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Let’s Compare Size

Nobody Flashes

You don’t have to be a kid out of school with nothing to do to enjoy this.

But it does make me wonder what size a virus is in this video.

AND do they exist all throughout the universe too?

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Is it God? Neil and Michio

Nobody Flashes that Nobody Knows

I like to listen to these two try to explain GOD. Tyson is not the intellect of Michio, but he loves to hear himself think out loud, and yes, he really messed up the Pluto question, and is an Obama follower, so right there, you HAVE to question his logic on most anything.

Yes, yes, discuss God, but I think the big mistake they all make is thinking God is “Human.”

Ha ha ha ha…Okay. If he is, that would explain a lot of those hurricanes, or even Nadler.

God…just is. We all feel it. Like you feel the end of your toe.

To me, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that science can fit perfectly with God.

And why the great intellects can’t get it, is because it’s just too simple. (Not to mention they love to pontificate.)

Anyway, it’s Sunday. Enjoy!

(P.S. I love the way Michio makes everybody know he thought up String Theory. It’s smart to make sure everybody know your successes, right Mr. President?)

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Does it Really Matter?

Nobody Flashes

This was so much fun, I just had to post it.

Scientists spent billions of dollars to find out that we all shouldn’t be here because we should have been destroyed by the Big Bang.

Most people think the Big Bang was just a Big Fake Science Project in the minds of scientists wanting more grant money, and now, they’ve just got even more confused…they can’t find any anti-matter.

(Even though Tom Hanks had NO problem whatsoever finding it.)

Whatever you think, what is REALLY funny is the comments below this video. Go watch it on YouTube and read.

I did find one thing: real comedians are hiding in the anti-matter of YouTube’s video’s.

One guy said, “You want to see reality? Don’t show up for work for three days.”


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Nobody’s Fool: Taylor Wilson

Nobody’s Fool or….Nobody Gets Email:

He was just a kid when he started, but not since Edison and Tesla has a young man come about with such great potential.

Taylor Wilson: Remember that name. I’d never heard of him before I got this email:

Taylor Wilson garnered international attention from the science world in 2008 when he became the youngest person in history to produce nuclear fusion at just 14 years old, building a reactor capable of smashing atoms in a plasma core at over 500 million degrees Fahrenheit – 40 times hotter than the core of the sun – in his parents’ garage. And this all happened after he built a bomb at the age of 10. As a child in Texarkana, Arkansas, Taylor became infatuated with nuclear science after trysts with biology, genetics and chemistry. At age 11, while his classmates were playing with Easy-Bake Ovens, Wilson was taking his crack at building a particle accelerator in an effort to makes homemade radioisotopes.

And he did it all by himself. He skipped college, thank GOD that he did, because they would have only damaged him and wasted his time.

He’s 23 now, and let’s hope they let him soar….so…read the rest of his fascinating story here.

And Yes! Congratulations Taylor Wilson! You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for giving this nobody hopes for the next generation after us.

Move over all you tech guru’s: Taylor will be schooling YOU soon enough.

(Thanks to ‘g’ man.)

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Three Stooges of Liberal Logic

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This is just TOO funny. Listen to three liberal women discussing the recent finding that if the frontal lobes of the brain are damaged, then more than likely you will NOT believe in God, and will love immigrants.

If your frontal lobes are developed, you are more likely to be religious, and will not exactly appreciate immigrants taking over your country.

To hear them trying to figure out how to twist the meaning of this study to make themselves feel better is, to this nobody, hilarious.


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Gerald Schroeder Explains God

Nobody Flashes

I myself am getting a big kick out of all the video’s on YouTube that give regular scientists, and other people a stab at explaining “God.” I hope you are curious, too, like me.

So, here is Gerald Schroeder, a scientist that I’m not familiar with, but he gives a very fun explanation of why the Bible’s version of “God” is scientifically proven.

Richard Feynman would love this guy. Surrounding the Big Bang is…nothing.

And that nothing is…the creator…says Gerald Schroeder. Okay, why not?

Anyway, it’s Sunday. And I say, if God made Gerald Schroeder, we should all ask for more of his fine work.


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Machio Kaku: The Mind of God

Nobody Flashes

GOD according to Michio KaKu!


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It’s Going to be a GREAT Day!

Nobody Flashes

Seriously? Think I am writing when a once in a lifetime solar eclipse is going to be happening RIGHT over my little neighborhood?

Hopefully, you get to see it too!

See you tomorrow! And watch out, for the DRUNKS on the road.

I imagine there is going to be a lot of celebrating being done in America today…just because we still can.


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Nobody Will Get To See TWO Solar Eclipses!

Nobody Flashes

I’m pretty excited about this…this year’s solar eclipse is going RIGHT by my house. And THEN, in just 7 more years, ANOTHER one will be going right by my house.

How lucky can you get?

So, IF you read that I have committed suicide within the next 7 years, –be rest assured and say to yourself, “She was MURDERED, by the deep state, because Joyanna would never have missed that second eclipse.

You witness to that true statement.

I’m a big kid when it comes to these things. How about you?

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Global Warming is Real, Men and Women’s Brains are Equal, and Elvis is Alive

Nobody’s Wins

Who would have thought, that in our lifetime—- that a whole race of intellectual idiots, would try desperately to change, what historically has been know since Lucy walked on the African plains, the fact that that men and women are really VERY different. Not so much say the intellectuals. brains one

It’s almost as if we all woke up one morning and the Washington Post declared that the earth did not rotate around the sun, sleep is not good for you, Marilyn Monroe was not sexy, and if you plant a tomato in winter, it will grow by spring.

It’s bad enough that they want to brainwash our babies from birth to be little state moronic progressive slaves—- now in their quest for humanity to all be “equal”— they want us all to forget our genders. (Don’t look down.)

Not only are the elites of the world trying to socially engineer us all to believe that Angelina Jolie really can take out over 100 men with leg kicks, kissing the same sex is fun, and every religion has the same equal value, they are now trying to convince us that men and women’s brains are actually, not much different! Some dweebs that no doubt are also working for Al Gore, have published the news that they did some brain scans and found out the amazing news.

From Drudge:

This means that, averaged across many people, sex differences in brain structure do exist, but an individual brain is likely to be just that: individual, with a mix of features. “There are not two types of brain,” says Joel.

If a neuroscientist was given someone’s brain without their body or any additional information, they would still probably be able to guess if it had belonged to a man or a woman. Men’s brains are larger, for example, and are likely to have a larger number of “male” features overall. But the new findings suggest that it is impossible to predict what mix of brain features a person is likely to have based on their sex alone.

Joel envisions a future in which individuals are not so routinely classified based on gender alone. “We separate girls and boys, men and women all the time,” she says. “It’s wrong, not just politically, but scientifically – everyone is different.”brains three

What a bunch of crock. Scientifically? Really? I want to see Hillary beat up Obama, don’t you? Okay. Bad example. How about Chris Christie?

Calling doctor Carson…Calling doctor Carson….Calling Dr. Carson…

He’s not here: So, let’s go look at the differences of the male/female brain from another source: From the book: What Could He Be Thinking? How a Man’s Mind Really Works by Michael Gurian (p.11)

Differences in spatial: The male brain has developed over millions of years toward a bioenvironmental trend of hunting and building. His brain, due to the surge of testosterone in the womb and again at puberty, are partly responsible for the male’s increased reliance on spatial and mechanical strategies in the brain. These surges had a special effect on spatial functions in the right hemisphere of the male brain.

Differences in verbal’s: Because the male brain is devoting more cortical areas to spatial, it tends to devout  less cortical areas to word use and word production than the female. This is why a man will tend to spend his free time tossing a football or playing a video game, whereas a woman might chat on the phone or curl up with a book.

Connecting the right and left hemispheres of our brains is a small bundle of nerves called the corpus callosum. This set of nerves allows cross talk between the two hemispheres. In men, the corps callosum is, on average, about 25 percent smaller than in women.  The male brain does its language in the left hemisphere, while women use six or seven cortical areas of language in both hemispheres.

Differences in brain chemicals: Men has less serotonin than woman. As a result, men tend to act impulsively to a greater degree than women. Men have less oxytocin than women., the ‘tend and befriend’ instinct.

Different bonding strategies: Men bond without talking, doing action, like playing basketball. Women bond by talking.brains two

Action first, talk second: Lower levels of serotonin and oxytocin contribute to the male brain’s biological tendency to choose action first and talk second. The male brain also does not hear as well. The male brain respond more quickly to more obvious visual signals in action. (JAMES BOND)

Hormones; Men have up to twenty times more testosterone than women. Testosterone affects the formation of the male brain, the size of the corpus callosum, the spatial activity in the right hemisphere and hundreds of other qualities.

The amygdala is larger in men than women, leading to increased aggression.

The hippocampus, the memory center,  is larger in woman than in men, there are more neural pathways from it to emotive centers in woman than in men.

And my personal favorite: Women’s brains don’t rest. (zone out, take a break) the way men’s brains do. There is 15 percent more blood flow into he female brain than in the male, with more brain centers lit up in the female brain at a given moment than in the male.

In other word…when you ask a man what he is thinking about, and he says…”Nothing”…It’s true. And that’s why I think whoever did this stupid study, was probably a bunch of men, who were really zoned out in front of their XRAY scanning machines and the football game came on.

Sure, there are cross brains: Women who are great at math, men who LOVE to talk and are really good at it, but the majority of us are just born what we are…female and male.

And to try to act like there ARE no differences in the species is about as ignorant as saying there really is no moon in the sky.Eagle eyes

The only way you are going to get the ‘gender’ equality that they want, is if you pump male hormones into a female fetus, and vice versus….but you still won’t have a true male or female.

Only years of evolution will change that…and so far…if the elites think that they can change millions of years of evolution, then next time they say men and women are really equal, you might ask them HOW that evolved again? At what moment did the man stay in the cave and sleep while the woman went out and hunted the saber tooth tiger?

And they claim WE are not scientific.

The people that are running the world are REALLY screwed up.

Now, excuse me while I got back to reading my book.


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SOMEBODY Owes Pluto an Apology.

Nobody Flashes

Well, now that we can all rejoice that the United States pulled SOME kind of space success off, (Actually, America has done really fantastic stuff)

I would like to know when the dweeb who INSISTED a few years ago that Pluto was NOT a planet, it was just a worthless piece of rock, and therefore should be taken off all school maps for little kids…. Obama vote

When are THOSE guys, going to apologize?

Pluto, it seems, is and always has been…a planet.

Notice, how nobody is mentioning the “Opps, sorry we said it wasn’t a planet, we were wrong.”

In fact, if I remember right. there were quite a few people who wondered why they had to take Pluto off the planet list at all?

So, when we go into an ice age, will all the scientists who keep insisting that the Earth is warming, all of a sudden…stay silent and come out and say,

“OH! The Earth is cold! That’s because humans have eaten too many cows!”

Okay…it’s a good day. It’s an exciting day considering how long it took to get to Pluto. At least SOMEBODY is still exploring.

I’m certainly glad we now have proof. Pluto..IS a planet. Think we can send some dweeby scientists there?


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And HOW Did Al Gore Miss This?

Nobody Gets Email

How about this? Is this not incredible or what? Make your trash into oil to run your MAD MAX machine. Never have to worry about the coming apocalypse! I want one.

And WHY is it not being done by our trash collectors? How come I haven’t seen Brad Pitt promoting this? What a great place to put all those plastic bags.

Imagine how much money the oil companies would lose if people starting buying these….which is why this great invention will probably never reach the masses.

But..great idea.

(Thanks to JR)


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The Biggest Fear for Humanity is NOW A.I. Who Knew?

A. I.Nobody Wonders…

Prince Charles has another problem on his hand: A vast number of elite and VERY rich people are claiming that the real danger of the world will not be global warming…it will be…


Artificial intelligence has the potential to make lives easier by understanding human desires or driving people’s cars, but if it were uncontrolled, the technology could pose a serious threat to society. Now, Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and dozens of other top scientists and technology leaders have signed a letter warning of the potential dangers of developing artificial intelligence (AI).

Nobody…let’s get this straight: Robots could pose a worse threat to humanity than the usual earth destroyers….politicians? Or…are they afraid that the governments will make Bill Gates develop an A.I that could literally wipe out whole cities and populations?

Hasn’t that been the subjects of movies made in the last twenty years?A. Il three

Last October, told an audience at MIT that AI is humanity’s “biggest existential threat.” Earlier in 2014, Musk, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and actor Ashton Kutcher jointly invested $40 million in Vicarious PFC, an AI company that is working to create an artificial brain. The co-founders of Vicarious, Dileep George and Scott Phoenix, were also among those who signed the open letter.

Okay. So they all signed this letter saying that it’s the biggest threat to humanity, and then grabbed their checkbooks and put millions into developing the very thing they fear the most?

What’s going on?

Others who signed the letter include Peter Norvig, director of research at Google; Martin Rees, professor emeritus of cosmology and astrophysics at the University of Cambridge; Vernor Vinge, professor emeritus of computer science at San Diego State University; Frank Wilczek, Nobel laureate and physics professor at MIT; and many others

Nobody Wonders: What have all these guys been hiding, that they are not telling us about? The nobodies out in nobody land, living paycheck to paycheck, would just unplug the machine. In the real world, we don’t see any danger at all….except the teenager who feels having to drive his car is interfering with the more important job of texting.

If anything, all this technology is just dumbing us all down. Chinese students are not even learning how to read Chinese anymore they text so much.A. Il Two

And I quote from a most famous source that I’m sure ALL of them have read:

But with the development of industry the proletariat not only increases in number: it becomes concentrated in greater masses it strength grows, and it feels that strength more. The various interests and conditions of life within the ranks of the proletariat are more and more equalized, in proportion as machinery obliterates all distinctions of labor, and nearly everywhere reduces wages to the same low level The growing competition among the bourgeois, and the resulting commercial crises, make the wages of the workers ever more fluctuating. Te unceasing improvement of machinery, ever more rapidly developing, makes their livelihood more and more precarious.—Communist Manifesto

To the lower proletariat, machines pose no more a threat than Al Gore’s prediction that earth was going to die in a few years. We are more worried about how to survive the tyranny of men.

To a nobody, the biggest threat to humanity, is, and always has been…men in power.

If you really believe A.I. is the most dangerous threat to humanity, then don’t build it.

Pretty simple. But, Nobody Wonders what the real reason is behind all this fear..

I bet…it’s all about money and power.

It always is.


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What if NASA was like the National Weather Service?

Nobody Flashes

Yesterday, the National Weather Service shut down all of the Eastern Seaboard. Trains, planes, roads,…millions were told to stock up on food, and stay home and prepare for the worse storm of the century. New York snow

So they did.

Today, they admitted, that “Hey, so what if it only snowed 4 inches! We kept you all safe!”

Meanwhile, millions of people living paycheck to paycheck will be missing a few days pay next month because of the National Weather Services big mistake. Scientists didn’t bother to look out their back door.


What if NASA made such a big mistake?

What if NASA said, “Hey, there’s n heading towards earth the size of a mountain but don’t worry, it will miss us.” ?

And what if, NASA got that prediction right?

Which they did:

The space rock, code-named 2004 BL86, is expected to reach a point about 745,000 miles from our planet, or three times the distance to the Moon. Latest estimates suggest that AN10, which is 0.6 miles across, could approach as close as 19,000 miles.

But…what IF, like the National Weather Service, NASA got it ……….

Wrong? Asteroid

I’m just saying.

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