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If Congress Had Been Really Wise….

Nobody Knows

This week, the most important question in my nobody house is: WHY is my dog up all night? Last night, she woke me up four times. She comes to the side of the bed…and whines. OR…I hear her whining in another room, where she has climbed up into some chair and she can’t get down. So I have to get up out of my deep sleep and pick her up off the chair. She is hiding treats all over the house, and she likes to do in the deepest of night, like a bored

Do dogs get Alzheimer’s? I don’t know. Maybe she has been watching too many reruns of the Walking Dead. Or she is expecting an earthquake and is preparing. But if she keeps me up tonight, I am thinking of drugs…

Not her. Me.

But, let’s get onto the wonderments of the news:

*************Hillary bs

Nobody Knows, why Hillary made such a big spectacle of herself today at the U.N, but think of this: IF she decides not to run for President, or IF she loses, who’s to say she won’t end up being head of the U.N.? Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will remain in office through Dec. 31, 2016. and the word is–it’s time for a woman to head the U.N. Giving this appearance at the U.N. sent the message that she could end up there, where she can appoint all women to ALL leader positions on the planet.

It will be the planet of the Hillary ape-women, and most of them will look like her. THINK of the money the Clinton Foundation could rake in if she was head of the U.N….

And she has to get there before Obama…

And speaking of Obama–

Nobody Knows just how much Obama has been working behind the scenes to get Netanyahu thrown out in the upcoming elections. While all the democrats are screaming treason about the letter that 47 Congressmen wrote to the idiots running Iran–they basically told them that Obama does NOT have the support of the Congress in this treaty, and the next President can ignore the treaty, and the democrats are furious. Obama war

What do you call an American President who sends his best people backed by millions of dollars AND the CIA to try to oust a leader of Israel? After all, Obama backed the Jew hating Morsi in Egypt, along with the Muslims Brotherhood, and stood proudly as he watched the FIRST revolution in Egypt…only to get pissed off that the people then went further and kicked out Obama’s favorite guy.

All Congress did was write a letter..they don’t try to stage revolutions and coups…and it was a public letter at that.

Let’s face it….Nobody Knows how much of a hand Obama has had in developing ISIS, and making sure that they got all the weapons they needed and WHY he is negotiating with Iran, HELPING them take over Iraq, and basically GIVING them the go ahead to develop nukes? His fingerprints are everywhere. Even their black outfits look like something Obama would design.

So …it’s Obama that is committing treason here, and Nobody Know WHY the Congress doesn’t just get a grip and impeach him for it, instead of writing letters.

And speaking of traitors…

How about that Colin Powell? President George W. Bush gives him a job, and he turns on him and votes for Obama, because he feels that blacks are being abused, and Obama is black.  Being black, is more important than being right.Bush and Powell

Which means: Colin Powell got promoted BECAUSE he was black, and he didn’t deserve the position that was giving to him. Colin Powell is no Eisenhower.

Nobody Knows if we can blame President George W. Bush for this..but really? He couldn’t find anybody with more sense?

And so I will crawl back into my little universe, where questions abound…and leave you with this thought:

If Noah had been truly wise,

He would have swatted those two flies…H. Castle (OR….)

If Congress had been truly wise,

They would have swatted those two big flies…

In the White House.



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There’s the Sun, the Moon…and the Truth.

Nobody’s Opinion

Here’s the good news: Colin Powell, Oprah Winfrey, and Barack Obama, are very upset that the black kids today don’t really know about how bad it was for them in the “1950’s.”  And why is that? Because this Isn’t the 1950s anymore. They have cell phones, welfare, free college, free housing…in fact, they get so much, many blacks in many states don’t have to work–and they’re getting bored. As the great Thomas Sowell has pointed out, even the very poor in America, have TV, food, cars, and food stamps. Compared to the poor in other countries, they’re rich.

But…have you noticed? Obama, and his very rich black millionaire friends  (Who unlike Mitt Romney, somehow deserve their wealth)  are on a mission to give all the black kids a very important lesson in race history, because they need the stories to stay alive.  The white guilt has to be recycled as often as the moon does her circles around the sun.  It’s the perpetuation of a liberal mindset whose only power has to be nailed onto the white guilty cross, again and again, and——– again, and again, and again, and thenone more time. 

It’s never enough. Every white baby born from now until all eternity will be GUILTY….that’s the plan and they’re sticking to it.

As we hear Colin Powell jump on the race hustler wagon in this video, and you can tell, he’s warming up the troops for the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King on the Mall. They NEED a big turnout.

If they get enough people, Obama will be there as the new MLK.  Trayvon Martin will be proclaimed, Emmitt Till. The Obama flag will be raised high. The black nation will be born…much like the Nazi’s rose out of the ruins of WWI. Obama flag

Oprah had to make a very emotional movie about how BAD the blacks were treated in the 1950’s. After all, so many blacks just aren’t even showing up for school nowadays. How else are they going to learn, if Oprah doesn’t tell them?  Colin Power has to remind those black kids (who are very happily playing hip-hop, talking on their Obama phones, and sitting around all day playing video games)  that they are not being allowed to vote.

Tell me, if a white person can go get a voter ID, why can’t a black person? Is he somehow….retarded? inferior? Lazy? All of the above?  No, it’s just another power play by rich liberals who want to keep the money pouring in. Without the crisis of white racism, a lot of that welfare money dries up. Worse yet, Black power dries up. And this is their final stand, because brothers and sisters, too many blacks are starting to LEAVE that plantation, and that’s not good for them. Did you hear of the blacks that are trying to impeach Obama?

You didn’t? Of course you didn’t.

The mission here is to keep up the guilt. They play the images of black lynching’s, blacks being water hosed, Trayvon Martin being shot down by a ‘white’ guy—-Who was changed to “white” because well, the democratic party couldn’t upset the Hispanics now could they? Amazing that not one Hispanic is mad about that, isn’t it?

I watched Colin Powell speak on Face the Nation today, and I got physically sick. It’s beyond logical reason to me, that the three RICHEST black people on the planet are whining about how unfair white people are.

Nobody Thinks: They are a bit worried. They all know this is not the 1950’s anymore. And what is sickening is these powerful people, are using this moment in history to destroy whatever good future American might have had. Obama is pushing the blacks into despair by his own policies. Everybody with any sense knows that.

But to Oprah, all you have to be is white, and you are guilty, and you don’t even know it. (see video if you don’t believe me.)

You know what Oprah? You can kiss my lily- white ass because I’m not guilty!!

Sorry Oprah.  Black men kill more people and commit more crimes than any other race in America. And they also have a terrible record in Africa. (Remember Mugabe? Rwanda?) It’s time you start looking at your own race, and the evil and violence coming out of it in buckets.

The truth is: The white people are not to blame for the problems of the blacks anymore. You can only milk that old, “I’m poor and stupid and it’s YOUR fault” card for so long.

But go ahead—Blast the Tea party, and Rush Limbaugh, and the real Americans all you want. Sooner or later…your house of race cards will come tumbling down. In fact–it’s already started.  And don’t get too cocky because the last card in the deck is a real bitch to take: it’s a real knockout ace-in-the-hole….and it’s called the truth. And while the truth might not set YOU free…it’s sure going to be nice for the rest of us,

Three  things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the  truth.

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Uh…So What Have We Learned in 2,067 years Mr. Powell?

Nobody Wins

Quote of the Century….

“The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed, lest Rome become bankrupt.”
– Cicero , 55 BC

So, evidently we’ve learned nothing in the past 2,067 years

Rick Santelli went to school. He studied history.  He agrees with Cicero.

If you missed the Powell/ O’Reilly debate, (see it below if you can keep from wanting to push Colin Powell off his elite chair and stuff some American pie in his mouth) you will notice that Colin thinks the economy is coming back because— “THE STOCK MARKET IS FINE!”

Spoken like a true rich and greedy liberal politician. As long as his portfolio remains sound, he could give a flying monkey that the rest of the world is exploding in debt. Economics is not the only thing he has no clue on…he’s a big-time racist and doesn’t even know it. And as we have seen in 2008: There is MONEY to be made when you can bet big on that demise…for those who know how to do it….and they did do it.

This out today:

The economy shrank from October through December for the first time since the recession ended, hurt by the biggest cut in defense spending in 40 years, fewer exports and sluggish growth in company stockpiles. The Commerce Department said Wednesday that the economy contracted at an annual rate of 0.1 percent in the fourth quarter. That’s a sharp slowdown from the 3.1 percent growth rate in the July-September quarter.

Obama has pledged to spent even more than he planned. Nobody Wins when you have a nation of idiots running the government. (Or…are they? Their stocks are doing great!)

(Note: Colin hits all the global points: Get kids into the state when their babies: abortion: Minorities get special treatment: to single out illegal immigrants means you’re racist.)

The first part of this deabate is about the economy, it stops around the 4.45 mark if you don’t want to listen to it all.

And by the way, Colin Powell has also admitted that he voted for Obama the first time…BECAUSE he was black I heard him say it.

And it goes on……

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Colin Powell: Pimping for Obama

James Otis: I have waited years in hopes to see some one friend of the colonies pleading in public for them. I have waited in vain. One privilege is taken away after another, and where we shall be landed God only knows. There has been a most profound and I think shameful silence, till it seems almost too late to assert our indisputable rights as men and as citizens.


Nobody Wins

—When elite Rhino career globalists disguised as Republicans trash the American men and women who want to stop the Marxist tyranny that has been coming down the pike to us since 1999.

When I saw this video, I was furious. How DARE this man call the American patriot a right-wing nutcase. IHe forgets…politicians work for us. Immigration has been all about letting people into our country LEGALLY, not illegally. The Bushes and the Rhino party want illegals to flood the country, the old to die off, and a new generation of dumb people to rule and pay their big salaries. They are no different from Obama in that regard, and that’s why I suppose they helped make him President. At least, it seems that way to me. Colin and Clinton

Good Americans are tired of it all.

In this video, Colin says the party has been taken over by the ‘right-wing’ part of the party, and they will continue to lose elections because of it, which is a lie. The reason they lost the last two elections is precisely because they didn’t run a ‘right-wing” candidate: John McCain and Mitt Romney were both endorsed by the Bushes. Like Colin Powell, they were moderates. If Colin Powell runs for President, he too will lose…unless of course he waits till the population is filled with Hispanics and Blacks….because they won’t know any better if they make him President.

Frankly, I’ll be glad that I’ll be dead…but my poor son will still be alive in their commuinst happy-faced racist world. Now…the white man is the enemy…and it’s no wonder they are stocking up on guns.

He repeats that Republicans are the party of the rich. Well,  Obama has some pretty rich friends. Beyoncé, one of Obama’s good friends,  just bought her baby a $4 million dollar Barbie Doll. She’s learning from Obama how to waste money.

Nobody wants to remind everyone, that Colin Powell hung out with the Clinton’s when Clinton was President…and they were all big friends with Gorbachev.

Colin Powell is a socialist. He is a disgrace to all American patriots everywhere. He believes in affirmative action, which is a racist program against whites…and like Michael Jackson, he looks ‘whiter’ every time I see him.  Watch…soon he will be saying the Taliban is not such a bad group. Colin and Gorby

THIS is the rich man we should demand get out of our politics. This man is a fraud. We not only need to fight Obama and his plans, but the Rhino’s that have joined him.

God hope we have enough great Americans left to defeat them.

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Remember the State Department?

Nobody Reports

While we are all talking about ‘gun control, the Benghazi fiasco is quietly been pushed to the background. Hillary Clinton will testify next week…and nobody is going to notice it, because all eyes will be on Obama’s inauguration ceremonies and his takeover of our 2nd amendment rights.

Planned of course. The fact that the State Department failed miserably to protect their ambassador even after he pleaded with them months in advance for help, and when attacked, no help was sent,(causing four deaths) —- and then everyone in the administration came out and lied about it, will not even be addressed.Obama and Hillary sword

We’ll be watching Obama dancing with Michelle in their million dollars clothes. We’ll be debating our rights being taken away AGAIN…

Hillary, as head of the State Department at the time of the attack, said she would take full responsibility. Will she fall on the sword for Obama? Or will she claim ‘memory’ loss due to her recent ‘blood clot” ?

Will America get the truth? Did Obama order the stand-down? Or did Hillary?

But this isn’t the first time our state Department has fallen short of protecting American lives. This is a statement from Robert Baer in his book, Sleeping With the Devil

Let’s start with the State Department. It is more responsible than any other government bureaucracy in Washington for spreading the big lie about the kingdom. By law the State Department has overseas responsibility for visas: it issues them in our embassies and consulates. The 1952 Immigration and Nationality Act is clear about eligibility. The section of the law related to granting tourist visas, Section 214(b) reads: “Every alien shall be presumed to be an immigrant until he establishes that to the satisfaction of the consular officers he is entitled to non immigrant statues.” In other words a foreigner who has no reason to return home—he’s unemployed, unmarried, and broke isn’t eligible for a visa. The presumption is that he will remain in the U.S.

According to the law, all fifteen Saudis who took part in the 9/11 attacks should have been turned down for visas. In issuing visas to fifteen unemployed Saudis, the State department broke the law.

Do you remember hearing any blame for 9.11 being placed on the State Department?Hillary and Powell

I didn’t.

Who was the Secretary of State responsible for that?

Colin Powell…who now supports Obama.

Now that our state Department is being run by John Kerry, I’m sure he will get it on tract and this will NEVER happen again….and my name is Jose Imanna.  

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Colin Powell VS 500 Military Officers

Nobody Flashes

So…who do you think is a more impressive endorsement: Colin Powell, the man who used to hang out with Gorby, or 500 X retired Military officers who, with their own money, took out an ad just to let everyone know, what the REAL men in the military think of Obama? One General against 500. I’d say the odds are in Romney’s favor.

And that’s exactly why, so many of them are not being allowed to vote.

Oh…that’s Powell, who is also loving the UN.

Click here to view the ad (PDF)

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