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EMP…Coming Soon?

Nobody’s Opinion

The experts have been warning about this for YEARS. YEARS! Not only Missouri, but the whole country is vulnerable to an EMP attack, or a sun event. With senile Biden in the White House, and his puppet master Obama working for our enemies, what a better way to keep Trump out of power, and finally take down the country, and by way, get a lot of ‘useless eaters’ to die. Obama hasn’t given up the Presidency and he doesn’t plan to.

Of all the scenarios that I can think of: THIS is the one that scares me most, because our politicians have known about it for years, and they do nothing. NOTHING. It would only cost about 3 billion dollars to protect the electrical grids of the whole county, Hell, President TRUMP should have mandated it, and he did nothing.

And yet, we sent TRILLIONS of dollars all over the world, and can’t seem to find enough money to protect ourselves. What’s more important: Fixing our electrical grid or giving all illegals free IPHONES?

To me this means that the leaders at the top that run the world, have this planned. Bill Clinton tried to warn us in his last fiction books. For years we’ve been seeing movie after movie about how civilization would be destroyed and how whomever was left, had to try to manage on their own. Grow food again, etc. We think its just ‘entertainment’ instead of what it seems to be: Hey, we are telling you pions what’s coming and giving you hope that YOU could survive, if you just have some guns and learn to eat bugs.

Notice how the CONGRESS men in this video seem to care less about what that guy is saying. Tell me, how is Musk going to profit when there IS no electricity? He’ll at least have a way to Mars.

Or is there going to be a great ‘reset’ on the electrical grid? One where China can replace the US with solare and windmills? You can’t forget John Kerry’s recent remarks.

Perhaps many think this is just another COVID scare tactic. It won’t happen. But did you ever think that an elected President would be denied the White House and a puppet put in instead? Did you ever think we would have a President give BILLIONS of dollars to our greatest enemy on a midnight run to Iran? Did you ever think that a woman be put on the Supreme Court who can’t even define the definition of a woman? That Disney would go full blown pedophile crazy? That we would lose our jobs if we did NOT obey the CDC? That it would cost $100 just to fill up our trucks? That over half of our small businesses would shut down? That nobody in our government would EVER go to jail for outrageous and insidious crimes? That white people have been damned as the New JEW? That all our rights as Americans would be overran and dismissed and outlawed? Our constitution demolished? That our children be brainwashed? That China is being allowed to take over our country, and the world, because our own leaders have sold us all out? That you would stop drinking coke because ‘white’ people need to admit they are racist? That the media would become a state sponcered propaganda machine? That Transvestites would be reading books to kids in our libraries?

Okay. You get the drift. 1984 is here. Black is white. And Up is down, and truth is lies. We all keep thinking that our leaders would come to their senses, but…uh. No. Not happening.

And what’s really sad, is that they have connected us all to this internet upon which everything in our lives depend upon.

By the way, why use a NUKE, when you can keep all the buildings intact to replace with your own people? Chinese people. Pay attention. EVERY commercial now has an Asian in it. Like the other woke messages in all our movies, we are being conditioned to get used to China people being here as half the population. Just like we see gays kissing in every other scene.

Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, all have the capability to do this. All it would take is just one EMP over Missouri, where the stealth bombers are. Because Biden has let the invasion of the world come over in our southern border, weaken our military, our food supply, our oil supply (which he is draining now and giving to Europe) if you don’t do the math, than I’m sure, you are a proud graduate of the American public school system. We are being primed for the kill. That’s sure what it looks like to me. And by our own ‘senile’ President.

I’m waiting for somebody to ask President Trump this question, because to me, it’s the most important: Trump said he would build the wall. But, Congress stopped him from doing it. Is that why he says nothing about this?

President Trump: Will you MANDATE all electrical grids be shored up against an EMP attack?

Like the man said in the video above: that could be…forever, because guess what?

China makes all our transformers.

Whose bright idea was that?

Can you think of a better way to ‘save’ humanity’ with green energy? A quicker way?

Smell the roses now, (If you can, I STILL can’t smell after Covid.) because if the globalists get their way, most of the U.S. will smell like…garbage.

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  1. Mrs O! Glad to have you back! I was beginning to worry about you. No, it’s been quite a while and yes, I can smell a wee bit, and it does smell off, you’re right. My doctor told me it could be a year, but to never smell a gardinia ever again? Tragic.


    Comment by Joyanna Adams | April 26, 2022 | Reply

  2. Dear Joyanna,
    I’ll look at the video in a minute, but I want to let you know that I empathize about not being able to smell after “the illness that shall not be named” (as my oldest daughter called it). It took months before I could smell again but now a lot of things smell “weird” or “off” to me. It’s very frustrating. I hope it doesn’t happen to you (it didn’t to my hubby). Btw, I just sent you an e-mail so you can be on the lookout for it. Blessings, Mrs. O


    Comment by Mrs. O | April 26, 2022 | Reply

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