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Forget Gun Control: Where’s Congress When It Comes to an EMP Attack?

Nobody Knows

If you thought that the government failed us on all fronts when it came to the Florida Parkland shooting, and 9/11, that is NOTHING compared to how they are failing us on this one.

Failing to shore up our electrical grid from a North Korea attack with an EMP is the most egregious thing our government is doing now.

And yet, nobody is talking about it.

This one we can’t blame on the FBI or Homeland Security. THIS one is going to be blamed on Congress.

With one little nuke, the whole of the United States would be brought to its knees. And whose to say that we don’t need steel to fix our electric grid?

To the common man, Kim Jung Unofatboy, the almighty dog of war, is just China’s pit bull on a chain. China is supplying him with all his oil, his military supplies…still. And no thanks to President Bill Clinton who GAVE North Korea the Plutonian, and helped China get their missiles up to speed, so that they could destroy us too.

What a better way to attack a country, then get another country to do it for you? In fact, it’s something Bill and Hillary do every day…they always keep two or three buffers between them and their crimes.

I won’t go so far as saying the Bill and Hillary would have a hand in the destruction of their own country, but without our technology neither China nor North Korea, nor Russia for that matter would be in the position to destroy us in the first place.

China would love North Korea and South Korea to ‘merge’ again. Kim Jung has said that he could have talks and promise NOT to attack South Korea. But, notice…he didn’t say he wouldn’t attack us.

South Korea is the gem both China and North Korea want. And frankly, the way the South Korean President cuddled up to Kim’s sister at the Olympics was a big slap in the face to the BILLIONs we have spent protecting that country from the communists.

So, next time you hear everybody in Congress complaining about “trade” remember: They all know we need to spend the pittance to fix the grid and they all have….ignored our most vulnerable threat.

Nobody sometimes wonders if all the movies we have been having to watch about the United States being destroyed back to the stone ages, with stories of how a few brave survive, was just to get us all ready.

Ready for the final destruction.

And the rich are only a plane ride away from have their mansions in New Zealand.

Think they’ll let us in?


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WWIII: Grab Those Water Bottles.

Nobody Wins

I had a different post all ready for tonight, but today, it seems, we are all waiting to get nuked by North Korea.

Thanks Bill Clinton. Thanks Obama.

War with North Korea, will be like having war with China who acts like Kim Jung Ugly is their pet attack dog.  No matter what they do at the U.N., China keeps sending money and oil to North Korea. The U.N. is a joke and everybody knows it.

The talk today was frightening. Evidently, North Korea has nukes and says it will attack Guam, and we are not prepared to find off a nuke attack by North Korea, according to all the ‘experts’ on FOX.

Thanks Clinton. Thanks Bush. Thanks Congress. Thanks Obama.

The FACT that all this scary talk comes on the same day where it was discovered that Loretta Lynch was sending emails about the Hillary investigation under her mother’s name, which is illegal, and Obama was in on all this, can make you think that this is all orchestrated to take THAT off the news.

Have you noticed? All of a sudden “Russia” has not been mentioned at all in the last few days. And it seems, since that wasn’t working, the next trick was to just post on every radio, cable TV program across the great divide that President Trump had NO support anymore from his base.

Which is a joke.

So, is this real? Should we start gathering our water bottles?

Whatever is happening, we can blame our own Congress for only caring about their portfolios.

We know that they control the media, and fear is a good tactic to get us all in line…

But then again, we can also know that Obama weakened us to such an extent militarily, and the “deep state” would love to start a war…

Not to mention: historically speaking….the rich are getting very rich, but the rest of us do not see the end of the road. The credit card debt in America has NEVER been higher, or our National debt. Wars are always good to get politicians out of trouble.

Thanks Bill. Thanks George. Thanks Barack.

I would not put it pass Obama’s war room to have a direct line to Kim Jung Ugly’s house.

The elites are so crazy, do we really think they care if millions of people die? Obamacare was proof that…no they don’t. In fact, if downsizing the United States was the real 21 agenda then why not do it the fast way?

The only good thing is: President Trump doesn’t need Congress’s approval to protect the country.

There is no doubt, that if there is a threat to any of us, he will strike first.

Or…is that what China wants?

I certainly hope our past politicians have a good place to hide. THIS time, if we are attacked, the blame will go on them.



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Nobody Wonders: Do Our Presidents Want to Kill Us?

Nobody WondersBill Clinton and North Korea

Are our Presidents TRYING to kill us?

You have to wonder.

Today, the world was shaken by the announcement that North Korea exploded a Hydrogen bomb. BUT…it was OUR Presidents…starting with President Bill Clinton and continuing with President George W. Bush, that helped North Korea GET nuclear bombs in the first place:

Via Paul Joseph Watson:

Both the Clinton and Bush administrations played a key role in helping the late Kim Jong-Il develop North Korea’s nuclear prowess from the mid 1990’s onwards.

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld presided over a $200 million dollar contract to deliver equipment and services to build two light water reactor stations in North Korea in January 2000 when he was an executive director of ABB (Asea Brown Boveri). Wolfram Eberhardt, a spokesman for ABB confirmed that Rumsfeld was at nearly all the board meetings during his involvement with the company.

Rumsfeld was merely picking up the baton from the Clinton administration, who in 1994 agreed to replace North Korea’s domestically built nuclear reactors with light water nuclear reactors. Clinton policy wonks claimed that light water reactors couldn’t be used to make bombs. Not so according to Henry Sokolski, head of the Non-proliferation Policy Education Center in Washington, who stated, “LWRs could be used to produce dozens of bombs’ worth of weapons-grade plutonium in both North Korea and Iran. This is true of all LWRs — a depressing fact U.S. policymakers have managed to block out.”

And now, Iran, thanks to the billions given to them by President Obama, is well on its way to detonate a few nuclear missiles of its own.Obama and Iran

So, you have to ask yourself?

Do our Presidents want to kill us? And…where will they be if the bombs hit us?




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North Korea AND Black Protestors: What they have in common.

Nobody’s Opinion

In the last few days, we had North Korea shut down a movie in America that was supposed to open on one of the most profitable days of the year: Christmas. A comedy that insulted Kim Jung Bung Uno.Song Picture

Sony backed down after threats of violence and terror attacks: Well—- it was first reported that Sony backed down, but later confirmed that was not the case–which was made quite clear by Sony after Obama attacked them for not coming to the great and wise Barak Obama OZ and getting his permission to respond.

Sony, after all, IS a Japanese owned company…why should they?

It was the movie theater owners who were concerned. One lame movie could spoil their biggest day of the movie going year. After all, we had Angelina Jolie’s movie, Exodus, and the most favorite: The Hobbit, all three of them blockbusters.

Sony it was said, will lose millions: $90 million or more. Some claim that now EVERYONE will want to see it, but, I kind of doubt it.

And yesterday, in another blow to capitalism, the blacks in America are continuing to upset the greatest money-making days in the year: Today they scared shoppers at the biggest Mall in America. Protestors lie down

Is it any wonder so many people are shopping online?

Frankly, I don’t see much difference between North Korea and the Black protestors. BOTH are hurting and attacking…capitalism–something Harry Reid does daily on the Senate Floor.

From Newsmax:

Just when things couldn’t have looked any worse for the studio, President Obama turned sharply critical of Sony in a news conference Friday, second-guessing its decision to withdraw “The Interview” from theaters. Cynics might suggest targeting Sony gave Obama something to distract from the precious little he offered on what he knew or planned to do next. Blaming the studio also shifts already mounting criticism that the U.S. lacks any coherent cyber security strategies despite the growing number of attacks pounding not only the government but many other corporations.

Does Obama care? Hell no. He’s on vacation poor guy. He’s going into his fourth quarter, (he likes to make sports analogy’s about himself, as if he is in some kind of game) and whatever waste and destruction he leaves behind is the plan. Because, in his heart of hearts, it’s capitalism that’s the enemy. Of course, it is to all communists and dictators.Obama playing golf

The more chaos, the better. We were told last WEEK that China could shut down the whole country with the flick of her communist Bick, by our own Homeland Security.  Many say China was behind this.

Was this just a test, to see what Obama would do?

Add to that the ultimate hypocrisy—- while Obama talked about how nobody should be concerned about some little movie, he didn’t hesitated to jail a man who just made a Youtube video about Mohammed, did he now? Obama destroy

In that respect, there is no difference between Obama and the psychotic Kim Jong Un. It’s a well-known fact that Obama calls up newspapers and magazines if he doesn’t like a reporter or a story. Just think…what would HE do if someone made a comedy about assassinating him? Would he allow free speech? He should. After all, thousands of blacks are at this very moment tweeting that all cops should die…that’s free speech.

Why should his life be more important than some cops?

There is a thin line–and we are back to some animals are just more equal than others, as Orwell so lovingly reminded us so long ago.

On the day he left for his big vacation in Hawaii, cops were being killed, and he had someone release a nice little “Don’t do that kids.” note, because he was on the golf course.

And this Christmas, as we read the hatred tweets posted by young blacks, whipped up to thinking that white cops are their enemy, you have to wonder….if what Khrushchev said so long ago, has finally come round to fruition:Nikita Khrushchev

In the meantime, I have to wonder…

Do those young kids go home to a Christmas tree and do all the traditional things that America has done for centuries, while they are wanting all cops to die? And while they are attacking the Apple Stores, does it DAWN on them that the IPHONE 6 they are writing all their hated tweets on cops, are being stored, and looked at by the FBI? Or do they think the stores at the mall have anything whatsoever to do with black being killed by anybody?

And I ask myself today: Am I ready for Obama’s next two years?

Here’s me…I’m ready.

Me contemplating Obama's next two years.

Me contemplating Obama’s next two years.



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Nobody’s Perfect: Melissa-Harris Perry VS Dennis Rodman

Nobody’s Perfect:

Last week, the biggest talk was the meltdown of MSNBC reporter, Melissa-Harris Perry, who apologized for making jokes about Mitt Romney’s black adopted grandchild. It wasn’t really the fact that she insulted Mitt Romney that brought the tears, was the whole ‘diversity’ issues to which she and her liberal colleges have been taught since kindergarten IS the most important thing in the world…we must accept everyone as equals. How she could commit such a crime is almost beyond understanding. After all…she is from a diverse background herself.

Alec Baldwin immediately came out and wondered if he would be forgiven for his ‘gay’ comments if he cried.

Hey, go for it, Alec.

And then there’s Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman, is taking some of his basketball buddies to North Korea do some more ‘basketball diplomacy’ —a unique style of foreign diplomacy developed first hand, by President Obama himself.Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong

Officially, the White House denies that Rodman is standing in for Obama—-it’s all just fun and games. Nevertheless…Dennis is still going to visit his favorite little buddy Kim Jong–Un for his Birthday Party….AFTER the important news that the little guy had thrown his own uncle (and five of his friends) to wild dogs to be eaten alive.

Initial speculation was that Jang had been killed by firing squad, a fate that media outlets said was the usual one reserved for “traitors.” But an alternative narrative of the 67-year old’s death emerged on what appears to have been a satirical post on the Chinese Tencent Weibo site that has been repeated by many media outlets worldwide.The Dec. 11 post on Tencent Weibo said Jang and five aides were killed by dogs.

So, officially, well…that didn’t happen. The uncle ‘probably’ died the old-fashioned way: death by firing squad. Still…you have to wonder at the mental state of anyone who would want to ever visit someone who had just killed their own uncle.

The game will feature many old-timers of the NBA…and one can only assume our President would love to attend.

So–who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week? In my Nobody’s Opinion, the man who really won this week, needs no introduction—

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Nobody Knows: Kim Jung Un, Plane Texting, Political Stunt—Party On Garth!

Nobody Knows:

—Why Obama has to have another White House Sequester Free Soul Party?

Obama is just four months into his term, and four vacations (if you count Obama sightseeing in the Middle East) and it’s time to par–tee!

As the White House has previously announced, Justin Timberlake (who will be making his White House debut), Al Green, Ben Harper, Queen Latifah, Cyndi Lauper, Joshua Ledet, Sam Moore, Charlie Musselwhite, Mavis Staples, and others will be performing at the exclusive event.

Nobody Knows if Obama is going to sing again, but since it’s going to be on PBS, you can bet your daddy’s 401K plan, (what’s left of it.)  that it’s one of the reasons they put this together so quickly. Nothing boosted Obama’s popularity ratings as fast as when he started singing, “I’m so in love with you.” After that, nobody could get him to shut up.Obama singing

Also expect him to be all over Michelle, to let the whole world know that: she really isn’t a single parent: did not file for divorce again (she once did): and he’s really not a male chauvinist pig for making that sexist comment about the attorney general. He really does love her.


And if you can’t waste taxpayers money by throwing big lavish white house parties, there’s always the Commerce Department to help you out:

Congress’s top auditor said Tuesday that the Commerce Department has been charging other government agencies  millions of dollars for reports that the other agencies could just as easily have gotten online, for free. The reports don’t amount to much — the agency reported revenues of $1.5 million in fiscal year 2011 — but overall, duplication and waste are likely costing the federal government billions of dollars a year, the auditors said. But the Government Accountability Office said it can’t even begin to measure how much overlap there is because the agencies don’t keep sufficient records to evaluate that.

GAO said the Defense Department has so many different branches that each pay separately for foreign language services, but if the department were to coordinate it could save hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

Oh..that makes sense. When your department is caught wasting billions of taxpayer’s dollars, just report that everybody does it and that will get you off the hook every time.Waste in Washington

Everybody knows that if we cut the waste and fraud out of all government departments we’d could probably pay off the debt in half the time, but Nobody Knows that nobody in Congress will ever prosecute anyone for stealing taxpayer money, because they would all have to go to jail…and there is no jail big enough to hold them all.


President Obama gathered up a bunch of grieving parents from Sandy Hook, and took them all on a ride on Air Force One, to a gun rally to support gun control, and said this:

“Some folks in Washington are already floating the idea that they may use political stunts to prevent votes on any of these reforms,”

Nobody Knows why Obama and his many minions do NOT see that dragging these poor people all over the country is a political stunt..but they have mastered the, “These are not the droids you seek” Ob-bi-wan mind control. Republicans…have not. It’s that simple.Obama and Sandy hook


And then there’s a problem with the new technology: Texting. I don’t do it. I think the human voice is much faster. But then, that’s me. You can’t drink and drive, but nobody seems to have a problem with taking your eyes off the road and punching tiny little buttons. But this guy…went further:

Texting by a pilot before and during a 2011 medical-helicopter flight in Missouri contributed to its crash. The NTSB documented at least 240 texts sent and received by the pilot during his shift the day of the accident, according to records. There were 20 such texts with a coworker before and during the accident.

Because this guy couldn’t stop fighting with his girlfriend (come on, you KNOW he was talking to a woman) he killed the patient, the other pilot, a flight nurse, and a paramedic. His excuse for not refueling the plane was that he hadn’t slept well the night before.Plane texting

Nobody Knows how somebody could be smart enough to get a pilot’s license, but do such a dumb thing as not filling up the plane with gas because he was too busy texting.


Tomorrow  Kim Jung Un will launch a missile and Nobody Kim Jung pointingKnows where it’s going to land.  But just in case Obama’s on the golf course, I hope we all have clean underwear on.

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Nobody Knows: Gay Marriage, EU Robbery, Obama’s Vacatons, North Korea

Nobody Knowsgay marriage

Gay Marriage:—If the Supreme Court will make same-sex marriage a constitutional right, which would go against the Constitution. Since the beginning, it’s been up to the states to determine such matters, not the Federal Government. And, since the people of California voted on Proposition 8, it should not be overturned.

At another point Chief Justice John Roberts asked Olson whether those seeking to strike down Proposition 8 were interested only in the label “marriage,” since the state of California already grants same-sex couples almost all the legal protections and rights provided to heterosexual married couples.

What the elites want is to force churches to marry gay couples. And since the top GOP minions like Karl Rove, are now supporting it, don’t be shocked if gay marriage becomes the law of the land. But, Nobody Really Knows what’s going to happen. It’s not that gays shouldn’t marry, it that the issues should be up to the voters in the states.

The Great EU Bank Robbery: Wow…the EU thought taking money from people’s bank accounts was so easy, they decided it’s a faster and better way to steal money. Why tax when you can just reach in the cookie jar and take it all? Cyrus just wasn’t enough. Eu bank robbery

Savings accounts in Spain, Italy and other European countries will be raided if needed to preserve Europe’s single currency by propping up failing banks, a senior euro zone official has announced.

So…where ARE the rich, or the little guy for that matter… going to go to hide their money from the elites? Nobody Knows.

Obama Vacations:  In the first three months of the year, members of the first family have been on three vacations, averaging a vacation a month. And now it’s being reported that the first daughters are on a spring break vacation in the Bahamas.Obama vacation vacation








Gee…MOST parents would never dream of sending their kids off to a hotspot vacation without mom or dad along. But it seems, the taxpayers are the nannies on this one. The above statement is false: Obama had a vacation in Israel and Jordan where he took days off to see the sights, his life is one continual vacation day after another, with a few speeches in-between. Nobody Knows where they are going next: Disneyland?

North Korea: Nobody KnowsIf the reason Obama is sending all those thousands of tanks to California is because North Korea is threatening to nuke us every single day.

North Korea has elevated its artillery and strategic missile forces to “combat-ready posture” and said it is prepared to strike targets in South Korea, Japan, Guam, Hawaii and the continental US.

Nobody Remembers the famous speech where President George W. Bush pointed out our three enemies: Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, before everyone told him that was a mean thing to say.North Korea

In the newly released movie Olympus, ( I just saw it today) North Korea takes over the White House and captures the President with such stealth and expertise, it made our military look lame….and just ONE man saves everybody. Something that would not happen in real life.

I kept thinking that the North Koreans would LOVE this movie, since they can’t even make a decent video as good as a ten-year-old American.  Leave it to American Movie producers to make them look good.

I don’t remember any President of the United States ever putting up with such a punk as Kim Jung Um, but then, that was before half our big companies were making most of their money in China.

Does that mean we will have to listen to this punk forever?

Nobody Knows, but with Obama as President, anything could happen.Kris no 17

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Nobody Flashes: The History of North Korea and the Democrats

Nobody Flashes

North Korea just released this video in where they dream of nuking New York. In the background is the music of Michael Jackson– “We Are the World.”  Nobody asks herself —is the reason they want to nuke New York is because Steven Spielberg lives in California? Why hit the same place twice? Isn’t Micheal Bloomberg doing enough damage as it is?

And oh my goodness…’President’ Obama today…all of a sudden, seems a bit worried about the “sequester” coming up in March, which will decimate our military down to the point that even people with the video capabilities of a six-year-old can fire some missiles at us, and have a decent chance of succeeding.

You know, it’s got to be tough. Here’s a President that is trying to bring troops home from around the world, in order to put them to work as his own private HomeLand Security army, and some little dweeb over in North Korea is making him look silly.kris 11

And you might say: Come on Joyanna…how can a country that can’t even make a simple video actually launch a missile to hit New York? (And once again…why is it always New York?)

Well…once upon a time…Bill Clinton sent over his favorite plutonium giver Sandy Berger, and Sandy supplied North Korea with enough uranium to make their own bombs, which they did.  Of course, Clinton  said later that, “They lied, they told me they needed it for peaceful means.” Google in NK two Google in NK three

And just recently, Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, went over to North Korea with Sandy Berger, and…you have to wonder what else was given to them? Have you noticed that Bill Clinton and Sandy Berger are the only two politicians that love to visit North Korea? Have you also noticed that every time a democrat comes back from visits to countries that don’t like us, they want to kill us even more? Google in NK

Democrats. Arming the world…with the help of Michael Jackson. In the meantime, who are all the democrats screaming about as the ones that have to be destroyed forever more?

The Tea Party.

And that’s because the Tea Party KNOWS where the real enemy lies, and it’s not in New York.

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Nobody’s Imaginary Vacation!

Nobody Flashes

Since my last vacation happened BEFORE Disney died, I like to sit around and think of what kind of vacation I would think up for rich people and their friends…you know, the “Let me help you get a life” vacation? I could be a damn good travel agent for the average billionaire who is tired of going to the South Of France..

Here’s one that I think they would enjoy:

First: The owner of this vacation would pick 1,000 of his favorite people, and pile them on Air Force One outside of Dulles. All that would be needed is a simple $3 billion dollar campaign fund donated to Obama’s re-election money bags, and you would have the finest jet in the world take you and your friends to the thrilling land of S. Korea.

Come on…when was the last time you were in South Korea? The only catch is, “President” Obama might want to come along for the ride since he’ll go anywhere for a party.

Second: You will arrive in Panmunjom, the demilitarized Zone between North and South Koreas….Meeting you at the airstrip will be 250 brand new Mercedes Benz Mini-Vans to take you and your guests to the place where you are going to be spending the night.

Your vans will pull up to the Tentanic..yes, a tent that can hold 1,000 people. There you will spend the night being poured the finest champange, while Celine Dion performs her best hit from the Titanic movie: “I’ll be loving you…in all the old familiar places..back of cars where you embrace me….long agoooooo.”

Wait. No…well, she’s only going to be there singing the one hit from the Titianic, and you will be allowed to smash glasses and throw whatever happens to be on the floor. And don’t worry—Whatever happens in that tent: STAYS in that tent.

Third: The next day– a real treat! Golf. In pairs of four, everyone will get to play the most dangerous golf course in the world, which sits in the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea. There is only one hole to play: a par three..192 yards, but the rough is filled with land mines! Think of the fun bets you could win by challenging the other team to go in and get his ball!

Forth: Be sure and ask the “President to play. Donate another $ 5 billion to his campaign.

Fifth:After that fun game of golf, everyone will get back in their Mini-vans and head off to the nearest Ocean. There you will all be given your very own submarine to explore the sea in. Those that do NOT want to participate in this event, have get to sit on the beach and smoke Lamborghini cigarettes, if they like. (One pack: $2,700)

At the end of the day, when all the subs are discarded, everyone will get back in the Mini-vans to get back on Air Force One. Be sure and tell the pilot that the President in on board. If he isn’t, don’t worry. You gave him enough money to get a ride back to the states. Let him buy his own damn plane.

Hey…did you have fun! Nobody thanks you for traveling on Nobody’s Imaginary Vacations! (Thanks to LuxuryLaunches for all the inspiration!)

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