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Nobody’s Perfect: Melissa-Harris Perry VS Dennis Rodman

Nobody’s Perfect:

Last week, the biggest talk was the meltdown of MSNBC reporter, Melissa-Harris Perry, who apologized for making jokes about Mitt Romney’s black adopted grandchild. It wasn’t really the fact that she insulted Mitt Romney that brought the tears, was the whole ‘diversity’ issues to which she and her liberal colleges have been taught since kindergarten IS the most important thing in the world…we must accept everyone as equals. How she could commit such a crime is almost beyond understanding. After all…she is from a diverse background herself.

Alec Baldwin immediately came out and wondered if he would be forgiven for his ‘gay’ comments if he cried.

Hey, go for it, Alec.

And then there’s Dennis Rodman. Dennis Rodman, is taking some of his basketball buddies to North Korea do some more ‘basketball diplomacy’ —a unique style of foreign diplomacy developed first hand, by President Obama himself.Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong

Officially, the White House denies that Rodman is standing in for Obama—-it’s all just fun and games. Nevertheless…Dennis is still going to visit his favorite little buddy Kim Jong–Un for his Birthday Party….AFTER the important news that the little guy had thrown his own uncle (and five of his friends) to wild dogs to be eaten alive.

Initial speculation was that Jang had been killed by firing squad, a fate that media outlets said was the usual one reserved for “traitors.” But an alternative narrative of the 67-year old’s death emerged on what appears to have been a satirical post on the Chinese Tencent Weibo site that has been repeated by many media outlets worldwide.The Dec. 11 post on Tencent Weibo said Jang and five aides were killed by dogs.

So, officially, well…that didn’t happen. The uncle ‘probably’ died the old-fashioned way: death by firing squad. Still…you have to wonder at the mental state of anyone who would want to ever visit someone who had just killed their own uncle.

The game will feature many old-timers of the NBA…and one can only assume our President would love to attend.

So–who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week? In my Nobody’s Opinion, the man who really won this week, needs no introduction—

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Happy Birthday Michelle! …You’re Welcome.

Nobody Cares

It’s seems to this nobody that the elite friends of the Obama’s,  just don’t want to get out in this cold…after all, many of the women can only be seen in designer pumps, and if you are going to a birthday party, you don’t want to have to bear the cold in nothing but nylons, even if those nylons cost $2,000. So, Michelle decided to let Oprah throw her a birthday party in Hawaii. Let them all fly out to her.

This of course will cost the taxpayers the usual million or two before it’s all over, but in order to calm the complaints from the lower rabbles, Michelle has decided to tell everybody to eat before they come: SEE? The taxpayers won’t have to pay for the meals!Oprah and Michelle

But…if anyone gets hungry I’m sure Oprah’s refrigerators are stocked with food. I’m not even sure they are having the party at Oprah’s house, (where she is now) but this nobody really doesn’t care. I find it ironic that the two richest people in America are constantly complaining about the rich. They are living the very life they say should be shared. I don’t see them ‘sharing’ their wealth, do you?

From the White House:

The White House has been sending out save-the-date emails for a Jan. 18 gala dubbed “Snacks & Sips & Dancing & Dessert,” sources told the Tribune.

Guests are being told: Wear comfortable shoes, eat before you come and practice your dance moves. Who’s invited and who’ll entertain remain under wraps.

Wear comfortable shoes? Do they plan on walking up to the top of some volcano?

It’s not just the fact that Michelle stayed out for a month long vacation in Hawaii…’s that her daughter and her husband will have to fly back to Hawaii for Michelle’s  party. How many want to bet that Obama is using Michelle’ birthday as an excuse to go back out and play some more golf?Obama playing golf in Hawaii

Does anybody care that President Obama and the First Lady are the quintessence of the elite snobs that they are always complaining about?

Evidently, not.

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