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Attention, Rich Sports Stars: You CAN be Replaced with XBOX

Nobody’s Opinion

Once upon a time, in a long-ago America, football was just a game. It was a game meant to give adolescent young men an outlet to compete: learn how to become a team player, and blow off that high testosterone steam.  These teams were led by the high school coach, usually a man’s man, who took those young boys and taught them how to play with honor, and more than once, sometimes how to grow up and become a man. They taught them how to win gracefully, compete with all their hearts and minds, and to lose with dignity still intact.

A game where small towns all over America could gather together on a Friday or Saturday night, and watch the high school game. Those young men, went on into the American business world, and used the skills and confidence learned on high school football field and to build this great country.

Many of them served in our military.

So…fast forward to 2017…..SSSsssssCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH!

What the f$*$&% happened?

An America President is upset because football players are disrespecting our flag, and the whole vast sports world goes out of their friggin minds?


The average citizen, just wants the good old days. Remember those? They played the game…they stood at the National Anthem. To stand for the flag showed respect for all the men who gave their lives overseas in bloody conflicts, leaving wives at home with kids to raise without them.

And now, I’m reading on the pages of the internet quotes from billionaire club owners saying that they stand behind these very rich football players who want us to watch them and say…get this…SAY…

Those football players are brave?

Kiss my American ass.

Let those rich, and very spoiled millionaires serve a few years in the heat of an Iraq desert. Or on the border of North Korea. Brave? BRAVE? How much does a ticket cost nowadays? Brave is when you work all week long and go without lunch so that you can take you kid to a baseball game.

How much do they get paid to ….play a game?

How many years have we been reading about the drugs, the sex parties, the drunken brawls that these football players have gotten away with. Oh sure, they show up at a few events, but everything they do is to promote themselves, so that people will buy their jerseys, and sports crap, and they can add another Mercedes Benz to their 10-car collection. And God bless the America who gave them that opportunity, I say. And if they DON’T see it that way, then they are just rich jerks.

What’s REALLY happening here is Hillary.

What? You might say? Hillary? Why?

Yes, it’s all about how much the democrats lost the black vote in the last election. It’s the black players that started this “I’m protesting because cops treat the blacks bad.”


This is Obama…Soros, Hillary, and now that the big NFL is being hurt in the pocket book, they have to attack Trump.

How DARE he be a Patriot!

It’s just another way to get rid of Trump.

This is all about the money and the democrats.

Americans have stopped watching football because of these ridiculous protests, and even going to the games. And the big NFL coaches, players and owners are freaking out.

It’s all about the money.

What if they gave a game and nobody came? (It’s happening)

So, I’m with President Trump. Boycott them?

Why not? Is your life so boring you can’t boycott football for one year of your life?

Those black men who started all this crap should be kissing the flag that they play under. And putting “god” in it, is just a scam.

This is just a new twist on the old “America is a bad country” mantra that Obama and the liberals have to keep singing. You know, we don’t mind if they want to protest, but good god, do it some other time than during the game…show some class. Wait. Is there anyone out there left in sports who has it?


There must be. So, find them, and support them. Or turn the TV off and go play XBOX with your kid.

Let the whimpering wussies suffer. One less Aston Martin in the driveway….isn’t going to kill them.

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