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Chris Christie: Where’s the Pork?

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You have to wonder…how in the world can Chris Christie complain about not getting his Sandy relief? Didn’t he come out, and desert the Republicans right before the election? Didn’t he act like Obama had come to SAVE New Jersey? Didn’t he act as if God himself had landed his chariot on the soil of New Jersey, and assure Chris Christie that he was President, and he came and DID garantee, that there would be no more red tape, Chris Christie was going to get ALL the help he needed. So let it be written…so let it be done.Pork One

Where was the ‘help’ Obama promised?

Why isn’t he lashing out at ‘President’ Obama? Why isn’t he mentioning that Obama just passed higher taxes on everyone, and that INCLUDES the people who lost their homes in Sandy?

The few last remaining men and women working for the people, have a problem with signing the Sandy funds, and I can’t blame them.

Republican Representative Darrell Issa had this to say about the spending initiatives in the Hurricane Sandy relief bill:

“Your two senators packed this with pork. They had the opportunity to have a $27 to $30 billion dollar legit relief packages, packed it with pork, then dared us not to vote for it.” This include a $150 million in funding for Alaskan fisheries. The bill would also have reportedly increased spending food insurance, and  in $336 million in Amtrak expenses and $2 million in taxpayer funds to repair a room on one of the Smithsonian buildings in Washington D.C.. The publication also reports that the Super Storm Sandy relief legislation also includes $8 million to purchase new vehicles for federal agencies. A total of $4 million for repairs to the Kennedy Space Center were also added to the disaster relief bill.

Really? If the Congress really cared about the American people, they would have immediately passed a bill for Sandy relief, packed with nothing in it, but relief for Sandy victims. Untill there is a bill passed that says they can never load bills with pork, this stuff will happened again and again. Tell me WHY they need money for the Kennedy Space Center when it’s been closed down?

And we all know, they love the fact that they can fill bills with pork, it’s the easiest way for them to get their hands on the money.Pork Two

So…the DEMOCRATS have released the horrible cry on every single channel:


And two Republicans, Christ Christie and Peter King are outraged that John Boehner didn’t give them money.

And why should he? One of the reasons Obama got elected was because the second favorite son of the Republican Party deserted them in their hour of need, and yes, it IS politics. Despite what Christie said, he knew exactly what he was doing, and it is all about politics.

John Boehner and Obama both managed to leave Washington without doing much of anything besides helping to destroy America more.   Obama gpt money for his rum dealers, his algae subsidies, his Hollywood buddies so he can make more propaganda films, and then he hopped on Air Force One and went back to Hawaii without even signing the bill that everyone “slaved” over. Spending now, $7 million for his vacation.

Boehner went home without calling a vote on Sandy relief.

BUT….the stock market…continues to soar and Nobody Knows why.Pork Three

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  1. Isn’t Ferzan Lybian? Remember how Chris Chistie and Peter King attacked Ted Cruz over Sandy sequestration? Why did Peter King and Mondello help elect Cuomo? Let them off to Argentina where Croat and Arab nazis pork for homeland security instead of working.


    Comment by Anonymous | February 4, 2014 | Reply

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