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Have You Checked Your Baby Monitor Lately?

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I was cleaning out junk yesterday in my ‘storage’ room —-you know, that room filled with…maybe I should save this, you never know when I might need an actual phone that you can plug in…(of course I have over 10 of them that I don’t need)  when I came across my old baby monitors

If you’ve ever had a kid, you know how much those things came in handy. I loved my  baby monitor. Since my son was born at six months, and had been on a respirator for over a month in a children’s hospital, when I finally got to bring him home, I didn’t let him out of my sight. BUT…I got tired of sitting by his crib and leaning over just to make sure he was BREATHING.  Sooner or later you have to wash the dishes.

The reason I bring this up, is I am here to inform Edward Snowden of something he forgot to mention: If you have a baby, and a baby monitor…better check it. Baby monitors are being hacked.

This from Forbes issue Feb, 2013: A Google for Hackers—

“Marc Gilbert got a horrible surprise from a stranger on this 34teh birthday in August. After the celebration had died down, the Houston resident heard an unfamiliar voice coming from his daughter room: the person was telling his sleeping 2 year old, “Wake up, you little slut.” When Gilbert rushed in, he discovered the voice was coming from his baby monitor and that whoever had taken control of it was also able to manipulate the camera. Gilbert immediately unplugged the monitor but not before the hacker had a chance to call him a moron. The monitor, made by Foscam of Shenzhen, China, lets users monitor audio and video over the internet from anywhere in the world. “

Now, one HAS to wonder why anybody would want to sit and watch a baby sleep…maybe he was hoping mom would come in and breast feed, but in the future, they want to put monitors on refrigerators so the government can actually know when you are eating and when you’re not.  A voice will come out of nowhere and say, “You are not allowed to have that today.”

This will be done of course, to protect you from terrorists.Chinses computer hacking

You know where this is going don’t you? I’m a night person. I stay up late, which means, the last time I saw the sunrise Carter was President. When your TV is hooked up to the internet, anyone will be able to turn on your camera in your bedroom, and even say things like…

“Wake up, you big slut.”

I can’t wait.

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Nobody LOVES Godfrey Bloom

Nobody Flashes…goodness. Where is our American Godfrey Bloom? This guy is great.

(Thanks to Moonbattery)

And on a more humorous note:(Note…I got this email when the weather was actually warmer. Florida will get in the 40’s tomorrow.

And Obama, plays golf in Hawaii. hate florida day

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