefer to keep the masses stupid and stoned.”

Bill Lackanookie says:

James Madison was fluent in Greek and Latin.

Nobody says: Yes Bill, that’s because once upon a time, you either learned Greek and Latin or you didn’t pass your exams at Harvard. ALSO…Harvard was a religious school. Everyman had to take religion. And to prove that lack of religion has bred a busload of elite rulers that couldn’t even run a McDonald’s restaurant. let alone Congress. We see here below, that Senator Harry Reid thinks the Tea Party people are anarchists.

Poor Harry. Didn’t read his George Washington. Skipped over his Constitution. Thinks that government is good. Maybe we should let James Madison remind him…

James Madison says;James Madison

The essence of government is power: and Power, lodged in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.

Harry and Bill are proof, that our founders were right. These bullies are actually scared of the newly resurrected Tea Party Neanderthals.

Booga Booga!!  Boooga Booga!

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Nobody Knows: Boston, Thatcher, Tea Party, Hangovers, Family Guy

Nobody Knows

BOSTON: You would think this video would be all over the cable news program, but no…all they are talking about is how people lost their limbs, when the bomb went off at the Boston Marathon. They are not showing you the carnage, because if they did, it might get a lot of people really mad….and not only at the terrorists but because the Boston Police said they had no clue that this was going to happen before it happened. Nobody Knows if bomb sniffing dogs are a routine thing at all events, but I agree with this guy….not usually.

Boston police deny the existence of any drill.

Will they ever admit that they had suspicions that a bomb was going to go off? Nobody Knows, but I wouldn’t count on it. It goes back to my theory on the FIRST REPORT. I heard Megyn Kelly on FOX today say that first reports are usually wrong, but the first reports coming from the Boston scene said that they had found two other bombs that had not detonated. These were reports by local authorities, and then it was changed…to there were no second bombs.  So, do you believe the first report or the second?

You know what this Nobody Thinks. Also, we keep seeing the same film from the first bomb…but what about the second bomb? Nobody is talking about that one. And we are not seeing any pictures from that site. Also— nobody is talking about the third victim who was a Chinese National.

The only thing we do know is that Nobody Knows ….much. Nobody Thinks Boston must be near Benghazi.


Obama will not be sending anyone to represent his administration to Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral.

Lest we forget, Obama sent three official envoys to Hugo Chavez’s funeral: Rep. Gregory Meeks, a New York Democrat, and former Rep. William Delahunt, a Democrat from Massachusetts, and the U.S. Embassy Caracas Chargé d’Affaires James Derham.

(They were joined by Jesse Jackson, Jr, and Sean Penn and other luminaries from the US.)Obma kissing Chavez

Nobody Knows why Obama keeps insulting the British, but when he sends regards to other communist dictators, you would think the left would admit that he favors communists. No, they would admit that Obama is a homosexual who prefers old white guys before they would ever admit that he prefers communists. To the left, Obama is as American as Cherry Pie.  According to them, Communists do not exist anymore…only Progressives. Just ask Bill Clinton.

You know what this means? If I was X- President George H.W. Bush, I’d try not to die in the next four years


Obama gave the Pakistanis $500 million so they could celebrate the bombing of Boston in a proper way. Right now, they are rejoicing in the streets. He also gave money for brain research, (Obama’s second love besides golf and parties at the White House is giving away money.) and now, scientists want Obama to give them some big bucks for further research into a pill to get rid of hangovers.

Scientists at University of California, Davis, apparently unsatisfied with the preferred post-drinking-binge remedy of Bloody Marys and breakfast burritos, are arguing that the U.S. needs to fund more research on hangover cures. Why? Because the “related absenteeism and poor job performance” associated with hangovers costs U.S. companies $148 billion per year, according to That comes out to about $2,000 per working adult.


Everyone knows that in a depression, everyone drinks…and then they can’t go to work the next day because frankly, what’s the point? Scientists just don’t know why that is.

Why should we spoil it for them?

drunk college

Will Obama give them money to research this very important national problem? Sure he will! Think of all the college students that would sign-up to get PAID to get drunk.  They’d have those student loans paid off in no time.


Chris Matthews and Michael Moore are right up there with Obama in speculationg that it was a Tea Party Partrot that bombed the people:

Chris Matthews said:

“Normally, domestic terrorist people tend to be on the far right, although that’s not a good category,” Matthews said on Monday’s show. “Extremists, let’s call them that. Do they advertise after they do something like that? Do they try to get credit as a group or do they just hate America so much, or its politics, or its government, that they just want to do the damage – that they don’t care if they get public credit if you will.”

Even though Obama’s  has actaul ties to a real terrorist, one who has killed with bombs, Bill Ayers—a man he still talks to, Nobody Knows why nobody has tied Obama to the killings. Bill Ayers


In the meantime it was let out that three weeks ago, Family Guy had an episode on, where the cartoon character blew up all the runners at the Boston Marathon so that he could win the race. Body parts were everywhere.

Talk about Hollywood influence. Can we blame the creator of Family Guy for suggesting to the nutcase that did this…to imitate his idea?

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane created a cartoon which made fun of terrorist bombings and depicted mutilated Boston Marathon runners, yet he is labeling people who merely talk about the episode as “abhorrent”.

Tivo and others are now removing the episode from their systems, which is strange given that the episode is supposedly a “hoax” and doesn’t exist, according to the media.

Nobody wants the first report on this: and here it is.

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Rand Paul Responds

Nobody Wonders

Why Fox news, or any news outlet for that matter, did NOT post this response to Obama’s State of the Union speech last night.

Obviously, FOX news, who has Dana Perino, Bush’s old press secretary, and Karl Rove, Bush’s old adviser, on every single day, and they are there to promote the established Rhino’s.

Marco Rubio did a fine job last night, and it was obvious that he was setting himself up for the Republican ticket in 2016, but since he had the help of Jeb Bush in Florida, many people including myself, are afraid of the “Will Rubio become a Rhino after election?” because we have been so burned by the Bush family. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Bush/Rubio ticket.

Rand Paul to me, is the most honest….and I’m not sure if he was taking about the TEA PARTY, or the Replication party here… It was a bit confusing since he IS a Republican. But here is not doubt, the party is split. The Rhino’s no longer represent the “people” or the Constitution, and so that is why Karl Rove is fighting along with the liberals to smash them altogether. It’s all about the power.

The speech was worth the watch…so for those who care…here it is.

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Nobody’s Email: The Good Reasons for the 2nd Amendment

Nobody Gets Email

Another great rant from Conservative Video’s…which will give you arguments to use whenever you talk to your liberal friends.


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Plotting a Cranky New Course

Nobody’s Opinion

They didn’t waste a day did they? The Republicans went right back into campaign mode for 2016. The big news today was that Marco Rubio raised historical bundles of cash…while in Iowa.

Iowa.  He was just there a few weeks ago.


The race has started all over again, for the simple reason that too many people are making a nice living off the “race” and Nobody Thinks but me…that this constant campaigning fits the plans of societal manipulation…of social control. Make the people think that contests are real, and that somebody wins fair and square.

In other words..YOUR VOTE COUNTS in this election, because you vote on American Idol, don’t you?

I don’t know about you, but I was amazed to see all the different programming contests going up all over cable networks in the last few years. There are  singing contests, racing all over the world contests, survival contests,  cooking contests, putting on movie maker contests: dance contests–dancing with the stars,  dancing with yourself, without yourself, with a bunch of other people…contests of talent, contests of models…cooking with models…

I’m surprised we didn’t see a “dancing while cooking” contest.

Nobody Thinks that all those American Idol contests splattered all over our TV sets, was just another way to get us all ready for the continuation of GOP VS DEMS contest that never ends.  And we never notice, that nothing EVER gets done in our country now, because we’re too busy watching the ‘contest.’ We’ll fixt that problem tomorrow…just elect us!

There are a lot of politicians getting rich, and a lot of Americans getting poorer, and a lot of excitement created in the “Who’s going to win the next election?” contest.

Can the Republicans come back? Folks! Stay tuned! Next up…Jeb Bush!

The very next day after the election, the universal conservative cry of …”There WILL be no future if Obama is reelected” that was the battle cry on every cable and radio network—has been forgotten. All it took, was one day. Poof. Gone. Replaced with, “Hey..we got Jeb Bush! And Rubio! And That fat guy from New Jersey!”

Rubio said in Iowa:” I think we’re all going to move on and move forward.” (Can you believe he said that?)

Right.  What are we moving forward to? A new economy?  Or the next campaign speech?  

More hogwash. Frankly, I don’t believe any of them anymore. They talk a good game of small government  “conservative”, but they have to do that…so that the real conservatives don’t rebel, except now they are rebelling. They want to get out of the union.

Last night on Coast to Coast, I listened to  an interview with a man named John Loftus, who was a former head of the Justice Department. He had written a book called,  “America Nazi’s Secrets” about how our government and many big corporations had actually been working with Nazis and Communists during WWII.

Here’s how the story began. In the 1920s there was a young Egyptian named al Bana. And al Bana formed this nationalist group called the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Bana was a devout admirer of Adolph Hitler and wrote to him frequently. So persistent was he in his admiration of the new Nazi Party that in the 1930s, al-Bana and the Muslim Brotherhood became a secret arm of Nazi intelligence.

The Arab Nazis had much in common with the new Nazi doctrines. They hated Jews; they hated democracy; and they hated the Western culture. It became the official policy of the Third Reich to secretly develop the Muslim Brotherhood as the fifth Parliament, an army inside Egypt.

Instead of prosecuting the Nazis — the Muslim Brotherhood — the British government hired them. They brought all the fugitive Nazi war criminals of Arab and Muslim descent into Egypt, and for three years they were trained on a special mission. The British Secret Service wanted to use the fascists of the Muslim Brotherhood to strike down the infant state of Israel in 1948. Only a few people in the Mossad know this, but many of the members of the Arab Armies and terrorist groups that tried to strangle the infant State of Israel were the Arab Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nothing new here…I fell asleep. (I always fall asleep listening to Coast to Coast)

But…at exactly 3.14 am, I woke up when I heard Mr. Loftus literally trashing the American Tea Party. They were going to muck everything up he said angrily — with this seceding business. (What?) They were all stupid, and unbearable, and I’m sure if Mr. Loftus could, he would order every single of them…shot. And he supported Obama. Really? Read this by John, and ask yourself…Why in the world would this man support Obama?

I was begging in my mind for the commentator to give him at least a few questions as to Why do you hate the tea party so much?.. But no…he was silent. Mr. Loftus really hated them, and since it was 3am in the morning, he felt he didn’t have to hold back his animosity..

The object obviously is: Dumb down America. Get rid of those damn patriots, and globalization will flourish and save the planet.

Somehow–even the most conservative men are running with the liberals now. So, why?

Dick Morris said this in “Screwed.”

” A newly fashionable dogma of globalism enthusiastic support for an economic and cultural view of “the world as one” has supplanted a fundamental concern for the interests and needs of American Citizens in the priorities of our national government.

We are increasingly ruled by an incestuous and institutionalized worldwide liberal bureaucracy. These elites see voters as enjoying masses who are simple too stupid to know what is really good for the world. Their contempt extends to our leaders.

Our own leaders won’t stand up for our interests. Hypnotized by the beat of globalism they throw away our prosperity, drive our own country out of business and yield the playing field to them. ”

And he adds

“As if pride in our own country and a desire to maintain our democratic institutions is just some kind of knee jerk nationalism by out of touch, embittered old fashioned and cranky people. “

Cranky. A word that would have perfectly described John Luftus last night.

So, the  ‘game’ of eternal campaigning  will continue, but something tells me…half the country isn’t watching anymore.

They are plotting a new course.

And it IS an exceptionally cranky one.


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Michael Reagan…Doesn’t Drink the Tea

Nobody Cares

Okay…I’m swimming against the tide on this one.

Michael Reagan, who I have always liked, has come out saying some pretty idiotic things. (Mr. Reagan…are you up there? Uh..put your hands over your ears.)

This from Newsmax:

Ronald Reagan’s elder son Michael Reagan declares that some tea party candidates were “absolutely fools” for getting involved in moral controversies instead of concentrating on economic issues. Observers in the media have been saying that the GOP lost the presidency and the Senate because the party put up too many tea party candidates. “Social issues are important. I get involved in social issues, but those are not the issues that unite a country. What unites the country are, in fact, the economic issues.” it’s the Tea Party’s fault that Mitt lost the election.

Shame on you Michael.

He was talking about Todd Akins, the candidate that said THIS about “abortion” sometime right before the election:

“From what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” said Akin said of pregnancy caused by rape. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume maybe that didn’t work or something. I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be on the rapist.”

People took that sentence and twisted it to make the man sound like he approved of rape. That’s not what he said.

This is astounding. I did NOT take it that way. I took it that he meant that so many sexual encounters are called rape, and years later the girl says…”Oh, he really didn’t rape me.” And the guy, most of the time black, does hard time. Sometimes it’s a black stripper claiming boys raped her at a university party…remember that one? That wasn’t a legitimate rape.

In the case of ‘legitimate rape” which means a rape did occur, as terrible as that is, and BECAUSE it is terrible, the woman’s nerves are such that the baby aborts naturally. Even if a woman is having a hard time with loss of a job or a parent or another child, that does happen. I know a lot of women who have lost babies due to nerves.

And the REASON we are in such an economical mess is because morality has been thrown OUT the window. Just look at Wall Street. Look at our Generals, and politicians, and President. We are a morally bankrupt nation.

We now have more single moms being supported by the state, and kids growing up without dads, and so the taxpayer has to pay for all these kids, and that’s why Mitt lost. All those moms, many of them Latino and black, need money–and so, I just don’t get it. Morality is a big part of our economic problem.

Mitt Romney ran on nothing BUT the economy. It was the GOP, that ran all Tea Party candidates out of their jobs. Even the great Allen West–lost. (And yes, I capitalize Tea Party)

The Tea Party candidates, all of them….Were more trustworthy than any of the GOPs now in power. And that’s why they..the GOP AND the Democrats MUST get rid of them. They stand for the Constitution.

Remember Michelle Bachmann? She was the best candidate in the primaries, but they trashed her day in and day out…on purpose.  She was a great Tea Party candidate. They gave her very few questions to answer during the debates.

The Tea Party is the new Jew.

The GOP wanted this guy removed. He did not fit into their global plans. obviously Michael Reagan has bought on to the GOP globalization plans….or he really thinks religion and morality should never be discussed when running for office.

Somehow, I remember his dad talking about God….a LOT.  Maybe Michael wasn’t listening…or worst…he wants to remain in power makers of money…Funny, I remember a Peggy Noonan doing exactly the same thing.

I almost thought…this was April’s Fool day…or Friday the 13th…but no, it’s just another sad day in Obamaland.

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So…You Elected Obama….

Nobody’s Opinion

First, thanks for your feedback on the larger type. I too have trouble with the smaller type, and so, maybe with the larger type I’ll make fewer mistakes…

HA!..Okay. Well…I’m sure you’ll let me know about ALL my mistakes. In fact, I’m counting on it.

I am blogs behind, so I’m just going to touch a few subjects and try to catch up. I’ve come to some decisions about the whole American mess that just happened–I’ve come to the conclusion that everything that happens in this country, has been planned. Everything. Washington, the Federal Reserve, the rich CEO’s…have been working at all this stuff for years. What stuff Joyanna? They call it ‘social engineering.” We call it corruption. This mostly liberal corruption has been going on since FDR, who once famously said.

“In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned.”

Here’s the secret: They convince you that it’s all true. Whatever our politicians and pundits say about how you should think about most anything. In the meantime, American society is being slowly changed…to fit into a borderless world. They keep your eye away from the ball, from what’s really happening…looking the other way….”America is the richest and most powerful nation in the world.” all the Presidents declare.

 Uh…have you SEEN Singapore? Do you think that’s just movie magic in a James Bond Fantasy? 

All the top leaders of BOTH parties, are in on this New Borderless World, like a yellow billed woodpecker plucking parasites on a Water Buffalo shuffling through the Kenyan mud.  

Let’s look at the election:  Did Obama REALLY win this election? Well yes, says everyone, including almost all Republicans, because there are just that many idiots out there who would vote for him, and the Republicans, we are told, stayed home.

Nobody Thinks that there’s a lot of truth to that statement. Ron Paul had a big following in many of the states, but the GOP, in almost all cases…shut them all out. Illegally in many cases, and with rude force.

The Republicans did not take them into the fold. Many of them did stay home. Karl Rove led the way on attacking Tea Party candidates. Mitt did his fair share too.

On the other hand, we are constantly told this is a center-right nation…and that 63 percent of the population is white, 17 percent is hispanic, and 12 percent is black. So by all accounts it was the single white women who put Obama back in.

On those “stats” alone, you could say that the country has changed and Obama won. Promoting the single mom who can’t live without the Obama dad, has a lot of traction.

But—What about all the votes that weren’t counted? What IF early voting had not been allowed, in any state? This year alone, they went NUTS with it. Before you had to have a good excuse to vote early. This election, it was encouraged for everyone to do it.

Hey…come on down and vote! Hurry! It’s okay this year! See..Obama is voting early!

When you are not there to prove who you are: you could be anyone. How many people voted twice? How many illegal’s had fake ID’s and were allowed to vote? How many false votes were sent through the mail?

And no politician ANYWHERE complained very much at all by how our military votes were barely even counted. Those late arriving military votes ( sent to the men too late for them to even be able to get them back in time) were not allowed to be counted– but hey..If you live in Florida, you got to get in line at two in the morning. You’re vote was counted.

Nothing unfair about that.

Did anyone think it was a bit odd that Florida was allowed to keep voting well into the wee hours of the morning? YOU dear citizen,  were convinced that it was perfectly normal thing to do (even though it was totally not legal OR fair) because Obama had already been declared the winner. Florida took what…a week trying to tally the votes? It took them a whole WEEK to get enough votes to declare Obama the winner of Florida. The buses that should have been in Jersey were stuck in Miami.

That’s fraud, whether Obama was already the winner or not. Why keep counting?

To get you used to it as being…okay. It’s Orwell’s Animal Farm. Some people are more equal than others.

In my Nobody lifetime, I have never seen such a speedy election. They predicated the results  within a few hours. The main cable stations had spent millions of dollars making fabulous videos screens just to prove to you how everything went. Hollywood’s technical superiority is NOT to be doubted.

Electronic voting. (Which by the way, can be very easily manipulated. There is no paper trail to record it, or way to verify it.) made this the fastest election in American history.

After the election, Fareed Zakaria (CNN Journalist) introduced the New World Order that they have in store: Everyone in the world should be voting by fingerprinted electronic voting.

Now, think: How did we get to electronic voting?

Florida. 2000. Nobody wanted to see people having brain aneurysms counting loose scads ever again.

Was the 2000 Gore-Bush presidency fiasco in Florida a ” create the problem so you can come in with a solution”  planned debacle, so that the plans of a one global electronic controlled machine could be launched with the consent of the governed eventually?

Looking back now, after this election: Nobody tends to think so.

Others think it’s just ‘progress.’

It’s not progress when votes can be manipulated with the push of a button, with no paper trail, no oversight…no real proof.

I repeat FDR.

In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens you can bet it was planned.”

Mitt Romney, didn’t even look upset about losing. Neither, as I remember, did John McCain.

And while lesser representatives and Senators come and go..there are a very select few that never seen to leave.

These are the ones you know are in on the great plan. And they get VERY rich.

The good news is: All over America, people are signing petitions wanting to secede from the Union.

The bad news is: The Washington elite will just laugh. HA, HA…Ha…Go ahead and sign the petition…we’ll have you on our “tea party” list of terrorist at the White House! You will be so easy to find!

Thank you very much!

Right AFTER the election: A scandal has been put on the front page for everyone to get their focus off of what just happened.  Get off the election people, more sex! Check it out! A GENERAL!

In the meantime, America has chosen the worst President in their history…AGAIN.

Yes…you REALLY did.

Or…did you just think you did?

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Goodbye America. Hello Comrades/Or…the Eagle Cries

Nobody Knows

—How Obama pulled this off. It was so close, and everyone knows the machine that was put in place long before the election in order to assure his “narrow” win was as corrupt as the man who illegally occupies the office.

The result came in so fast and furiously, and the early voting held for the first time in American history, also gave advantage to Obama. The fact that George Soros owned the voting tallying machine in Spain surely had something to do with it. And while many voted with paper, all the offices had brand new electronic paper machines to tally them. It was all very cleverly managed off site…probably in Spain.

And it’s the “tea party” that is still being attacked. Even by an Australian Minister. The attacks on Christians will be almost unbearable. Last night some liberal was making Sarah Palin and Paul Ryan out to be some kind of monsters.

The radio host cut him off…but the real war on “tea party people who cling to their guns and religion” will be horrible to watch. The Jews will go next. If I were a Jew, I’d get out of Israel as fast as possible.

My local elections, once again were rigged. The state voted for Romney, and  all the established very crooked democratic politicians stayed in place. We had a great turnout, and so the possibility of that happening is almost nill. ALL tax increases were voted in, and the whole city is decimated. For years now, every single tax increase has passed.

I don’t believe it. People don’t vote for tax increases in this economy. The politicians just say you did. We live in a happy-face Russia.

Could this be the end of America? Or did it die long ago, they just didn’t want us to see it?

The rest of the world thinks we are a cesspool. Our media,  is controlled, as it is in Russia. The few outlets of conservative talk will now be forced to carry the party line. It’s already happening on Fox.

We are now going to be bombarded with how Obama is going to lead us to “unite”. The opposite will happen.  Expect to see Obama’s image pop up everywhere. Just like FDR. Don’t rule out a third and fourth term.

A life to the America that we so desperately want will not come by voting. Obamacare will kill us all off sooner. They will cull the last of the patriots.

We live in a oligarhty of corruption. This is a divided nation…but when the North fought the South, it fought the evil called slavery, and won because it had the steel mills, the money, and the armaments.

Now, the slave supporters have all the power. Obama is not my President. And he is no Abraham Lincoln. He is unfit to even grace the left hand of General Lee. He is the President of the Ho’s and Bitches, the ‘great religion of Islam’ and children of lost baby boomers who never got over free sex and drugs.

God help us all.

And I’m so sorry my son. My generation has failed the world. Like the children of Germany…we were selfish, blind, and stupid. And you will suffer greatly for it.

I am so ashamed of my generation. We failed the world.

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Why the 47% Should Buy the Other 53% a Drink

Nobody’s Opinion

Nobody wants to compare the candidates today. Let’s talk political parties, you are either going to vote democrat or republican on Tuesday.

The day has come, and you are…a democrat. You loved Bill Clinton, and even though even you can see that the country is falling apart, both Obama and Clinton are shouting that the Republicans have destroyed the country, and Mitt will only put us back into depression. It sounds good to you. You are planning to vote for Obama because nothing is his fault.

So, let’s go with that…nothing is his fault.

Here’s what the citizens who vote Democrats just can’t seem to get through their heads. And yes, if you are voting for Obama, I’m talking to you…because most Republicans get this: Half of America…works for the government. Half. That means that the other half has to pay their salaries. (53%) This is BOUND to fail once the government outgrows the private sector, (which it soon will) who by the way, has to also fork over money to the 47 percent of Americans who do NOT work for the government but collect welfare.

(Whatever that welfare might be, or whether they paid into it..the truth is: Whether it’s rightfully owed to you or not…It’s gone. Our politicians spent it all.)

These poor 53% suckers are what’s left of your lifeline to your pensions, your jobs, and your children’s future…and they are about to go under. Hate them if you must, but if I were you, I’d buy them a drink.

Joyanna, you say, Hey…You’re WRONG. I’m a teacher and I pay taxes just like everybody else, I keep the government afloat too!

Right…and uh…if YOUR salary is paid by the private sector, then the taxes taken OUT of that salary has to come from the private sector. If the private man with his little business wasn’t paying such heavy taxes, then YOUR job would not even be there.  And when the private sector dies…Then how long do you think you can hold on to that job? Hundreds of towns all over the United States are bankrupt.


I have no idea why the Republicans never make this simple statement, because I honestly think that too many people think a government job is the same as a private sector job.

Here’s the bad news: The people in government make a LOT more money than the people in the private sector.  We are now sucking the cherry on the bottom of the glass…the 53% milkshake is almost gone.

When Obama says he wants jobs for the middle class…he means government jobs: Teachers (notice how many more teachers he wants) policemen, firemen,—and those jobs are paid for by the private sector. The more people working for the government, the more people vote democrat, and the more they stay in power.

And that’s why the country has been so damaged. It’s not the big business taking away your country, it’s your welfare state democrats. Don’t believe me? Look across the ocean. Europe is on fire.

The change you thought Obama was going to bring to you, has not come. If you have a a union job, a government job, or you are getting help from the government, you’re happy now and are afraid you will lose it….but you might want to think about voting for a man who will just hand out more of that borrowed money. Every single time he spends money, your job just got closer to being eliminated. After all, in his first term, he has spent more than all the former Presidents combined.

What? The Feds can just print more? Yeah..that’s the idea. You still don’t get it. The 53% suckers are going to have to pay more for everything, AND pay back the Feds.

Even YOUR big pension won’t buy much…if you can hold onto it.

When Mitt Romney spoke of the 47 percent, he spoke the truth. Let’s face it, if you are getting welfare or social security or Medicaid you have been told that Romney has taken that away from you and you are NOT going to vote for him. It’s not that he doesn’t care…he did not say that. Obama said that. He just stated facts. Mitt will try to get more money. Obama plans to kill off old people by not giving them care, so he can get money that way. Obama-not-care. It’s much easier.

All you have to ask youself is: How good are the democrats at what they do? FACT: Every city a democrat has controlled, has been destroyed. What makes you think they do any different with a country?

Obama has done a fantastic job destroying our country, and he wasn’t alone…Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Raid, all had a big hand in it too.

The cities with the biggest poverty levels have been under democracy for over 50 years look like war zones:

Let’s look at their records.


Detroit, MI            Poverty level: 32.5%

Buffalo, N Y        .Poverty Level: 31.5%

Cincinnati, OH   Poverty Level: 27.8%

Cleveland, OH    Poverty Level:27.0%

Miami, FL             Poverty Level: 26.9%

St. Louis, MO      Poverty Level: 26.8%

El Paso, TX         Poverty Level: 26.4%

Milwaukee, WI    Poverty Level: 26.2%

“If you divide total federal and state spending by the number of households with incomes below the poverty line, the average spending per household in poverty was $61,194 in 2011.”

Those that receive something for nothing, in theory, get used to their situation. They want it, or better yet for the politicians, they need it to continue and will then re-elect the re-distributors. In modern Baltimore, the (political) machine has exploited class divisions, not ethnic ones. Officials raised property taxes 21 times between 1950 and 1985, channeling the proceeds to favored voting blocs and causing many homeowners and entrepreneurs—disproportionately Republicans—to flee. It was brilliant politics, as Democrats now enjoy an eight-to-one voter registration advantage and no Republican has been elected mayor in 48 years.

Bush was blamed for Katrina, but it was the democratic mayors who were given money for years to fix the dikes, and they spent the money on something else.

People in New York are suffering tonight because they have democrats who did not prepare for the storm. Their Democratic President did not get FEMA prepared.

Our school have been decimated by the democratic unions.

Obama blames Republicans, but the real truth is, it’s the Democrats who caused this depression…it was the CEO’s of Fannie and Freddie and Barney Frank. It was Obama who contnue to bail out Wall Street.

So go ahead,…vote for Obama. But when the city closes down, and your pension gets cut to the bone, you’ll be wondering why the 53% didn’t save you, and you will blame the Republicans.

And I’m sure, Bill Clinton will say…”Hey, at least we have a strong military now!”

Yes, and someday that ‘storng’ military might show right up on your front door….just ask little Elian.

If you vote for Obama, you will someday say,  “I wonder whatever happened to the 53%? I sure miss them.”

If I were you, I looked for them down at the local pub..becasue if Obama stays, the only thing left in life to do will be to drink.

It works for the Russians….and Nobody will say, “I told you so.”

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The CURRENT Condition of Soros Propaganda–or Cleaning out the Fridge

Nobody’s Opinion

“I propose issuing Special Drawing Rights that the rich countries would pledge for the purpose of providing international assistance. ” George Soros

IF Obama loses the election, you will hear one of two thing: It was either because Mitt had more money, or it’s because tea party people are racist.  That’s what they will blame it on. That will give the Obama supporters an excuse to not only riot, but go knock out more than a few grocery checkers.

Nobody suggests we hide the Mountain Dew now.

When McCain lost the election, everybody knew why he lost, and most people blamed it on the Republican party for running him in the first place. He was the most liberal candidate they could have run against Obama. What the HELL were they thinking? The only point in which he was conservative, was his almost consistent jingoes on whatever war we are in.

And then we got the McCain-Feingold act, which lead to the reason— I had such a bad day yesterday.

Let me explain: Yesterday, was “clean the fridge day.”

I turned on the TV as background to my “cleaning my fridge” chore, and by random, I found a NEW Direct TV station called “Current.”

Dummy me…I thought CM meant…Country Music. (Nobody’s Perfect.) I listened as I threw out last week’s leftovers.

The first program was a sweet, soppy piece on Obama. Obama was a BRILLIANT professor of law, adored by his students they said. They showed pictures of him talking in some library when he was a ‘professor’ and so now, dear voter, you should have known what a brilliant man he was…and still is. We didn’t think we had to tell you…you just should have known!

Right after that coronation crap, came a program called, “The Mormon Candidate.” According to this, Mitt Romney, horrors of all horrors, wears special underwear and belongs to the most insidious cult ever invented by man: The Mormons.  Mitt’s grandfather was a polygamist. They swear an oath to “slit throats” and I quote here: “This man who may end up in the White House!”

My milk might not survive. My cucumbers were swiveling at the very thought.

The contrast between both segments could not have been written with more bias as to which man was being promoted as a great leader. Never mind the hypocrisy of the subject of polygamy…something that is entrenched in the Muslim religion and which Obama has never said a word against. At least the Mormons don’t stone their wives, or cut off their hands, or beat and kill them. And if Mitt’s habit of wearing Mormon underwear is his biggest crime—-I think we might be safe.

This Obama hypocrisy overwhelmed me as I threw out my cherry tomatoes…which…Have you noticed, only last about a day before they rot?

The next program was about the poor souls in Liberia. The rich, nasty oil companies have come in and literally killed millions— contaminated their water, and  all they have left is to fight back and become terrorists against the greedy oil companies. They kidnap, and kill…and force those rich bastards to put up barbed wire around their golf courses…but they give their kids the oil to drink to cure the measles.

(Let’s send them the Mountain Dew. )

It was at that moment, that I found some terrorists of my own in my produce drawer. Rotten green onions had melted into some kind of horrible gook, which infected the lettuce, and that’s what happens when you don’t give the green onions enough money.

They start killing everything off.

After Liberia came the next program…legalizing Marijuana. It opened with 150,000 people attending a Marijuana festival in Seattle.  Oh heavenly day! White people roamed free, got high, shared joints, and talked about communes and the Grateful Dead.

Okay. I have no idea what they talked about, my guess is: not much.

BUT…they interviewed an X-Banker who  was rolling in dough from his newfound pot producing company.

Obama’s new jobs plan: Don’t build pipelines: Grow Grass!

But get this:  Even though Colorado white people are spending their days making big bucks off of selling grass…the blacks in New York are being stopped and searched, and if they have a joint on them…they go to jail.

It’s racist plot against the poor minorities who, unlike the white people in California, can’t just enjoy their joints without being racially molested by the NYPD.

Never mind the OBVIOUS way to stop all this is to: Just do NOT carry a joint in your pocket and walk around New York with it. …idiots.

By the time the program got to the “right-wing” Nazi’s in Russia, I was ready to throw a rather freezer burned 4 pound pork roast at my ‘NOT HD TV.”

So, Joyanna…you may ask—Why do you blame McCain/Feingold for any of this?

In my usual way: I call it the Jurassic Park Chaos With a Headache Theory,….Other people call it a full moon.

The American people did not demand campaign finance reform, anymore than we demanded Obamacare.  George Soros funded groups like Media Matters and…to push that though Congress:  Here’s the reason from Horowitz:

By pushing McCain /Feingold through Congress, Soros cut off the Democrats’ soft money supply. By forming the Shadow Party, Soros offered the Democrats an alternate source…one which he personally controlled. As a result, the Democrats are now heavily perhaps irretrievably dependent on Soros. it seems reasonable to suppose that  from its inception campaign finance reform was a Soros power play to gain control of the Democratic Party.

AND…Al Gore owns Current TV.   George Soros funded Al Gore’s  Presidential run. The Clintons, Al Gore, and Barack Obama are all in the Shadow control now… of George Soros.

George Soros wants to legalized drugs, have a one world government controlled by a few elites (him of course) and keep Obama in Power. In his one world banking Government he wants to redistribute wealth from rich countries to poor countries, because that’s why Muslims and terrorist commit crimes:

Because…they are poor. Nobody suggests we send them some Mormon underwear. I hear it’s magic.

The good news is: My fridge looks great, no thanks to John McCain, who if he had not been such a liberal ninny…Current TV would never exist.

So much for sour grapes.

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