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Nobody’s Perfect: Ms Iowa VS Lady Gaga

Nobody’s Perfect

This week’s contest is between two very beautiful contestants: Ms Iowa and Lady Gaga.

First: Ms Iowa said that in her opinion, Marijuana should not be used for anything BUT recreational use and health care.

What she failed to note, is exactly what else is it used for? What don’t we know? This could be serious.

Does she think it should be banned as a fuel alternative? How about rope? Maybe she would not approve of using a joint for sexual pleasure, as Bill Clinton might have suggested. What does she mean? Whatever she meant, she just admitted that she is a fond toker, and knows someone who uses it to get away from some kind of unbearable pain. In that case, it goes to reason, that person lives in New York, since Mayor Bloomberg is limiting pain pills in all the emergency rooms. If Ms Iowa would have suggested that the use of medical marijuana as a pain reliever in the New York City hospitals, she might have won the title. Also, when people are stoned, they are less likely to pull out assault weapons. Mayor Bloomberg can just suggest when any New Yorker gets angry, they could go and sit in the nearest emergency room and mellow out.

Free pizza, could then be served. In fact, Chicago is thinking of implementing this as a way to get the guns off the streets. But MS Iowa lost to MS New York, who gave the right answer….education is the way to get rid of murders. Too bad.

Second: Then there’s Lady Gaga. It seems, since we’ve had two recent mass shootings last year, and walking around with machine guns on your breast, is not going over well with the liberal crowds. Personally, I think Lady Gaga is simply auditioning for a cameo in the next Tarantino movie, where she can then put cannons on her butt.Lady Gaga in Guns

So,—Who wins the Nobody’s Perfect award for the Week?

Jodie Foster!

Her speech at the Golden Globe Awards was so full of…boration that she easily beat out MS Iowa (who was obviously nervous and just goofed) and Lady Gaga (who would wear The Sears Tower as a leg warmer  if it wasn’t bolted down)…on sheer nerve for delivering the worst speech ever given at an awards show in the history of awards shows.

So congratulations to Jodie Foster! We now know, you really DID attend Harvard. You weren’t kidding.

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  1. Let me adjust my trifocal, auto-chromatic glasses and focus on just one of these. Lady Gaga. I am being courageous here.

    Even the name sounds stupid, let alone the garb she has sprayed on. What a strange and strangely crude woman she presents to us. I think a learned paper could be written about the mental health of most modern ‘entertainers’. There ought to be a section of the DSM devoted to them. Narcissism has already been covered but deliberate projection of frightfulness-for-extraordinary-pay hasn’t yet and that has to be included in some syndrome or other. It would not be confined to females though, as can be evidenced by the weird looking person standing behind her. Just what IS that? A bloke? Not likely. A man? I very much doubt it. It has more stubble acheek than LadyGaga and a slightly greater clothes-aversion, but beyond that there is not a lot of difference. She seems to be wearing his trousers and he seems quite angry about it. She looks angry too. Zip caught in her pubes perhaps? She does have pubes? I am not so sure about him.

    People in the audiences often scream. Any wonder.


    Comment by Amfortas | January 15, 2013 | Reply

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