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Nobody Remembers Father Coughlin

Nobody Remembers

Before Rush Limbaugh, keeping the sanity of a nation glued to their radios, there was Father Charles E. Coughlin. At his peak, he had 10 million listeners in the 1930’s throughout the depression.Father Coughlin

Father Coughlin, took on FDR’s New Deal in a speech over WABC on June 19, 1936, and ranted against FDR’s New Deal. I put some of his speech here…to remind us all, the same old evil of progressives has never gone away: In other words, big business rules with the politicians, and the little guy works to support them both.

When FDR was running for office, he promised to “run the money changers out of the temple.” Telling the poor people that he was going to fight the boys on Wall Street.


Here —Father Coughlin talks about FDR’s great promise to ‘help’ the poor.

“March 4, 1933! I shall never forget the inaugural address, which seemed to reech the very words employed by Christ Himself as He actually drove the money changers from the temple. The thrill that was mine was yours. Through dim clouds of the Depression this man Roosevelt was, as it were, a new savior of his people!

My friends, what have we witnessed as the finger of time turned the pages of the calendar? Nineteen hundred and thirty three and the National Recovery Act which multiplied profits for the monopolists: 1934 and the AAA which raised the price of foodstuffs, by throwing back God’s best gifts in His face: 1935 and the Banking Act which rewarded the exploiters of the poor, the Federal Reserve bankers and their associates, by handing over to them the temple from which they were to have been cast!

In 1936, when our disillusionment is complete, we pause to take inventory of our predicament. You citizens have shackled about your limbs a tax bill of $355 billion, (now 17 trillion) most of which was created by a flourish of a fountain pen. Your erstwhile savior, whose golden promises ring upon the counter of performance with the cheapness of tin, bargained with the money changers that, with 70 billion laboring hours in the ditch, or in the factory, or behind the plow, you and your children shall repay the debt which was created with a drop of ink in less than ten seconds.

Is that driving the money changers out of the temple?

Every crumb you eat, every stitch of clothing you wear, every menial purchase which you make is weighted down with an unseen tax as you work and slave for the debt merchants of America. But the $55 billion of debt bonds, held mostly by the debt merchants and the well circumstanced of this country, have been ably safeguarded from taxation by this peerless leader who sham battles his way along the avenue of popularity with his smile for the poor and his blindness for their plight. Is that driving the money changers from the temple?

America has turned its back definitely upon the platitudinous platforms of “ragged individualism.”  Who at Cleveland dared call into question the plutocratic privilege enjoyed by the Federal Reserve bankers? Who among those moribund New Deal Critics dared campaign for an annual, decent wage for the laborer and production at a profit for the farmer? Alas! These Punch and Judy Republicans, whose actions and words were dominated by the ventriloquist of Wall Street are so blind that they do not even recognize even in this perilous hour, that their gold basis and their private coinage of money have bred more radicals than did Karl Marx or Lenin.

Neither old Dealer nor New Dealer, it appears has courage to assail the international  bankers, the Federal Reserve bankers. In common, both the leaders of the Republicans and the Democrats uphold the old money philosophy. Today in America there is only one political party…the banker’s party.”

So, likewise Obama’s friends…Google, GE, etc, do not pay taxes. Wall Street has done fantastic under Obama, and here’s the bug of it all: even back then, the Republicans did nothing to stop the dictator of America, FDR. The bankers made sure they kept the boys in line.FDR constitution

Yesterday on Drudge, it was reported that over 200 CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies are demanding cheap labor, from immigration reform. Obamacare was also a demand of those fortune 500 companies because of the eventual cost savings and profit margins and the ‘globalization’ demands that we heard so much about from President George W. Bush.

It’s this Nobody’s Opinion that ” they” (the banking party) put the token black guy in office to do it. None of them wanted to be remembered as the guy who “fundamentally” changed America, against everything it had always stood for: Liberty, individual rights, free speech, the right to bear arms: But they wanted it done, for “globalization.”  They found the perfect Marxist for it, and promised him luxury the rest of his life.

Ronald Reagan was the last great American President. Obama, and Hillary will carry on FDR’s dream: the lie that progressives CARE about American people is the biggest fraud ever perpetuated on the American people. Reality has shown, that the ‘progressives’ work more for the “bankers” than the poor. It’s a scam the American people keep falling for.

All you need is a liar and a handsome smile.

But…history is not taught in school anymore…lest anyone is allowed to think.

The good Father Coughlin went on to endorse Congressman William Lemke of North Dakota for President, and the fact that nobody has heard of Charles E. Coughlin OR William Lemke shows you just how long those in power have stayed there.

The elites of our ruling class (You know..the ones who exempted themselves from Obamacare? Those guys?) know that knowledge is power: And that’s what they want to control.

And so, I plan to dig up more Father Coughlin’s. History is full of them, if you know where to look.

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Nobody’s Fool: Karen Lamoreaux

Nobody’s Fool

Here’s a real woman, that will make you cheer…Karen Lamoreaux makes her statement on Common Core so succinct and damning that she leaves the school board speechless. I’ve found school boards all over the country to be one of the main problems of our sad and sorry educational systems. They are filled mostly with people who are political hacks—- at least in my town. Most of them are dumber than greasy doorknobs.

So— don’t miss this outstanding Nobody stand up for the kids of America, by putting her considerable superior intellect into warrior fashion.

Bravo Karen! Take a bow.  You win the Nobody’s Fool Award for the week.

(h/t Glenn Beck)

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