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Dirty Barn Members.. Get Rid of John Bonehead!

Nobody’s Opinion 

Let’s start our weekend on a great note, shall we? Ted Cruz’s heroic stance against Obamacare has finally come to some kind of fruition. YEAH TED!  Ted, has never stopped attacking the corrupt leaders of the House. He has led those “dirty and RADICAL right-wing conservatives” across the nation into seeing, the main problem with the Republican Party, and for that, he got called a “Jackass” by John Bonehead on his way out.

Ted…be proud.

Yes…John Boehner, as you heard in the above video, plans to ‘clean out the dirty barn.”J b 2

Whoa. If the barn was dirty in the first place, it’s only because of the biggest shitter in the house has been crapping up the barn so long, SOMEBODY had to call in the aerosol.

So, all you people out there who voted to put in the men to STOP Obamacare, you are now…named…dirty. Radicals.

Asked if the tea party wing was being unrealistic in its expectations, Boehner emphatically replied, “Absolutely, they’re not realistic!” Our system of government is not about Hail Mary passes,” Boehner said. “It’s the Woody Hayes school of football: three yards and a cloud of dust, three yards and a cloud of dust. It’s a slow methodical process.”

According to John Bonehead, it takes maybe a century or more to effect “change”  even though Obama did it on his first day.  What if our President was Hitler, and he ordered all newborn females to be gassed? And what if they didn’t have the votes to overturn his veto,—John Boehner would insist that “these things take time.”

Saving little babies from being cut up and sold to the highest bidder is going to get a ‘committee’ from John. (Right.)

So, what happened behind closed doors that made the Speaker quit, right in the middle of the great Pope orgy? It seems…it’s desperate times for the GOP.  245 days of talking about the Pope and his greenhouse little mini mouse van should keep everyone NOT thinking about the election.  Our President, with the help of John Boehner, just shoved down the American throat: climate change, higher taxes, and the flooding of millions of immigrants with a no borders world. I’m sure it only fueled the fires of those dirty American jackasses out there who want to get back at him.

Besides, John wanted to make himself look like a “holy, innocent, good man.” who the Pope thought so much of, he asked “HIM” to pray for him, so he is repeating that story everywhere. Jb 4

What’s next to distract us from giving airtime to those dirty animals…Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or Ben Carson? Jeb Bush?

Jeb Bush came out on FOX to tell the world that those polls that show he’s still losing big time in the race, really don’t matter at all. Once American sees how his plans will work to take the country to a better place, they’ll vote for him. He’s SURE of it. And I can’t tell you what else he said because..I fell asleep.

He does that to me…something about those catatonic eye glasses, that makes me think of the last guy who was trying to sell me funeral insurance in my living room.

What’s next to distract us from giving airtime to those dirty animals…Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson?

How about…a visit from aliens? That might take up at least six months. They could even have the Pope meet them at the United Nations, and make them global citizens. The aliens might even give John another good cry. And who’s not up for that?

What putz.

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It Was a Rousing Speech, But Five Years too late.

Nobody Wonders

John Boehner’s speech on the floor of the house today, was…a dollar short and at least five years too late. If he meant what he said, then he would start impeachment proceedings.

But he doesn’t. For months now, John has had people working on funding Obama’s amnesty. was a nice speech.

Nobody Wonders what the Speaker will do AFTER Obama vetoes all his bills.

A. Give another rousing speech.

B. Say impeachment would hurt the country.

C. Take a vacation.

D. All of the above.



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Nobody Knows Why Presidents Are in Danger from Pretzels and Exercise

Nobody Knows

Yesterday, Speaker John Bonehead was voted Speaker of the House again, and the men who dared to stand up against his leadership WILL be punished. He didn’t mess around. Nero Boehner made sure his vendetta’s were swift and cruel. Randy Weber (R-T) was one of them.Boehner two

Weber, who backed the long-shot speakership bid of fellow Texan Rep. Louie Gohmert over Boehner, has been removed as the lead sponsor of a nuclear energy bill expected to brought to the floor in the 114th.

Taking Republicans off committees and denying them the spotlight of sponsoring bills are two of the few sticks Boehner, 65, of Ohio, has to keep his troops in line. He has used the committee maneuver before and may use it again when Republicans fill out the rest of the committee rosters in coming days.

And YOU thought the republicans could not be as ruthless as Obama. Ha! Jeb needs to clean the house of all those Tea Party conservatives, and Boehner got the go ahead.

Nobody Knows, but I’ve written many times before, that the few that run the government always somehow manage to keep THEIR guys in the leadership positions, the speakers of both houses can stop just about anything a group of good Congressmen do.

Harry Reid is the perfect example: Obama can say he hasn’t vetoed many bills because Harry Reid never let a bill come up for a vote. One man. Stopped all those hundreds of bills.

The founders would have called that criminal.

The game is rigged, but when are the American people going to realized that?

Nobody Knows.

And speaking of Harry Reid

SOMEBODY really beat the crap out of that guy.

No? He really did hit his face with a pretzel while falling off his couch?

Here Harry once again makes the promise to help the middle class…well, HOW long have you been working on that problem, Harry?

Nobody Knows who beat the crap out of Harry, but Nobody certainly wonders…(the mob?)

I want to send that exercise equipment a trophy. How about you?


And speaking of beating the crap of someone, that’s exactly what the black CBC did today on C-Span. Nancy Pelosi gave a rousing speech, then one after one the members of the black caucus got up and beat up…on America and cops.

Nobody Knows just how long the war between the cops and the blacks are going to continue.  Shamefully, the Congressional Black Caucus attacked the “justice” system today. They complained about discrimination of the Supreme Court who took away their affirmative action money, and they complained about slavery, and they complained about how the Congress needs to send MORE money to all the poor black neighborhoods. They complained about how blacks are being kept from voting….Michelle race card

They complained a lot, and then they got sworn in: Not with the rest of the Congress but all by themselves, separately.

Watching this farce I was thinking, “Well, if blacks can have their own Congress, why can’t the whites?” Who told them they were not part of the whole Congress? Why didn’t they get sworn in with the REST OF THE CONGRESS!! What? Are they special?

Nobody Knows, but for a race that wants equality, they sure try hard enough to exclude themselves from the white race, which is what they were complaining about in the FIRST place. We thought they wanted to JOIN the white race.

Boy, did we get it wrong.

They get to Washington D.C. and represent…only black people.

Nobody wants to know: Do they get their own separate bathrooms, “No Whites Allowed?”

Nobody Knows, so I thought I’d mention it, that this week I was making business phone calls, and I talked to a man in Canada, and a woman in Texas, and found out: Both parties thought all governments are not only robbing the people of the world blind, but that it’s been going on for a VERY long time.

The Canadian felt especially sorry for me, “How do you stand all those rules and laws?” he said. “And how about that pipeline?”Half listening

The lady from Texas had even more to say. I said, “Well, I hear you’re in the best state for jobs!”

“The only jobs being created in Texas are minimum wage, don’t believe everything you hear.”

And speaking of propaganda,

Once again tonight, Bill O’Reilly said that nobody should believe ANYTHING they read on the internet. It was filled with nuts jobs.

This coming from a man who still insists the Warren Report got it right.

Can I have a vowel now?

And so we end another week of wondering WHY the news stations are playing so many funny animal video’s off of YouTube if it’s so full of crap, and where is the REAL Presidential bunker?

I think its very near Ferguson, Missouri, underneath Lambert Field, and that’s my Nobody’s Opinion, but then, Nobody really Knows.



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Nothing EVER Changes….

Nobody Reports

This picture pretty much sums it up: We are FUBAR. If you had hope that ANYTHING in Washington was going to change, grab a shovel and start digging. The only place you might escape the same old people in power for the rest of your miserable life, is the moon.

Okay—-the moon’s out. Let me know if you have an underwater bunker.


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Nobody’s Perfect: John Boehner VS Jonathan Bernier

Nobody’s Perfect

This week we have two masters of lying deception: John Boehner VS Jonathan Berniet. Both made MAJOR blunders, caught on video.

Let’s start with Jonathan Berniet first: (Watch Video above)

I have always said, they must send all jocks to the same school of “How to talk to the press.” because they ALWAYS say pretty much the same thing when talking to reporters. “It was a team effort.” “The guy is great.” “Our fans are the best.” etc., etc.

Actually, it’s a good thing, because let’s face it, most athletes are not big talkers, or into reading books on a Saturday night. And since they are worth so much money to their owners, it’s only smart to teach them how to answer reporters questions:

Nevertheless, when you are at an event honoring Nelson Mendela, you might want to ask your girlfriend who the heck he is.

And then, we have the Republican Speaker of the House: John Bonehead, who came out before the last elections and said THIS to the American people:

Did you hear all those promises? Me too. What did he do last week when he led the Republicans to vote for that stuff full of rich man’s trillion dollar pork budget deal? He gave Obama everything he wanted, and then some, and added more debt to the American people.

At least he didn’t cry. Frankly, I would have preferred if he had.

He accuses Obama in this VERY video of not “listening to the American people.” Well, John Beohner didn’t listen to them either. He funded Obamacare, AND Obama’s big amnesty plan, in fact, he did all that Jeb Bush would have wanted him too.

So, which man is the better Bull Sh&^%^er? As everyone knows: BS is toxic. It can kill you, or on a lesser offense, make you REALLY angry.Obama and John playing golf

Let’s think of the damage: John Bonehead just lost millions of conservative votes for the Republican pick for 2016 Presidential election, unless of course, the new House gets rid of him. He is getting ready to retire anyway, so this was just something he was told to do, or else, as Drudge suggested, Obama has NSA trash on the guy. John just hurt the whole country…AGAIN.

Jonathan Berniet hurt nobody but himself. I doubt if Nelson Mandela would have even cared. He said some REALLY nice things about the guy after all. him. And since he is just a hockey player, I would actually give him marks for being able to BS so eloquently.

In fact, if Jonathan Berniet wants to run for political office some day, I’d say he’s already got the lying BS part down pat.

So, congratulations Speaker John. You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the year. You will now go down in the history book as one of the biggest traitors since Benedict Arnold. (Except Arnold, was probably the better man.)

Obama is waiting on the 15th hole for you. I’d suggest you tell him your handicap is 666. You lied, we lose.

Thanks a sour

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Nothing Like a Traitor to Assure Your “Piece” of mind

Nobody’s Opinion.

OR—-John “Benedict Arnold Boehner”: It’s All About the Principles, Stupid.

“It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate and tireless minority keen on setting brushfiires of freedom in the minds of men. ”     —Sam Adams.

The Republican Party is at war. A few very brave men have been fighting for America and its people, against a very old, entrenched, powerful old boys club. The NSA reports must be overwhelmed with angry conservatives,  because John Boehner, (old, entrenched man) GOP Speaker of the House, just couldn’t take it anymore.

(see video)John Boehner elitest

Last week the Congress actually passed a budget…with the help of Paul Ryan. Except once again, the democrats win.

Tell me, why do they always win?

Paul Ryan and John Boehner want you to think they can never win. They have already given up. All that really matters to them, is they get to stay in that wonderful seat of power for more years of their lives.

I quite liked Paul Ryan when he came out last year. Like Sarah Palin, he was brought onto the ticket by the progressives in power, to get the majority of American conservatives to the polls.  Mitt Romney had implemented Obamacare in Massachusetts, and the people didn’t like that one bit. He really needed help. They showed off Paul, everyone fell in love with him, and then they hid him. But, unlike Sarah Palin, who refused to go to Washington and bow to the big dogs, Paul has fallen in line with them.Paul Ryan & Mitt Romney

John Boehner blamed the tea party for shutting down the government last week—he was attacking them viciously as if he had NOTHING to do with it,

No,no…John was just a puppet in the whole thing.

A principled man would not have done something against his own nature, John…but hey, what do you know about principles?

Here’s their argument and they are all sticking to it: We are powerless, so, just vote us in again next time, and we’ll fix it.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Here’s the deal John: We don’t believe you anymore.

You have to wonder why John would do such a bonehead thing as insulting those lowlife white conservatives that hang out in bars.  Look at his face: Tell me John Bonehead doesn’t like to drink. John Boehner cryingKris 30

Paul was so excited, about the fact that there was going to BE no shutdown he said this:

To really do what we think needs to be done, we are going to have to win some elections.”

Gee…you’re getting off to a fine start, both of you. Big help there. Attack freedom loving, life loving, patriotic Americans. Talk just like Obama. Ignore the Marxist in your White House. Blame the people for everything. You’re just there to slap us all down when we act up, right?

Obama blames the republicans, and the republicans blame…the people.

What genius thought up that strategy?

So what did Paul get for his “I’m as helpless as a milkweed in a windstorm” attitude?

Spending has been increased by $63 billion, deficits will increase over the next 3 years, but fraudulent money won’t be going to prisoners anymore. (We’ll just send it to the illegal’s who will then send it to their friends in jail.)  The federal government spends $3.8 trillion a year, and just like Iran, nobody can stop that.

Sixty-two House Republicans voted against the Boehner-backed budget deal Thursday, requiring dozens of Democratic votes to pass it. So, I suppose Bonehead thinks that all the independent democrats are going to vote Republican. He doesn’t need those radical conservatives anymore.

What happens if they have an election and we all stay home?

Here’s the good news: The leader of the Republican Party was so mad I wanted to send him a Uncle Sid Duck Dynasty Chia Doll for Christmas. John Boehner is tired of having to “Like’ those radical people in House., and he basically told the America conservative people last week to— “$&% Off!”

“They’re misleading their followers,” Boehner, R-Ohio, told reporters at the Capitol. “I just think that they’ve lost all credibility.”

John, we’re not misled. And the only one who has lost credibility is you. But then again, I don’t think you ever had any. What Nobody Wonders is why would he do such a stupid thing? Knock his own party so viscously?

Did John Boehner just give the Presidency to Hillary Clinton last week? Is that the ultimate plan? I still find it creepy that the Bushes and the Clintons are such good friends.Bush shows off artwork

Any man or woman of principle would have a hard time being friends with liars, cheaters, and egomanicas. But the GOP progressives Rino’s always turn the other cheek.

We don’t want them to turn the other cheek, we want them to fight for us. Fight! Fight!


In the end, Bongino (x Presidential body guard) had the best comeback to John Boehner’s angry rant:

“America’s best days are ahead, and you and your fellow insiders and cronyists and ‘party before country’ loyalists, on both sides of the aisle, can bathe in your titles and power now, but understand that I, and many others, have dedicated our lives to draining the dirty water from the bathtub. Consider yourself served,”.

So, dear John: Take a good hard look, at the principled man. The man who thinks giving in to tyrants in order to keep yourself comfy, is treasonous.

The man who puts his country before himself.

Better get your golf clubs out, because he is not going away.

NOBODY NOTES on Templates:  This one is called Timeline: And I promise, once I settle on one, I will get a picture up.

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Democratic Chresmomancy (Prophesy of Lunatics)

Nobody’s Opinion

John Boehner is getting Palined.

The Democrats are raving mad prophesies about how John Boehner is destroying the whole country.  Of course, it’s not true…but the propaganda is almost breathtaking on the liberal side.

And they know how to attack–below the belt.  Obama is a master of divide and conquer. Kris 24

The mad ravings go on: Boehner has been captured by the evil empire of the Tea Party (the new Jews) who will take the country, and the whole WORLD into Armageddon by not acquiescing to the President’s wishes, which are…give me Obamacare and raise my Credit Card amount.

—or else you will never visit Mt. Rushmore again.

I watched all the Sunday  talk shows, and all I heard is how horrible it will be if the country’s defaults, which it can do if Boehner and Obama do not talk. So they say. Obama in cash

Both pundits from both sides were fear mongering to the fullest of their ability. Add that to the History Channel on going predictions of global warming destruction, and 60 Minutes destroying the world by comets, and you get the feeling that they want the whole world scared out of their minds.

Some social scientist somewhere has determined it’s best to keep everyone in great fear.

But amazingly, I only heard ONE man, suggest  that all Obama has to do, is take 30 percent of the taxes he collects and pay the interest on our loans, when that day comes.  Pretty simple. Then they can go back to fighting. Obama now, has the power to end it all….but he won’t. He must be forced. He wants the default. He intends to destroy America, and then, transform it.

So, why do the conservatives have trouble attacking? They should be on full attack right now.

It’s just not natural to them, is it?

The one thing the democrats have going for them, is control of Hollywood, and the entertainment industry, who can make damaging commercial like this one—.

I want to know what brain-pea thought that by putting on a crying baby (something that would be especially offensive to any man) make them hate John Boehner?

Are the IQ of football fans really that low? Pretty sick.

But not as sickening as the video just released by SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. (Caution…you might get brain damage from actually watching this. Not for children.)

Anybody that grew up watching real comedians on SNL know that this was not a comedy routine, but a straight-out propaganda  bullet meant to destroy John Boehner and Michelle Beckmann. It’s hard not to listen to the words, but try. It’s pure Obama.

Can you Imagine Miley Cyrus doing that to Nancy Pelosi?

How about it young conservative video entrepreneurs? Go ahead!  Put Nancy on the slab with her legs spread open……in fact, put Obama kissing gay men, and Harry Reid naked in Las Vegas trying to pick up hookers, who all refuse his money. Go ahead. As long as you don’t insult Islam, you should be safe, right?

Imagine how Miley’s video is going to go all over the world…to tell everyone that ‘We are a nation of sluts and gays.” Thanks Miley!  It’s not John Boehner that is embarrassing  America

And, by the way…where’s Oprah? Remember when she costs Tom Cruise millions of dollars in revenue simply because he jumped on her couch and proclaimed that he was in love?Tom Cruise

The WHOLE liberal media  complex attacked the guy…for being in love.! For months. It was the most horrible thing to happen to the liberal man.

A man…proclaiming love…for a …woman. Oh…God forbid!

You would have thought someone killed the Pope

So, my point is, the democrats think that the young people in this country want to all be sluts.

And gay.  And be taken care them. And told what to eat, drink, drive, and who to have sex with. It’s communism 101.

They tried to intimidate us on gun control. It didn’t work.

If John Boehner stands his ground, he will be preserving our Republic.

BUT…if all this succeeds to do is to get Obama to delay Obamacare mandate for individuals until AFTER the 2014 elections…..

It’s then when we will find out just how many lunatics we have.

Chresmonmnacy will become more than just a funny word out of a book on Superstitions.

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Chris Christie: Where’s the Pork?

Nobody Wonders

You have to wonder…how in the world can Chris Christie complain about not getting his Sandy relief? Didn’t he come out, and desert the Republicans right before the election? Didn’t he act like Obama had come to SAVE New Jersey? Didn’t he act as if God himself had landed his chariot on the soil of New Jersey, and assure Chris Christie that he was President, and he came and DID garantee, that there would be no more red tape, Chris Christie was going to get ALL the help he needed. So let it be written…so let it be done.Pork One

Where was the ‘help’ Obama promised?

Why isn’t he lashing out at ‘President’ Obama? Why isn’t he mentioning that Obama just passed higher taxes on everyone, and that INCLUDES the people who lost their homes in Sandy?

The few last remaining men and women working for the people, have a problem with signing the Sandy funds, and I can’t blame them.

Republican Representative Darrell Issa had this to say about the spending initiatives in the Hurricane Sandy relief bill:

“Your two senators packed this with pork. They had the opportunity to have a $27 to $30 billion dollar legit relief packages, packed it with pork, then dared us not to vote for it.” This include a $150 million in funding for Alaskan fisheries. The bill would also have reportedly increased spending food insurance, and  in $336 million in Amtrak expenses and $2 million in taxpayer funds to repair a room on one of the Smithsonian buildings in Washington D.C.. The publication also reports that the Super Storm Sandy relief legislation also includes $8 million to purchase new vehicles for federal agencies. A total of $4 million for repairs to the Kennedy Space Center were also added to the disaster relief bill.

Really? If the Congress really cared about the American people, they would have immediately passed a bill for Sandy relief, packed with nothing in it, but relief for Sandy victims. Untill there is a bill passed that says they can never load bills with pork, this stuff will happened again and again. Tell me WHY they need money for the Kennedy Space Center when it’s been closed down?

And we all know, they love the fact that they can fill bills with pork, it’s the easiest way for them to get their hands on the money.Pork Two

So…the DEMOCRATS have released the horrible cry on every single channel:


And two Republicans, Christ Christie and Peter King are outraged that John Boehner didn’t give them money.

And why should he? One of the reasons Obama got elected was because the second favorite son of the Republican Party deserted them in their hour of need, and yes, it IS politics. Despite what Christie said, he knew exactly what he was doing, and it is all about politics.

John Boehner and Obama both managed to leave Washington without doing much of anything besides helping to destroy America more.   Obama gpt money for his rum dealers, his algae subsidies, his Hollywood buddies so he can make more propaganda films, and then he hopped on Air Force One and went back to Hawaii without even signing the bill that everyone “slaved” over. Spending now, $7 million for his vacation.

Boehner went home without calling a vote on Sandy relief.

BUT….the stock market…continues to soar and Nobody Knows why.Pork Three

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The Speaker: Simon Says….Cave In

Nobody’s Opinion

Every hour, you get the update: Obama will not move, he will tax the rich or ELSE— Boehner says Obama will not come to the table. We are going off the fiscal cliff–Obama and Boehner two

We watch and listen while the guys making big bucks say, “Well then GO OVER the cliff and let them own it!” Easy for them to say…none of THEM are going anywhere but to their Cayman bank accounts.

Stalemate, checkmate, Do not pass Go, and by the way…you just landed on Boardwalk and I have hotels…

I tend to agree with the people who say it’s all kabuki theater, or more akin to a Charles Dickens rerun at Uncle Scrooge’s mansion; because everyone knows, we are going to get slammed with big taxes next year–all of us that are WORKING.

It doesn’t matter what Boehner or Obama do—both are working for the same goals: amnesty, higher taxes, keep the stocks up, and then get the hell out of dodge. Talk, talk, talk, talk, and spend, spend, and while you’re at it, sell off a few assets…like the Grand Canyon.

Wait…the Clintons already did that.

I’m having trouble even listening to Boehner talk a good game. He sure sounds believable. He’s a regular Gingrich with a puppy dog face. Gingrich was the same way–back in 1994, when the Republicans got control of the house for the first time in forty years, Gingrich was God, with his “Contract with America.” He really inspired the tea party members of his day, only to stab them all in the back.

You never heard about it, but, that’s just what Gingrich did. You see, the Speaker of the House controls all the cards in that house. Back in 1994, a group of freshman representatives called a meeting to hold Gingrich’s feet to his own contract, because Gingrich was caving into Clinton on most of the very contract that he wrote himself! Then he got them in a room, and made it known to them all, that if they continued to pursue the issues, they would all find themselves back home next election. It was  threat…and some of them were so disgusted they quit after their term.

And guess who is still around?   Newt Gingrich

Boehner is doing the same thing. Right after the election Boehner said the tea party was dead.

Well..not quite, he had a few left to get rid of:

Boehner caught the wrath of the right this week after he and fellow GOP leaders, including Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan, purged four fiscally conservative representatives from the Financial Services Committee and the Budget Committee. Rep. David Scheweikert (R-AZ), Walter Jones (R-NC), Justin Amash (R-MI), and Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) were all booted from their positions on the committees.

Some of those booted are in shock and would like to know what  “crimes were committed” by those removed from their posts.

The Speaker said that this had absolutely nothing to do with conservative ideology and specifically referenced “voting patterns.” “There may be more folks that will be targeted … we’re watching all your votes.”

Gee…he’s WATCHING all your votes? Sounds like something Obama would say. Maybe John should take up basketball instead of watching the votes. Let the men represent their states John…go play golf.

“America faces a very serious problem. And our goal is to make sure it gets solved. We have a debt problem that is out of control. We’ve got to cut spending and I believe that it’s appropriate to put revenues on the table.”

READ HIS LIPS—spending won’t be cut.

AND…every hour we hear from all the pundits on cable— Will Hillary run? Eric Holder? Rubio? Nobody will beat Hillary…yadada…Hillary button

It’s as if they want you to accept that you’re screwed until the next election, and hey…just accept it.

America has no hope unless these entrenched criminal elite leader from both parties are thrown out…but nothing short of a Mayan doomsday prophesy is going to accomplices that.

I’m just sayin…”Please Mister Scrooge…can I keep some of my bread..plesase?”dog begging

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