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Nobody Flashes Amazing People

It’s Sunday. All week long there is nothing but gloom everywhere, but…that’s because they WANT you to feel depressed, overloaded with despair, and hopeless.

So, I look for video’s that show the kindness, and sweetness, and goodness of man and women everywhere. Oh sure. We are helping the Ukrainians with food, clothes, homes, etc. but what about the veterans? Biden is now going to give illegals medical care before the veterans.

What a scumbag.

While the liberals are literally killing animals, birds, with their ‘green energy’ windmills and fires across the nation, one person at a time, good people are reaching out and helping them.

Here a woman saves a Amish horse that had been worked almost to death. (And WE thought the Amish would be kind?Hmmmm)

A good story to enjoy while we watch the spring arrive in our own backyards, don’t you think? I personally need to latch on to the humanity that is still among us all.


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