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Jon Voight: It’s Not Over

Nobody Flashes: The light shines bright in this man.

Jon Voight gives us all a good thought for this Sunday. Millions turned out to give hope to our President yesterday, and stood tall against the haters. Tomorrow, there will be more.

Everybody knows the election was stolen. Remember, Biden even admitted it. And let us not lose hope.

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A Very Great Sunday Message from Jon Voight

Nobody Flashes

A great patriot, a great message, a man of God.

The truth, suffers no fools.

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Nobody Flashes Jon Voight

Nobody Flashes

There’s at least ONE smart man in Hollywood.

God Bless him.

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Nobody’s Fool: Jon Voight

Nobody’s Fool

Don’t miss this very great and passionate patriotic American Actor share his thoughts with us all.

I just love this man.

What a mind. What a heart. And what courage.

Yes, there IS great hope….thank you Mark Levin for getting him on your show.

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God Bless Jon Voight

Nobody Flashes

God Bless Jon Voight.


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