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Machio Kaku: The Mind of God

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GOD according to Michio KaKu!


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  1. Concluding that letter, he wrote, “The Indians, after consulting on the proposals, replied that it was remembered that some of their youths had formerly been educated at that college, but that it had been observed that for a long time after they returned to their friends, they were absolutely good for nothing – being acquainted with neither the true methods of killing deer, catching beavers, or surprising an enemy. The proposition they looked on, however, as a mark of kindness and goodwill of the English to the Indian nations, which merited a grateful return; and, therefore, if the English gentlemen would send a dozen or two of their children to Onondago, the Great Council would take care of their education, bring them up in what was really the best manner, and make men of them”.

    The very rich, nowadays, idle their time away hunting and fishing, leaving the kill to rot on the ground.


    Comment by Don Quinn | September 29, 2017 | Reply

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