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Nobody’s Perfect: RFK JR.

In the last year, Robert Kennedy Jr. has been on a roll. He finally found a way to make the Kennedy name live on, with his attacks and truths about Comrade Fauci. He’s come a long way since 2020.

The vaccine AND the virus are doing a bang-up job on killing a lot of people. Thank you Fauci. And Robert has written an excellent book about Fauci. Or so, I’m told. I haven’t read it yet.

But, RFK Jr. is not perfect.

It was in 2020 that he was hanging his hat on the terrible global warming crisis. He was all in with climate alarm, and Trump was a bully, and basically China is great.

That was 2020. What happened? Is it because the Kennedy dynasty needed a great reset?

Looking back on history, his uncle, John F. Kennedy TRIED to be a good President even though the election was just as rigged as our last election, by all accounts, the democratic party no longer exists. The Kennedy, like the Clintons are U.S. royalty, but the Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas pushed them into the relics of yesterday. That’s got to be tough.

The democratic party has been replaced by the socials/communist party. To be fair, JFK, despite his sexual addiction, look like a normal human next to Jimmy Carter or Obama.

And just to be fair, it’s not his fault he was born into that family.

HIs brother Ted Kennedy was a horror.

John Jr., if you read his magazine GEORGE which I did, knew BOTH parites and their corruption and he would have made a better President than his father, and the Clintons made sure he did NOT get into office. If nobody noticed, right after his death, TWO giant pictures of both Bill and Hillary appeared in the magazine.

It was as if, someone on the staff was giving a BIG hint. Or so I thought.

But none of the Kennedy’s that lived before, seem to have the passion that this man has. Probably due to the fact that he witnessed just too many assasinations in his own family…he figured, if they do it to him, than everybody will know the truth, so he just speaks it out for all to hear.

Or it could all be just about the money. These people LIVE off their foundations. Obama does. The Clintons do. They have big mansions and families to keep in the Hamptons. They find a cause and stick to it, and the democratic party is ALL about the planet dying from the climate. It how they pay their bills.

SAVE THE PLANT NOW! In other words, this nobody thinks they all have big money deals with China.

It’s hard to forget that RFK is a big liberal, but nevertheless, to his credit, he has come out with great force against the GREAT RESET and the vaccines. Not only has he exposed Fauci and the criminal corruption behind the Covid bioweapon, he dares to shout what’s going on to whomever will listen.

He notes that long ago vaccines used to contain only 3, now there are 72 vaccines that the kids have to get. It’s insane, and dangerous. He says the globalists are using the vaccine to take over the world.

And the proof, that he is right about the global coup? Watch below.

Listen to Klaus’s main adviser: DICTATORS REJOICE!

What more proof do we need that these men should be feared and stopped as sure as Hitler was.

He may be a liberal, but if he can fight this hard for something that is actaully worth fighting for, then I hope he succeeds.

RFK JR. Not perfect, but hey, keep up the great speeches.

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