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Obama Will Use the Children….

Nobody Knows

It’s not often St. Louis gets on the National News, but since I have FOX News on in the morning, I was surprised to discover that something was happening downtown. There were at LEAST 20 cop cars surrounding  a building, and almost a small army of cops. (see video above)

You would have thought it was another Columbine. But no…somebody walked into a “college” and went up to the fourth floor, took out a gun, and shot his financial officer. No doubt, because he couldn’t get any more financial aid. He did not shoot any of the students. In fact, one student said that he rode up in the elevator with the shooter and didn’t even know the shooter had a gun.

Now..this stuff happens on a daily basis here in St. Louis. Crime wise, we are pretty much in par with Chicago, except that Chicago has a much bigger population. On any given summer night, somebody shoots somebody else, usually in the black neighborhoods, and you hear it on the 10 o’clock news, and at most, you only see a few cop cars at the scene, and everyone is used to it.

But now…ANY shooting at ANY school will call every cop in the city to the premises on the supposition that there is a madman with an assault rifle. The fear is being perpetuated out of all proportion because all the cable channels, the local news…none of them will let the story go.

Nobody Knows, why someone killed in a school gets more attention than someone sitting on their front porch….(And THAT happens a lot here.) but it’s a good question.

There was NO reason why this shooting should have been on the National News. The only reason all those cops were there is because of the fear the media and Obama has put into the people.

Tomorrow Obama will start the process of disarming the American people…19 steps at a time. Obama destroying

And the more school shootings we can show on National TV the better.

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Remember the State Department?

Nobody Reports

While we are all talking about ‘gun control, the Benghazi fiasco is quietly been pushed to the background. Hillary Clinton will testify next week…and nobody is going to notice it, because all eyes will be on Obama’s inauguration ceremonies and his takeover of our 2nd amendment rights.

Planned of course. The fact that the State Department failed miserably to protect their ambassador even after he pleaded with them months in advance for help, and when attacked, no help was sent,(causing four deaths) —- and then everyone in the administration came out and lied about it, will not even be addressed.Obama and Hillary sword

We’ll be watching Obama dancing with Michelle in their million dollars clothes. We’ll be debating our rights being taken away AGAIN…

Hillary, as head of the State Department at the time of the attack, said she would take full responsibility. Will she fall on the sword for Obama? Or will she claim ‘memory’ loss due to her recent ‘blood clot” ?

Will America get the truth? Did Obama order the stand-down? Or did Hillary?

But this isn’t the first time our state Department has fallen short of protecting American lives. This is a statement from Robert Baer in his book, Sleeping With the Devil

Let’s start with the State Department. It is more responsible than any other government bureaucracy in Washington for spreading the big lie about the kingdom. By law the State Department has overseas responsibility for visas: it issues them in our embassies and consulates. The 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act is clear about eligibility. The section of the law related to granting tourist visas, Section 214(b) reads: “Every alien shall be presumed to be an immigrant until he establishes that to the satisfaction of the consular officers he is entitled to non immigrant statues.” In other words a foreigner who has no reason to return home—he’s unemployed, unmarried, and broke isn’t eligible for a visa. The presumption is that he will remain in the U.S.

According to the law, all fifteen Saudis who took part in the 9/11 attacks should have been turned down for visas. In issuing visas to fifteen unemployed Saudis, the State department broke the law.

Do you remember hearing any blame for 9.11 being placed on the State Department?Hillary and Powell

I didn’t.

Who was the Secretary of State responsible for that?

Colin Powell…who now supports Obama.

Now that our state Department is being run by John Kerry, I’m sure he will get it on tract and this will NEVER happen again….and my name is Jose Imanna.  

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Nobody’s Perfect: Ms Iowa VS Lady Gaga

Nobody’s Perfect

This week’s contest is between two very beautiful contestants: Ms Iowa and Lady Gaga.

First: Ms Iowa said that in her opinion, Marijuana should not be used for anything BUT recreational use and health care.

What she failed to note, is exactly what else is it used for? What don’t we know? This could be serious.

Does she think it should be banned as a fuel alternative? How about rope? Maybe she would not approve of using a joint for sexual pleasure, as Bill Clinton might have suggested. What does she mean? Whatever she meant, she just admitted that she is a fond toker, and knows someone who uses it to get away from some kind of unbearable pain. In that case, it goes to reason, that person lives in New York, since Mayor Bloomberg is limiting pain pills in all the emergency rooms. If Ms Iowa would have suggested that the use of medical marijuana as a pain reliever in the New York City hospitals, she might have won the title. Also, when people are stoned, they are less likely to pull out assault weapons. Mayor Bloomberg can just suggest when any New Yorker gets angry, they could go and sit in the nearest emergency room and mellow out.

Free pizza, could then be served. In fact, Chicago is thinking of implementing this as a way to get the guns off the streets. But MS Iowa lost to MS New York, who gave the right answer….education is the way to get rid of murders. Too bad.

Second: Then there’s Lady Gaga. It seems, since we’ve had two recent mass shootings last year, and walking around with machine guns on your breast, is not going over well with the liberal crowds. Personally, I think Lady Gaga is simply auditioning for a cameo in the next Tarantino movie, where she can then put cannons on her butt.Lady Gaga in Guns

So,—Who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the Week?

Jodie Foster!

Her speech at the Golden Globe Awards was so full of…boration that she easily beat out MS Iowa (who was obviously nervous and just goofed) and Lady Gaga (who would wear The Sears Tower as a leg warmer  if it wasn’t bolted down)…on sheer nerve for delivering the worst speech ever given at an awards show in the history of awards shows.

So congratulations to Jodie Foster! We now know, you really DID attend Harvard. You weren’t kidding.

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