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Remembering the Important

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Due to the upcoming ‘war’ to KEEP America great, I always like to put things in perspective;

And that’s why I have lots of these kinds of pictures throughout my house.



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A Very Great Sunday Message from Jon Voight

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A great patriot, a great message, a man of God.

The truth, suffers no fools.

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God VS Darwin: Who Wins in the DNA department?

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a FUN Sunday school lesson….


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Gerald Schroeder Explains God

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I myself am getting a big kick out of all the video’s on YouTube that give regular scientists, and other people a stab at explaining “God.” I hope you are curious, too, like me.

So, here is Gerald Schroeder, a scientist that I’m not familiar with, but he gives a very fun explanation of why the Bible’s version of “God” is scientifically proven.

Richard Feynman would love this guy. Surrounding the Big Bang is…nothing.

And that nothing is…the creator…says Gerald Schroeder. Okay, why not?

Anyway, it’s Sunday. And I say, if God made Gerald Schroeder, we should all ask for more of his fine work.


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