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Irma…and They Keep Coming

Nobody Wonders….

According to this video, man really IS wreaking the planet…

But it’s not due to little nobodies driving their cars.

While we watch three hurricanes now, rushing towards Florida, you might find this very interesting.

You either believe that the elites can affect the weather, or you think it’s all a conspiracy.

You know what I think, of course.


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Nobody’s Perfect: Obama’s 22 Amnesty Lies

Nobody’s Perfect

I love the guy who put this together…the way the liberals are screaming after Jeff Sessions came out and blocked Obama’s executive order as “cruel” and “horrible” should have to answer to THIS video.

This video should be passed around because you can be pretty sure that you are not going to see it on your local cable channel.

So, Obama knew he had no power to do what he did, and he did it anyway.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the American people could sign a petition to at least get this man’s life pension taking away for lying so blatantly and consistently, and for breaking the law that he CLEARLY knew because he kept repeating it?

Yes, Obama acted like a King, and if anyone was cruel it was Obama.

Watch, and be amazed.

(And by the way, Cher has opened her house to all illegals! It’s tempting to put on a wig, learn a few words of Spanish and go use her pool, isn’t it?)


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