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Forget Gun Control: Where’s Congress When It Comes to an EMP Attack?

Nobody Knows

If you thought that the government failed us on all fronts when it came to the Florida Parkland shooting, and 9/11, that is NOTHING compared to how they are failing us on this one.

Failing to shore up our electrical grid from a North Korea attack with an EMP is the most egregious thing our government is doing now.

And yet, nobody is talking about it.

This one we can’t blame on the FBI or Homeland Security. THIS one is going to be blamed on Congress.

With one little nuke, the whole of the United States would be brought to its knees. And whose to say that we don’t need steel to fix our electric grid?

To the common man, Kim Jung Unofatboy, the almighty dog of war, is just China’s pit bull on a chain. China is supplying him with all his oil, his military supplies…still. And no thanks to President Bill Clinton who GAVE North Korea the Plutonian, and helped China get their missiles up to speed, so that they could destroy us too.

What a better way to attack a country, then get another country to do it for you? In fact, it’s something Bill and Hillary do every day…they always keep two or three buffers between them and their crimes.

I won’t go so far as saying the Bill and Hillary would have a hand in the destruction of their own country, but without our technology neither China nor North Korea, nor Russia for that matter would be in the position to destroy us in the first place.

China would love North Korea and South Korea to ‘merge’ again. Kim Jung has said that he could have talks and promise NOT to attack South Korea. But, notice…he didn’t say he wouldn’t attack us.

South Korea is the gem both China and North Korea want. And frankly, the way the South Korean President cuddled up to Kim’s sister at the Olympics was a big slap in the face to the BILLIONs we have spent protecting that country from the communists.

So, next time you hear everybody in Congress complaining about “trade” remember: They all know we need to spend the pittance to fix the grid and they all have….ignored our most vulnerable threat.

Nobody sometimes wonders if all the movies we have been having to watch about the United States being destroyed back to the stone ages, with stories of how a few brave survive, was just to get us all ready.

Ready for the final destruction.

And the rich are only a plane ride away from have their mansions in New Zealand.

Think they’ll let us in?


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Record All Your Sex on IPHONE? GREAT Idea!

Nobody Flashes

You knew this day was coming: Apple now has an app so that you can record ALL your sexual activity…you can then send it to your best buddy and start comparing..but Nobody would like to remind you…that this could also be used against you, and not just because you wife might happen upon it…

Think of the lawsuits people. Wow! So and so will be able to prove they had unprotected sex, or got that venereal disease, or now show the girlfriend/wife that you are not just making things up.Iphone sex

Apple’s iPhone will now let people track exactly how often, when and how they have sex.

As part of new “reproductive health” tracking features, Apple has added an option for “Sexual Activity”. When users click on it, they can enter information on whether protection was used as well as the date and time.

Ha ha ha ha! Reproductive health. Just THINK what they could do with Bill Clinton’s app.

On another fine note: Did you know that BOTH Russia and China have protected their electrical grids from an EMP attack?

We….have not. If we get hit, China and Russia will be laughing and drinking their last bottles of California Wine.

Last time Congress voted on getting our protected, it went down to one vote…and didn’t pass.

A few frustrated men are trying to get this done, but they fear time is running out.

So what you say?

One EMP attack could kill more than half of the people in the United States. We would have no electric for years…unless of course, the few states that have already protected themselves let us all come live there.

What good would the Apple Sex App be then?

AND…you wonder….Will the NSA be able to get your sexual activity records?

Does the wolf still howl at the unprotected full moon?EMP attack one

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Nobody Reports About America’s BIGGEST Threat

Nobody Reports

While our Congress is busy condemning America ONCE again for not treating our enemies with vacations in Las Vegas, and acting like they are going to punish a man who exposed Obama and the whole democratic party for LYING and scamming the American people…(Of course they’re not, it’s all for show.) —

They SHOULD be paying attention to this, and making it their number one problem to solve. Instead, they make Hollywood make Zombie movies so we will all know how to survive should something happen.

THEY and their families will all have cushy bunkers, with plenty of electricity, food, and water.

Go ahead: If the President can cuss out the press core, we can certainly join in and cuss them all out: (The lot of them.)

Join with me and say it with gusto—: BASTARDS!

Hey, made me feel better for all of two seconds.



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Do the Chinese CARE More About Our Electrical Grid Than Obama?

Nobody Cares

Every year, we give billions of dollars to other countries…billions. And yet, many of these countries DREAM of hitting the United States with an EMP. North Korea has the capability of hitting us with one. Most experts agree, getting our electrical back up would take at least 5 years…no food, no gas, no medicine, no phones, no Facebook, sewer backup, and then there would be the ‘mobs’ which would be stealing food.

It would only cost a mere 2 billion dollars to protect our electrical grids against this kind of attack, (or a direct hit from a solar flare) and YET…our Congress and our Presidents have not deemed it important…but they did think it was important to do a drill, which of course, didn’t mean a thing, because guess what?

All 3500 generators in the United States electrical grid are manufactured overseas. (How much you want to bet they are made in China?)

Is THAT why China was here with troops helping us? Both China AND Russia are getting their grids ready for such an attack. I guess we had to have them come over and ‘help’ us get ready, because Obama is clueless. Maybe he should ask them to get Obamacare website up and running.

It’s pretty obvious, that Nobody Cares in any branch of our government if our country gets attacked with an EMP. Somebody should find out what country all our x-Presidents and Senators have their “safe’ house in. The Bushes have a great big ranch in South America. Really…that could tell us a lot.

Maybe that’s why Hollywood is making so many movies about the future wastelands of America, and how we will all go back to planting gardens, and shooting bows and arrows.

Have you seen the new TV program  “Revolution?” “Hunger Games” …….speaking of that…I’m hungry.

Enough….I’ll worry about the world blowing up after lunch. 🙂 In fact…maybe I should eat a little bit more, just in case…we are attacked in the middle of my jello desert.

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The Mt. Vesuvius Government Coverup

Nobody Remembers

Have you noticed? Global warming has sort of gone away. What happened to Al Gore? Funny isn’t it? We had the worst summer in recent weather history this year: Drop dead temperatures,  and fire, after fire, after fire, and they didn’t get much notice. They did talk about the price of corn.

Nobody even suggested that this drought was caused by global warming. Don’t you find that–weird?

They must have done some polls, and since it’s an election year, decided to shut up about it.  

Last night I was listening to Coast to Coast, which I do every night, because I fall asleep to it, and they had an MIT guy on named, Mat Stein.  This guy was worried. He got me worried. Just a few days ago the sun let out some huge solar flares, and we were lucky..They were on the surface of the sun that doesn’t face us..and according to Mat, we are overdue for a big event. After all, he says the US has been hit with two big ones in their history, but the only thing that happened was the telegraph wires were fried.

That was back in 1859. Before the Civil War. BA…Before Apple.

But now, if we had one hit us, like the new Cable program just released, “Revolution” (It shows the US shutting down after a EMP strike) it would wipe out everything, and everyone would be without pretty much everything for at least 3 years.

And that’s not the worst of it. We have 104 nuclear reactors here in the States, and they can only go 3 weeks without backup before exploding. The backup runs on electricity. So you may be stocked up with food and water, but what good will it do you if you are 50 miles from one?

And here’s the kicker. Mat says they HAVE the technology to protect our electrical gird… would cost around a billion dollars to protect them all….the generators and the nuclear plants.  He couldn’t understand why this wasn’t right up on top of National Security urgency. Because after all…Bernanke and the stimulus have been what…now…800 billion and counting?

Instead of sending billions to the Middle East, filled with men who want us dead, maybe now would be a good time to spend that money right here and protect us all from the horrors of an EMP. After all, Putin’s submarines are scouting around our waters…all it takes is one big one shot from a sub.

Mat wanted everyone to call their Senators to make this a high priority, because…he thinks they don’t know. I thought it funny he should say this, because  I guess he missed that big CNN 2- hour special put on by Homeland Security—where they “war gamed” the whole EMP attack by sun or foreign attack scenario for the American people. Oh yes, all the big wigs were there.

Yes, they know. And they played that war game out on TV to cover their own butts should something happen, because it was all about:” We can’t do a thing!” We are helpless! We the government will just have to watch people die!” ” We might never know who attacked us so we can’t retaliate!”

We are as safe from EMP as the citizens of Pompeii, were from being smothered by Mt. Vesuvius.

Except that happened in A.D. 79.

This is 2012.

When a President can’t even protect a simple ambassador, what make you think he can protect any of us? What makes you think that THIS President even cares if we get hit? He will just become President forever and go into his ginormous bunker with all this friends, and Beyoncé. And while the world is screaming “Death to America!” don’t you think that maybe, just maybe, they should get to work on this?

And what bothers me more than anything is ALL the movies that have been coming out about the world ending, as if they are trying to socially engineer us all to expect it.

And now you know why I didn’t post yesterday.




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