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Clinton, Cuomo, and Newson: Laying the Stage for the “workers”

Nobody’s Opinion

Two things were on my mind today, okay, well, I could write forever about the insanity going on around us, but these two stuck out.

The first one was from an early morning C-Span session I saw where Bill Clinton was on a split screen with both the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, and then the Governor of California, Gavin Newson. It was the Clinton Foundation being broadcast-ed all over the world, so no surprise that those two governors were getting high praise from Billy Boy.

Clinton is getting older, AND hoarser. But, still in his old age, he knows the BS game so well, that he got the points across to the “young” people of the world. I’m sure they all thought they were getting candy. What they did get was what the globalists want them to do.

Clinton was  acting as if Cuomo saved the world, by doing all his wonderful leadership during this crisis, (As if Trump did not exist) and I had to laugh out loud when Bill Clinton declared that both New York and Las Angeles were models for how great they did in handling the virus. Right. No mention of the homeless on the streets, or the fact that Cuomo was sending infected people to nursing homes, or that he over ordered too many ventilators, Getting President Trump to send in that huge hospital to New York, to help him out and he not only used 20 rooms out of 1,000, it was not suppose to be used for virus infected, but OOPS! Shit happens! Who knew? They just took them there! Wow.

No, Cuomo and Newson are using the virus to collect as much money as they can from the Federal Government crying “WHHAAAA…if you don’t SAVE us..people will die! President Trump should bail us out! After all it’s for the police! The Teachers! The firemen!”

And they think that people will keep on buying their bullshit.

What this C-Span event was, was a ‘plan’ for getting the young to come out and vote. Know what this Clinton Foundation wants to do? (Besides pass universal health care for all citizens and illegal’s alike.)? They want to pay a very low wage to young people, give them uniforms, and let them go house to house to collect data on WHO has the virus and WHO doesn’t. If they take this wonderful opportunity, they will get college credit.

Great. Pay millions of young people who can’t get a job to go door to door and collect data.

So, let’s say you are not sick, haven’t been sick, but your test shows positive? You will have to be quarantined.  And IF you go out of your house, what do you thing will happen to you?

Well, you could be fined. After all. Some states are not only arresting people, they are getting downright Nazi Nasty about it.

Two of the largest tech companies in the U.S. are using their technological know-how to track Americans infected with the virus — a technique Chinese officials perfected during the early stages of the virus. Elizabeth, New Jersey, officials are likewise using a Chinese drone company DJI to surveil citizens who might be violating lockdown orders. The U. S. Army banned the company over cyber issues.

Silicon Valley giants Apple and Google are allowing their smartphone operating systems to use Bluetooth technology as a way of tracing people.
The codes, known as QR codes, are assigned to Chinese citizens to designate their health status. It essentially tracks where they are at all times.
New York levels $1,000 on people who do not adhere to social distancing policies.

And they say TRUMP is a dictator.

The other thing was Bill Gates. Who made this guy leader of the world? He has repeated over and over about how PAINFUL this is going to be…nobody will be able to gather anywhere in the future. And then, what does he do? Why…he wants the world to see the new beachfront $43 million beach house he just bought on the coast of Southern California! Like, he wanted to rub it in how RICH he is. I can’t in my own mind figure out why he would want to do that, when millions will lose their jobs, some even their lives. It’s almost….sick.

Having said that…I’d wrap this up with two videos that are BANNED. The first one Glenn Beck Explains about how this whole thing has been planned for years, (which I believe) and the second one is a MUST see.

Two doctors in California explain why keeping everyone away from each other, and in isolation will destroy everybody’s immune systems.

THAT is the science that you won’t hear from Dr. Fauci. I would have posted both these, but they have been banned.

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Bill Clinton HINTS At the Answer to FICA In His Novel

Nobody Reads

It just dawned on me. We’ve all been following this Mueller report for two years, and at the end of two years, it’s been noted by the ones who have been doing the most research, that the coup d’ etat orders to spy on Trump and his whole administration had to come from the top.
Which means, it came from President Obama.

Did Obama know Hillary paid the Russians to dig up dirt on Trump? Would Obama, Hillary, and the rest of the deep state ‘justify’ their fears of Trump by getting a FISA warrant to spy on him?

This Nobody Thinks, X-President Clinton answers that question, in his new fictional novel, The President is Missing, where he plays a ‘fake’ President, a President Jonathon Lincoln Duncan. (The middle name of ‘Jefferson’ had already been taken.)

To set up this scene, President ‘Duncan’ is fearful of a cyber attack that would take down the whole grid of the country and, bring the United States to its knees. He has reason to believe that someone who he works with is responsible for working with a foreign country to bring about this attack, and only six people in his cabinet could have done it. He is telling his Vice President ( A woman who resembles Hillary in the book.) about the situation when he says this….

(Page 349…and I quote from the book here) President Duncan is speaking to his VP.

“The first thing I did. You know what it was?”

She shakes her head but can’t bring herself to speak.

“I had each of you surveilled,” I say.

She brings a hand to her chest. “You had…me…”

“All six of you,” I say. “FISA warrants. I signed the affidavits myself. Those judges had never seen that before. Liz Greenfield at the FBI executed them. Intercepts, eavesdropping the works.,

“You’ve been…”

“Spare me the indignation. You would have done the same thing.”

So, think about it. Even if they are all lead to court, and they point that it was on President Obama’s orders, all HE has to do is say he thought Trump was a “clear and present danger” to the country, and so, he ordered the FBI to do the surveillance.

And he would get off because he would not know it was all a big scam.

Hillary would then be forgiven. As would Comey. And Clapper. And all of them.

They would all claim that it was done to “protect and defend” America. Something they all keep insisting.

Of course, it would only be THEIR opinion that Trump was a danger. The real truth is that the deep state didn’t want their global network of big cash payouts stopping. And then there’s revenge for losing the election. But, if gotten to trial, they would say that at the time, they really did believe there was a danger of Trump working with Putin.

He was our first ‘black’ President. Do you really think they would doubt him?

He would just say, “You would have done the same thing.” 

Anyway, leave it to Bill Clinton to rewrite history once again thereby saving his own ass, by writing about a President in a novel. He couldn’t come out and say it, but the novel would suggest how Presidents “protect us all.”

No doubt, at least a Netflix movie will be made from the book.

Wait for it.

(And that’s whole nother’ blog.)

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‘There’s No ALLAH In BaseBall!”

Nobody Knows…bill-and-borris

What I learned today:

Did you know that Bill Clinton and Dick Morris worked hard to help Borris Yelstin’s campaign in Russia, against the KGB pick of Putin, and that Dick thinks Putin HAS Hillary’s emails (because she didn’t protect her server) and is waiting to use them at the right moment to get back at Bill for hurting HIS election in Russia?

(Mr. Morris…good thing they only got him on the toe-sucking. He’s one of the few people who worked for the Clintons that has actually survived.)

Did you know that after the Mexican War, we had our troops in Mexico City, and we could have taken ALL of Mexico, but we didn’t. We gave half of it back, worked out a treaty deciding the new borders, and paid off their $15 million dollar debt?mexican-war

(Imagine if we had KEPT it. Spanish might be only spoken in Cuba by now.)

Did you know that the President of the San Francisco Board of Education wants ‘Washington’ And ‘Jefferson’ banned as school names, because the founders had slaves?

(By that reasoning, no schools should be named Obama either. He is importing thousands of slaves into our country daily.)

Did you know that Target’s stock has dropped 18 percent in seven weeks due to their new all gender bathroom rules, and the stockholders are pissed off about it?

(Did you know that the CEO of Target is a big Hillary fan? Think he cares?)

Did you know that Bill Clinton now says that Hillary just had the flu?

(Even though the flu IS contagious…and they are saying Hillary is NOT.)

Did you know that Oliver Stone thinks that the hacked emails of the DNC were an inside job, not done by Russia?trump-in-flint

(So who hacked Colin Powell? RNC?)

Did you hear the latest great quote by Donald Trump?

“Now are cars made in Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint.”

(Right, that great quote made the lady black pastor so mad, she treated Trump like he was some kind of low life. She would have NEVER done that to Hillary.)

Did you hear that Colin Powell (in his ‘hacked’ emails) doesn’t like either candidate and called Trump a “national disgrace”? He also remarked that Bill was “still dicking bimbos at home?”

(Just at home? Really? What? So Hillary can keep him out of public restrooms?)

Did you know that Colin Powell voted for Obama twice?

(Scary to know that he was Secretary of State…and with an IQ like that it’s no WONDER they messed up Iraq. Once this man had a decent reputation. Now we know he is just another elite, greedy, STUPID, snob. God help us.)powell-and-hillary

Did you know that Hillary’s doctor said that Hillary “Has not developed any NEW medical condition besides pneumonia this year?”

(What are her old medical conditions we may ask? They are so CLEVER with their words.)

Did you know that if you commit a felony, you can just claim the 5th before Congress, and nothing will happen to you? In fact, you don’t even have to show up when subpoenaed.

(Repeat after me: Congress is worthless…let’s stop paying them.)

Did you know that Colin Powell basically admitted that Alex Jones has been right all along? That the rich get together every single year, and discuss the world and how they are going to rule it in the Bohemian Grove?

Here is Powell’s full July 24, 2016 email, which was hacked by DCLeaks and accessed by Breitbart News via a password provided to this reporter by the hacking group:

Peter, I am back from the Bohemian Grove. Surprise, surprise, I sat next
to Stephen Harper a couple of times and had a nice discussion.  Grove
attendees know that Trump is a disaster. Most will vote against, but quite
a few will not vote for Hillary and will vote for a third party candidate.bill-dicking

And did you know that I happen to think that Colin Powell is probably GLAD those emails got out? 

Come on. This propaganda, misinformation stuff is getting so obvious it’s almost laughable.

And one more thing…did you know that now, in America, they are using baseball stadiums for Muslims to pray?angel-stadium

Where’s Tom Hanks when you need him?

There’s no ALLAH in baseball!



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Third Term for Bill?

Nobody’s Opinion

After watching the news the last couple of weeks, and watching Bill Clinton right now being interviewed by Charlie Rose, it’s pretty clear…Hillary just has to stay alive and functioning until the election, and Bill Clinton will get the third term he always wanted.

The Clinton Foundation, will become, the biggest ‘global’ cartel in the world, disguised as a humanitarian enterprise, but basically, it’s a way for the elites of the world, the dictators, the very rich, to connect without government interference from Congress, or parliaments, or any laws. They will do their business in secret, beyond any laws….and the fact that the Clinton Foundation has been exposed as a money laundering racket to make the Clintons and their friends rich, with no repercussions from Congress, shows just how entranced the corruption is in D.C.

You know, I don’t think I realized it until tonight. But, Hillary has never been the brains of the Clinton dynasty. I don’t care how much Bill and Obama say she is more capable than any president that ever held the office, it’s BS. Bill, corrupt as he is, has more brains in his little finger. Hillary comes off as being just another rich, spoiled, liberal woman, that you can see walking around any Neiman Marcus in the country.

Only she’s not as pretty. And can’t walk much. bill-in-hat

Yes…America has a caste system, and the rich really DO think they are superior. And that’s why they can’t understand why the Americans want Donald Trump. Charlie Rose was just shaking his head.

It just doesn’t make sense to them.

Just now, Bill was talking about the economic plan that Hillary is advocating. He says it so smoothly, as IF there really is some kind of economic plan that she is advocating. I’ve never heard her say ANYTHING about it, have you? Then he went on with the big con that look…companies should be FORCED to share their profits not only with the stockholders, but with their employees.

Can we get more fascistic than that? And he makes it sound like a big chocolate covered Sundae with whip cream on top.

In the meantime, Charlie Rose just CAN’T understand why anybody likes Trump. To which Bill Clinton remarks that Trump lives in a penthouse looking down on the little guy.

What a con. Here’s the remarkable thing about the Clintons. They act, as if they don’t live in luxury, stay at the most expensive hotels, in rooms that add up to $10,000 a night, all paid..BY THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER! At least Trump earned his money. WE are not paying for his penthouse, he is.  The Clintons (and now the Obamas) have lived higher on the hog than any monarch on the planet…except for the Saudi Kings.

Maybe that’s why they all get along with the Kings so well. They all dine at the same hotels.

Bill went on to explain how badly the people feel right now, and that they can’t get a break. AS IF…he had nothing to do with it. NAFTA, as Ross Perot said, SUCKED the jobs out of the United States. Well…you know how Bill explained that away? They didn’t expect THAT to happen.

That wasn’t his fault.

The democrats are amazing. If anything bad happens on their watch…they talk as if they truly are just wise and wonderful people…just observing the planet and it’s ever rotations of poverty, none of which they had anything to do with.hillary-nag

But getting back to the video above. If this doctor is right…Hillary has an advanced case of Parkinson, she will be worthless as President. The fact that they didn’t take Hillary to a hospital after her collapse on 9/11, adds another notch to the theory.  If Hillary gets to the Oval Office, she will only be able to come out in very controlled video’s.

But they have to get her through the debates.

I don’t think they want Joe Biden to be President. I think, what the globalist really want, is Bill Clinton back in the White House.

And this is the only way they can get him back.

I could be wrong, but…the very fact that you are not reading anywhere, the strange fact, that Bill Clinton, an X-President, will be BACK in the White House, means that…it’s the little secret they don’t want you to think about.

There SHOULD be something in the Constitution that says a wife can’t become President after her husband was. It smacks of third world countries…Eva Peron. Hillary Clinton is NOT the smartest women in the world. She is just…the corrupt wife of one of the most criminal con-artists to ever grace the pages of history.

I think its time the ‘deplorables” start bringing that up.

In any case, watch out…I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of Bill. They’ve been keeping him hiding…

They HOPE you won’t notice him.’s really Bill they want. Hillary is just the means to the end.

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Zombie Sharks VS the Zombies at the Convention?

Nobody Reports

Okay. It’s midnight here, and I just fast-forwarded through my recorded version of last night’s infomercial for Hillary…Zombie Shark

Sorry, I was into DAM SHARK and ZOMBIE SHARK, which to my mind, were much more entertaining, and then I wondered…did they PLAN the democratic convention during Sharknado Week on purpose, hoping nobody would pay attention?  DAM Shark was funny.

And ZOMBIE SHARK was a perfect introduction to the democratic convention.

LOTS of Liberal Zombies there.

Since I saw only bits and pieces of it, I think I can make at least two very factual observation:

Blue lives don’t matter, and neither do any men’s lives, unless of course, you are black or your name is Bill Clinton. Well, gay men lives matter, but all the rest of you mostly white men…forget it.

The democrats have found that there are at least 4,556 Indian tribes that were recently discovered.

The women in Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives are about as dumb as your local PTA President.

Planned Parenthood must have made billions off those aborted fetishes to get such applause.

The first half of the program was about how MUCH Hillary has done for the ‘children’. The second half of the program was about Bill Clinton trying to convince America that at one time, he was actually sexually attracted to Hillary. (Showing that he must have been stoned.)

Hillary paid some REALLY big bucks for all the video’s they showed of her in all important photo-ops in every year she has been in the news. Trump had one. Hillary had at least 6 or seven in just one night. All of a sudden Hillary has done a gazillions things! Who knew? Really good propaganda, she spared no expense.

Magdalene Albright insists that Donald Trump will be stepped on by Putin, and yet, forgot to mention that Hillary GOT her old college roommate her old job. She also forgot to mention that as Secretary of State herself, Hillary did nothing when Putin took the Ukraine by force. We can guess that was because she wanted to make a nice profit off of selling Putin our Uranium.Bill and Hillary two

Bill Clinton told the longest BS speech in the history of his life. Nobody can BS as good as Bill Clinton. The story of his infatuation with Hillary Clinton is the biggest pile of hogwash in history, and notice, it was all about her past. And I’m not buying this,  “I met her in a library and she walked up to ME.” That’s a propaganda story if I ever heard one…to make her look like a real strong and smart woman. They probably met at some frat party and got stoned and had sex on the first night, right Bill?

Everybody know that Bill doesn’t even live with Hillary, and yet…NOT A WHISPER Of the falseness of the whole thing. Bill hasn’t slept with Hillary probably since his college days.  And on top of that, he IS a rapist, but hey…He loves women!  There are STILL plenty of Bill Clinton Zombies…mostly old ugly women who swoon when he looks them in the eyes.

Okay, when Meryl Strep came on, and she started talking about the “first woman president!” I turned it off.

Wait…has Bill Clinton slept with Meryl Strep?  I’d say the chance of that is at LEAST 50/50.

The Shark-a-thon is on for two more nights, and I’m not talking about Sci-Fi. Tomorrow night the REAL shark who has swallowed American whole will be speaking to the Zombies tomorrow night.


I’ll  be on Sci Fi.big shark

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Nobody Remembers Walt Whitman and The Seduction of Monika Lewinsky

Nobody Remembers

I CELEBRATE myself, and sing myself,Bill and MonikaBill Clinton Leaves of Grass

And what I assume you shall assume,

For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you…

                                 Walt Whitman or Bill Clinton?


Here’s a bit of trivial fun: Bill Clinton gave both Hillary AND Monica Lewinsky copies of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. Clever really. Bill, I’m sure figured it was a lot better than leaving a trace of your old love letters around for some future Presidential scandal. (ha ha ha) No, Bill wanted the ladies to know that he wanted to have sex, but he also wanted them to think that he was in love with them, when he really wasn’t. Bill Clinton in love? I doubt that has ever happened. I don’t recall him ever mentioning “love” in his autobiography. But wait…

I’m off the subject: This is about Walt. (I think.)

Bill really liked Walt, and it’s no wonder. If Bill had lived in Walt’s time, no doubt they would have been lovers.  Walt was ‘gay’ but even more than that, he was full of himself..just like Bill.Walt witman

If you read Leaves of Grass, you truly can feel that Bill and Walt were like two peas in a pod of lust…for themselves. Yes, Bill and Walt,  besides being both democrats, had another characteristic that they shared:

The great talent of self-promotion.

The reason any of us remembers Walt is because Walt was a master not only of writing obscene poetry, he was great at promoting himself.

Like Bill, Walt could really sell himself:

From A History of the American People by Paul Johnson:

Whitman first published his central work, Leaves of Grass, in 1855, when it consisted of twelve poems and ninety-five pages. He republished it, with as much fanfare as he could muster, in 1856, with additions, and this process of republications continued until the sixth edition, in 1881, had 293 poems and 382 pages. He reviewed his own poetry often, both anonymously and under pseudonyms, wrote articles about himself and promoted biographies. He planted news-stores. He said: “The public is a thick- skinned beast and you have to keep whacking away on  its hide to let it know you’re there.” He was his own iconographer, promoting photos and portraits of himself and editing them. He built up his own biographical archive, a practice followed by Berthold Brecht in the next century. He even designed his own tomb. He was the first American poet to employ free verse on a large scale, as a device for attracting attention, and the first to make a virtue of obscenity, thereby getting himself written about (and prosecuted.)  He conned Emerson into writing him a letter and then published it to boost himself. He described his own body as “perfect” a theme taken up by his votaries, who compared him to Christ: actually he was an ungainly youth who became an ugly old men. He got a letter from Tennyson but let it be known that it was so fulsome in his praise that modesty forbade him to publish it. He wrote a sixty-four page promotional pamphlet to sell his third edition but did not acknowledge authorship till twenty-three years later.  As visitors like Henry Thoreau discovered, he was not only eager to talk about himself but reluctant to have the conversation stray from the subject for long.

The first edition of Leaves of Grass sold only ten copies and Whitman had to give the rest away. But by the end of his life he was already a cult figure on both sides of the Atlantic, and his fame, and the interest in his work and personality, have continued to increase.

TELL me that doesn’t sound like Bill Clinton. Yes, I can just see old Bill now, reciting Walt Whitman to Monica:

Undrape! you are not guilty to me, nor stale nor discarded,WTF funny

I see through the broadcloth and gingham whether or no,

And am around, tenacious, acquisitive, tireless, and cannot be shaken away.

Houses and rooms are full of perfumes, the shelves are crowded with perfumes,

I breathe the fragrance myself and know it and like it,

The distillation would intoxicate me also, but I shall not let it.

The atmosphere is not a perfume, it has no taste of the distillation, it is odorless,

It is for my mouth forever, I am in love with it,

I will go to the bank by the wood and become undisguised and naked,

I am mad for it to be in contact with me.


You have to wonder….Bill figured he could seduce just about any woman with Leaves of Grass…

We know Monika read it, but Hillary? She probably gave her copy to Huma.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Bill Clinton VS Prince Andrew

 Nobody’s Perfect

What do Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew have in common besides the love of fresh young babes?Bill Clinton and babes

Fresh older babes!

(just kidding)

Why–the same pimp! And this week, Prince Andrew joined the ROYAL sex in the Caribbean mountain resort high club, a club that Bill Clinton has been known to enjoy for many years.

Not every great ruler can be moral and in love with their wife, and set fine examples for their countries, and Bill Clinton certainly has led the way as having a big appetite for women.

Powerful men will be powerful men, especially when they have a buddy who supplies them with young, underage sex that they can enjoy privately far away from wives and the press. And especially if they lack personal character.

Yes, this week it’s Bill Clinton VS Prince Andrew:Andrew and Epstien

Who’s the bigger horn dog?

We have come to learn, that they both are good friends with the same billionaire, and not just any billionaire, Jeffery Epstein.

Epstein, 61, has maintained many of these relationships (with the rich and famous) even after pleading guilty in 2008 to a felony charge stemming from a lengthy probe of his lewd interaction with scores of underage girls, many of whom were recruited while they were students at a Palm Beach high school. 

Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against his former friend and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein who had ‘regular’ orgies at his Caribbean compound that the former president visited multiple times

Yes, Jeffery had a perfect set-up, and no doubt ran the biggest whore house South of the border.


But while Prince Andrew and other public figures resumed meeting with a post-prisothomas roberts 26.JPGn Epstein, Clinton appears to have avoided the billionaire, who owns a private Caribbean island, a Manhattan mansion, a New Mexico ranch, and a Paris apartment in addition to his waterfront Palm Beach residence.

According to court records, Clinton “frequently flew” with Epstein aboard the investor’s private jet from 2002 to 2005, the year news of the police investigation of Epstein was first reported.

And now, a former SEX slave is writing a book all about it…how she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew, who she says was abusive.

The fifth in line to the throne slept with Miss Roberts at an orgy with other under-age girls on Epstein’s private Caribbean island, as well as in a private house in London and in Epstein’s New York mansion, according to the court papers. 

She plans to spill the beans on the little whorehouse in the Caribbean, and the Queen, is denying it all—-as is Andrew. To save his ‘reputation” he took his former wife, that wild and crazy swinger Fergie, to the Royal’s personal hangout in the Swiss Alps, to where she came out saying this about her x:

‘He is the greatest man there is. It was the finest moment of my life in 1986 when I married him. He is a great man, the best man in the world.’ 

I’m SURE the fact that he paid off all her old debt had nothing in the world to do with it. He might just have to marry her again.

So, two of the most powerful men in the world have been flying down to the Caribbean to engage in wild sex orgies with underage women.

Whose going to suffer the most from the sex scandals?Clinton cartoon

Bill or Andrew?

Well—-Jeffery had 21 different telephone numbers for Bill Clinton in his address book, but everybody in the world knows he’s a horn dog, and most people just accept it.

Andrew on the other hand, has stayed out of the scandals. One good note for him, at least he didn’t get his nude pecker splashed all over the tabloids.Nude Harry

So, who wins?

Hillary Clinton…she will get the women’s pity vote in 2016 if she plays this just right. And if she becomes President–because the elites convince the world that powerful men NEED to have a lot of sex, get over it…the Drudge Report will be history.

Next: We need to see the nude Bill and Andrew pictures. Right?

Right. Now THAT’s women’s equality. Someone ring Gloria.

Or. on the other hand…that might be considered…torture.




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Bill Clintons Speech on What Will Happen if America ignores the Deficit….Go Ahead John…use it.

Nobody Remembers—

Want to see something interesting? Here are excerpts from The State of the Union address of then President, Bill Clinton, given on February 17, 1993. I’ve taken some very interesting lines from it, just to show you..some surprising statements, and some not so surprising goals. In some places, you can close your eyes and hear Obama. I hope you have as much fun reading this as I did.

By the way, Clinton ran on economic improvement. How far…we have come. (not)Bill Clinton speech

CLINTON: The conditions which brought us to this point are well known. Two decades of low productivity and stagnant wages: Persistent unemployment and under employment: years of huge government deficits and declining investment in our future: exploding health care coast, and lack of coverage: legions of poor children educational and job training opportunities inadequate to the demands of a high wage, high growth economy.

(So now—- we’re up to 8 decades, and it’s all getting worse.)

I well remember, 12 years ago Ronald Reagan stood at this podium and told the American people that if our debt were stacked in dollar bills, the stack would reach 67 miles into space. Today that stack would reach 267 miles.

(Now it will go to the moon and back about three times.)debt to moon

The time for blame has come to an end. I came here to accept responsibility: I want you to accept responsibility  for the future of this country.

( I love democrats, I’ll except it. No wait….YOU accept it. )

Our plan has four components: First: reverses our economic decline. Second: changes the rhetoric of the past: Third: It substantially reduces the Federal deficit. And finally, it earns the trusts of the American people by paying for these plans with cuts in Government spending—and by fairness for a change, in the way the burden is borne.

(As we have  seen, government spending never stops. What happened there Bill? )

I call on Congress to enact an immediate jobs package of over $30 billion. We will put people to work right now and create half a million  jobs, jobs that will rebuild our highways and airports, renovate housing, bring new life to our rural town and spread hope and opportunity to among our nations’ youth..

(yada, yada, yada…Whoever wrote this speech was STILL alive to write Obama’s. And now the job packages are called stimulus packages…and it’s in the trillions.)angry old lady

In order to accomplish public investment and deficit reduction Government spending is being cut and taxes are being increased.

(What did Clinton cut? Monica’s thong? )

Our plan invests in our roads, bridges, transit facilities, in high- speed railways and high tech information systems; and in the most ambitious environmental clean- up of our time.

(And his name was Al. —-What is it with these liberals? It’s like they get Daddy’s credit card and want to go to Neiman’s and just buy the whole damn department store…..)

But all of our efforts to strengthen the economy will fail unless we take bold steps to reform our heath care system. American’s businesses will never be strong, American’s families will never be secure: and America’s government will never be solvent until we tackle our health care crisis.greed, obama

(Right. Obamacare is going to make America solvent. And that is why, Obama will never give in. Look how long the elites have wanted this. I say elites, because RINO’s are in on this.)

He goes on to talk about NAFTA (which he passed and destroyed us further: Head Start, which is the state getting your baby early while the single mother is working, and a National Service program. I guess that’s next on Obama’s list.)

But to revolutionize government we have to insure that it lives within its means.

(Can you believe he said this?)

And that starts at the top with the White House staff by twenty five percent, saving ten million dollars. It’s time for our government to be as frugal as any household in America.

(This one kills me. Of course, these guys want to clear people out of the White House so that they can walk around it more freely and treat it as their own personal mansion. Obama has finally done that. The money they save, is made up by all the world trips both the Clintons and the Obama’s have made on Air Force One. They are Kings, but want you to think that they are suffering….the less people at the White House, the more they can invite their friends over to party. By the way…where IS Buddy Love?)Kris 29

But we can go further. Tonight I call for an across the board freeze in federal government salaries for one year.

(Wow…then the next day after the year is up, they get a raise. Can you believe this spin?)

We are cutting the deficit so that your family can afford a college education for your children. We are cutting the deficit so that someday your children will be able to afford a home of their own.

(Oh…we’re really &$^$ now.)

I ask you to raise federal income taxes from 31 percent to 36 percent. For businesses with taxable income over ten million dollars we will raise the corporate tax rate to 36 percent.

(By the way, it was Clinton that took our Social Security so that he could claim he balanced the budget…)

Unless we have the courage to start building our future and stop borrowing from it, we are condemning ourselves to years of stagnation, interrupted only by recession: to slow growth in jobs, no growth in incomes, and more debt and disappointment.

(Uh…can somebody please send this to Harry Reid and Obama tomorrow?)

Worse yet, unless we change,  unless we reduce the deficit increase investment and raise productivity so we can generate jobs we will condemn our children and our children’s children to a lesser life and a diminished destiny.John Boehner

Okay…if I was a House republican right now, I’d put this quote up, and say…HEY…Bill CLINTON SAID THAT, Obama. Our diminished destiny is here NOW!

What…do I have to dig this stuff up for these guys?

(Interesting….wasn’t it?)

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Mandela’s Legacy….Obama? Or Clinton?

Nobody’s Opinion

“Our Constitution was designed for a moral and a religious people; it is wholly inadequate for the governing of any other.”

                                                                                                             –John Adams

Remember that commercial where they would say, “Do YOU know where your child is?” at such and such a time? Well, if I had money, I would put an ad on all the cable channels with that statement, a picture of Obama, and the question:

“It’s the 4th of July. Do YOU know where your President is?”

Most of us can’t keep up with Obama, who loves to get out of the country as much as he possibly can, and last week’s $100 million dollar trip to Africa, was all done, not for the United States, but for the promotion of…you guess it…the Grand Black Booba himself— who is so eager to take over the title of supreme BLACK leader of the world, he couldn’t wait to use the opportunity of Mandela’s (The first black world leader) last dying breathe to milk the PR.

Except: HA! The family didn’t let him in to see the guy! How embarrassing! Mandela isn’t stupid. To make it seem as if it was actually himself, ( Obama,) that didn’t want to bother the man, he said this:

“I don’t need a photo-op, and the last thing I want to do is to be in any way obtrusive at a time when the family is concerned about Nelson Mandela’s condition.”
Obama in jail

And then he went and made sure that everyone saw him standing in Mandela’s old cell, and contemplating that he gave himself, as President of the United States, unconstitutional and draconian power, to grab anyone in the world, (including American citizens) –hold them in a jail for as long as he wants, without a trial, and never let them out again. In our country, if Obama had arrested Mandela, nobody in the world would have known about it. Mandela would be a Nobody. He would have just…disappeared.

If they had apartheid, what do we have? (Try not to answer that. Or, scream first.)

Okay, so he was trying to imagine what it would be like to stare at the same four walls for 27 years because Obama, let’s face it, has lead a very rich and charmed life. The most suffering he has ever done was when he couldn’t score enough cocaine for the weekend.

Obama met the usual protestors that all American Presidents get abroad, but I’m sure that we supplied the stun grenades and rubber bullets to help out the local police. And the crowds he spoke to were hand-picked, just like here. If I had been his adviser, I would have told him, “Mr. President, maybe you ought to STAY in this Mandela prison, where you can be safe, and save the American taxpayers money, and really be a hero to be remembered!”

I have truly missed my calling as a Presidential advisor.

Obama got another important endorsement from the South African leader, Jacob Zuma, who said that he and Obama were “bound by history as the first black presidents of their respective countries. ” If that’s all it takes to get high powered jobs, I’m can’t wait for the day we have our first orange ones.Obama and Jacob Zuma

Obama also gave $7 billion to build infrastructure, (which the people in Colorado and Kansas sure could have used) and promised to stop global warming, but it still didn’t get him a picture with Mandela. (Maybe Bill Clinton will let him borrow his.)  Mandela and Bill Clinton

And to show the world how he supports ‘democracy” Obama is sending 400 U.S. Troops to help Mohamed Morsi handle those pesky protestors who want democracy.

Yes, Obama likes to talk about democracy, I said he likes to TALK about it. He talks about it all the time.

Asked about the importance of democracy in Africa, he referred to Nelson Mandela’s insistence of “constitutions, the rule of law, and respect for human dignity” promising to “bring light” to sub-Saharan Africa in the form of a $7 billion investment in extending electricity to the two-thirds of the continent that still do not have it.

Yes, let’s light up Africa. Obama needs a legacy there, because his legacy here is not doing so good.

Unfortunately, whether we want to know it or not, Obama will be back in the United States, on the 4th of July, pontificating, and blowing hot air about the Constitution, the rule of law, our veterans, and independence, and the sad news is: The whole world knows that Obama, is not a good man. There is nothing religious or moral about him, and he represents us.

And the first black president MISSED his chance to get his picture taken with the world’s greatest black leader. Too bad.

Obama might want to be the next Mandela—but something tells me he might have to wait a long time. And guess who is going to be flashing her picture with Mandela everywhere soon? That’s got to hurt.

Hillary and Mandela

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Dictator 101: How to go around the Constitution

Nobody Reports

President Clinton did this: He went around Congress by giving the Commerce Department the power to transfer many of our military secrets to China. Before that, China was 40 years behind us in the nuclear race. Now they can nuke any American city thanks to Bill Clinton.Kris 37

That was high treason. They impeached him for the wrong reason. Looking back, the Monica scandal might have just been the cover up for the real crime.

And Obama, as we are seeing today with the Benghazi scandal, IRS, and tapping of the phones of the press…is just like Clinton. He has been doing gun running in Mexico, and the middle East. He went into Libya without Congressional consent.

And now, he is grabbing complete control of our schools.  According to Stanley Kurtz, this is how he did it:

From Spreading the Wealth

One: Instead of asking Congress to appropriate money in support of your new education policy, thereby provoking public discussion of the issue, insert the funding for your key education initiative in a massive stimulus package, passed rapidly with virtually no debate even on economic policy, much less education. That is precisely how President Obama procured the $4.35 billion to be used solely at the Department of Education’s discretion for his Race to the Top Initiative.

Two: Now that you’ve got a huge pile of money free from congressional constraints and even public debate, use it as a lure to move the country’s education system toward a federally controlled curriculum. Make the willingness to adopt a national Common Crone a ritual condition of receiving Race to the Top grants, even before the standards and curriculum before finalized.

Three: Orchestrate the creation of a national curriculum and standards fro the White House while denying central control. Recruit publicly unaccountable groups like the National Governors Association to sponsor the project. Bring in the massively wealthy Gates Foundation for funding add supervisor. Obama is making cash strapped states an offer they can’t refuse. So they “volunteer” for the program.

Education is Constitutionally in the hands of the states. What Obama is doing deserves impeachment.

Will they impeach him for his many crimes?

Don’t count on it. But, if you have children in school, you will have to keep close watch on what they are learning.

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Remembering Our Presidents

Nobody Remembers

Once again, the timing of the dedication of x-President, George W. Bush’s library, couldn’t have had come at a more propitious time. The nation had just been attacked by Muslim radicals, giving the Bush family a platform to remind us all, that Bush kept us safe throughout the rest of his Presidency after 9/11. And in this light, it was okay for George himself to push for another Bush in the White House: His brother, Jeb.

As I watched the former Presidents all standing, and then the speeches, I can’t say that any one of them talked about what THEY had done for our country. It was all about how they, while doing the ‘toughest’ job in the world…changed the world, and plan to keep on doing it.

Not much about helping America. No mention of the hard times we are going through now.

I posted Jimmy Carter’s speech, simply because to me,  what all of the former Presidents seem to be most proud about is what they have accomplished in other countries. That’s all they bragged about in all their speeches.  According to the former Presidents, Bush’s best legacy was his work on aids in Africa. Clinton, Carter, and Obama all mentioned it.

George W. himself continued his great theme of globalization. America’s future is to spread democracy around the world. Never mind that since Bush and Obama, the trillions of American dollars spent to spread democracy around the world has not done a damn thing but strengthen more tyrants and America haters abroad, and destroyed the economy at home.

The theme of Bush’s library is freedom. But…while he dreams of spreading freedom all over the world, in America, the citizens continue to lose theirs.

The Bush doctrine is that only in freedom will democracy flourish, while true and noble….it makes no sense to a religion based on anything BUT freedom. All the children of Islam are brainwashed before they start to walk. I guess Bush thinks sometime 3,000 years from now, the world’s population of Muslims will decide to vote for someone who goes against everything they’ve learned from birth, and will thank George Bush for saving them from poverty and giving them democracy.

Frankly, I don’t see it happening.

Nobody Thinks that the reason all these Presidents have to praise themselves on how what they personally did to further and help the world is because none of them have down a damn thing to help Americans. All of them are too busy helping the rest of the world. Globalization may make good speeches and wonderful ideas for American Presidents who build multi-billion dollar museums to themselves and keep their own families working forever, but they all just become another part of the 1 percent that live among the rich and famous. The Presidential  museums will be the last remaining things standing if we keep on this “We will fix the world” path.

George W. Bush comes off as a very sweet and likable man, but so does Bill Clinton. But, they were paid to work for America…not to eliminate poverty all over the world because it makes them feel better about themselves. (Or helps out big corporations who want into the global markets.) We must not judge Presidents on how much we like them as people, but on what they have done for us. And let’s be frank: None of them can be considered great.

So, when Bush started crying at the end of his speech— when he said the future of America will be great…a lot of us felt like crying with him. Everyone said he was crying because of all his friends. But to those watching, he was crying because America might never recover, and he knows it.

Personally, I don’t think Bush is that dumb.

Instead of talking about what they have all done for America, all they could talk about is how much money they sent out to the rest of the world. It’s enough to make you mad. And we still have good men dying in Afghanistan.

After the ceremony, I came across this video of Daniel Hannan, explaining how Margaret Thatcher took a dying England and brought it back to life.  It’s what we need here. A President that takes care of his country: FIRST.

That’s what we should have heard today: George W. Bush could have brought America’s strength back. Instead, he choose his own course of “saving the world.”..and because he chose the wrong course, the communists, came forward.

George…you broke my heart.

You know, maybe our “Presidents” should just start building their libraries in Africa, and Iraq, and all over the world. And I apologize tonight to anyone who feels I’m too cynical about them all, because frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn about any of them.

And I will spend the rest of my life, trying NOT to remember the years I spent feeling betrayed, by each and every one of them.

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Nobody Flashes: The History of North Korea and the Democrats

Nobody Flashes

North Korea just released this video in where they dream of nuking New York. In the background is the music of Michael Jackson– “We Are the World.”  Nobody asks herself —is the reason they want to nuke New York is because Steven Spielberg lives in California? Why hit the same place twice? Isn’t Micheal Bloomberg doing enough damage as it is?

And oh my goodness…’President’ Obama today…all of a sudden, seems a bit worried about the “sequester” coming up in March, which will decimate our military down to the point that even people with the video capabilities of a six-year-old can fire some missiles at us, and have a decent chance of succeeding.

You know, it’s got to be tough. Here’s a President that is trying to bring troops home from around the world, in order to put them to work as his own private HomeLand Security army, and some little dweeb over in North Korea is making him look silly.kris 11

And you might say: Come on Joyanna…how can a country that can’t even make a simple video actually launch a missile to hit New York? (And once again…why is it always New York?)

Well…once upon a time…Bill Clinton sent over his favorite plutonium giver Sandy Berger, and Sandy supplied North Korea with enough uranium to make their own bombs, which they did.  Of course, Clinton  said later that, “They lied, they told me they needed it for peaceful means.” Google in NK two Google in NK three

And just recently, Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, went over to North Korea with Sandy Berger, and…you have to wonder what else was given to them? Have you noticed that Bill Clinton and Sandy Berger are the only two politicians that love to visit North Korea? Have you also noticed that every time a democrat comes back from visits to countries that don’t like us, they want to kill us even more? Google in NK

Democrats. Arming the world…with the help of Michael Jackson. In the meantime, who are all the democrats screaming about as the ones that have to be destroyed forever more?

The Tea Party.

And that’s because the Tea Party KNOWS where the real enemy lies, and it’s not in New York.

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There Is Nothing Nobel About Giving the Nobel Peace Prize to the EU

Nobody Cares

I’m sure all the citizens of the world are celebrating the news released today that the EU, has received the Nobel Peace Prize….for keeping the peace in their countries. And as you can see by these pictures, peace reins throughout the European Union…the people are happy and content. We applaud the elites in Brussels for giving this prize to themselves, because if it was put to a vote by the people in the EU, I doubt it would have made the headlines today. One can only wonder what would happened if “war” broke out. Poor Mr. Clinton, missed it again. Congratulations to the people of  Europe. You have all–just been ignored by the one percent. Don’t forget to give those elites in the EU your vote! Wait, you can’t vote for them? Oh…well then, enjoy the flowers, and remember…somebody is getting millions…and it’s not you…so keep being peaceful…who knows? Maybe they’ll get the prize again next year too…because NOBODY wants Bill Clinton to get one.  I think we should make him sweat.









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The ‘I Know Nothing” Song of ‘Jon the Don’ Corzine

Nobody Wins

Am I the only one who wakes up in the morning, turns on the news and cannot believe that in this 21st century, a prominent man, a man with a Masters degree in business, a man who was a governor, and a CEO of Goldman Saks, can say with a little nod, “I simply do not know where the money is, or why the accounts have not been reconciled to date.” when asked why he lost all his client’s money?

You would have thought he lost his son’s car keys  instead of $1.2 billion dollars.

In the 19th century, Jon Corzine, would have gone to prison. Just yesterday a former Senator was sent to prison for trying to sell an old Senate seat so that he could have campaign money. He didn’t HURT anyone but himself, and he’s going to jail now for 14 years.

And yet, Don Corzine takes money of hard working farmers, ranchers, and rural businesses such as grain elevators and feed mills and gambles it on Europe. He took a big risk with money he didn’t have and lost it all. He’s hurt, god knows how many people?

He knew EXACTLY what he was doing, and he got rewarded for it you can be sure.

The farmers were hit hard when they were cut off from the cash in the hedging accounts.  This will affect food prices next year, as if they aren’t bad enough now. All he had to say is about that pain is, “I’m sorry.”

Tell me—how would you feel if you went to the bank to get all of your life’s savings and they told you, Well, we just don’t have it. Sorry.  Next year, even more people in the world will starve, because Don Corzine “knew nothing.”

Nobody doubts for a minute that he did it on purpose…but why? To destroy the corn belt— the little farmer? To help George Soros? How much did he make from it? When he quit Goldman Saks he took over $ 400 million dollars with him.  

But what do you expect? Consider his circle of—I don’t remember, I don’t know, and It depends on what your definition of IS is—friends. Haven’t we watched Bill and Hillary sit before juries and say, “I don’t recall” and “I was not aware” and “We couldn’t know” over and over and over again while being questioned about breaking the law?

Did we not just hear Eric Holder and his master Obama say the very same things about the Fast and Furious guns to Mexico scandal? None of them knew anything. “We didn’t know.”

If a bank robber said–when answering the question:  “What did you do with the money you stole?” And if he said, “I’m sorry, I just don’t know.” Would the judge let him go?

They know nothing. And then, they walk away…untouched by any law.

So, let’s get this straight:Every single major leaders we have had since 1994 just don’t know much about anything that happens. We have a bunch of know – nothings running the country.


But what do we know about this guy? We do know he spent over 63 MILLION dollars of his own money to become senator of New Jersey.

Let that sink in: $63 million to become a senator of a tiny little state.

He was on a number of committees on Banking, intelligence, Budget, energy, and natural resources. He’s for universal health care, gun control, mandatory preschool, and more taxpayer money for college. He’s for affirmative action and gay marriage. And he was Bill Clinton’s Presidential adviser, and was paying Bill $50,000 a month for some reason. He has also been to most of the Bilderberg meetings.

Stop. Bilderberg means he is in on the global engineering.

So, no matter where the 1$.2 billion dollars went to, one thing is scary. We had major floods year before last, that destroyed many farms  in the Midwest. Now, whatever is left of the farmers will disappear.

The government wants to control all food, of course with Monsanto’s help.

One step at a time. Next: guns.

I don’t think the American people can just assume that our leaders are out to help us anymore. The few at the top have all been in the same small circle of power for too many years. And too many are being rewarded every time they bring down our great ecomny. There’s more to this than just pure greed.

When the collapse comes, Gerald Celente says, they will start a war. And then all of them will say:

We just didn’t know this was going to happen!

How much longer are the American people going to keep buying that same old, I know -nothing song?

I pray…not long.

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