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If You Like Your Privacy—You Can Keep Your Privacy: Period

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Did you get the feeling that Obama wanted to speak for an hour about the NSA program last week? I didn’t. If you read the speech: it’s very clear—this is one speech Obama just added a few things to because he said too many patriotic things in it. For instance, he had some grand quotes like this one:NSA one

“The world expects us to stand up for the principle that every person has the right to think and write and form relationships freely – because individual freedom is the wellspring of human progress.”

Obviously not an Obama thought, and why?

Because the Obama’s administration has been targeting conservatives with the full arm of his power: It’s been proved that the IRS, personally went out to destroy the Tea Party. This of course, is not new. Both Nixon and Clinton used the IRS to go after their political enemies, but in typical Obama fashion, he has taken the executive power to the 9th degree.   After all, the former IRS commissioner visited the White House 118 times in two years.

I don’t think they were talking about Beyonce.

Obama tried to assure the world last week that he will take some steps to help us all feel better–like give the problem over to Eric Holder (yeah, that trustworthy guy) to find some answers. And…all those emails and phone records of good American law-abiding citizens? Obama is going to find a ‘third’ party to hold them. NSA 5

Obama’s solutions always have someone he trusts in charge. Obama can, with this new-found idea, put a third-party in charge that answers only to him. And that third-party will have all the good stuff.   Valerie Jarrett is going to need an island, and probably at least $600 billion dollars to build a new NSA office. Yes—Obama says he will have–

“a third-party retain the bulk records, with the government accessing information as needed.”

It’s the phrase “as needed” that we should ask, “Who determines when it’s needed? Obama? ”

So, why does the Government have to collect data on every single human being on the planet?

Here’s why according to Obama:

“It is hard to overstate the transformation America’s intelligence community had to go through after 9/11. Our agencies suddenly needed to do far more than the traditional mission of monitoring hostile powers and gathering information for policymakers – instead, they were asked to identify and target plotters in some of the most remote parts of the world, and to anticipate the actions of networks that, by their very nature, cannot be easily penetrated with spies or informants.

Why is this necessary? The program grew out of a desire to address a gap identified after 9/11. One of the 9/11 hijackers – Khalid al-Mihdhar – made a phone call from San Diego to a known al Qaeda safe-house in Yemen. NSA saw that call, but could not see that it was coming from an individual already in the United States.”

Gee…how about we monitor all guys with names like Khalid al Midhar living in the United States? Is that too much to ask? What does this tell you? NSA 4

This tells you the problem: In order to protect ourselves from getting attacked again, our leaders are telling us we must go OVER THERE to fight the jihadist, while at the same time ignoring the fact. that they are coming in to our country through our own –unprotected borders. Evidently, nobody knew Khalid al Mihdhar was even here.

But…neither George W. Bush OR Obama ever brought up that rather obvious fact.

Our men and women in the FBI and the CIA had given at least 15 warnings about 9/11 (Not to mention during Clinton they bombed the trade center once before, a BIG clue.) but it was the people at the very top that FORBID the departments to communicate with each other. To most Americans, 9.11 should NEVER have happened. Are we to believe that the billions that have been spent daily on our defense …uh…well…we just missed that one? Are we to accept that Ft. Hood was a workplace problem instead of a politically correct military gone mad?

And by the way…..exactly what does the government do that is right? It’s getting that bad.

Add to that the insane liberal Presidents who LOVE to transport as many Muslims as they can into America out of the good of their hearts. Clinton brought thousands over from Bosnia, and Obama just announced he wants to let in at least 30,000 Syrians. All funded by the American taxpayers of course.

Poor people. Can they assure us that none of these people want to strap on a dirty bomb and shout “Allah Akbar” in the middle of some sports event?

No. And that doesn’t seem to bother them…let everybody in so we NEED billions to fund the NSA every year. elephant in room

What Obama did make clear is —This is my decision, I am going to keep the NSA spying.

How did the rest of the world take this? This from the BBC:

But the real truth behind the Obama administration’s proposed reforms may have come from Business Insider’s Josh Barro, who tweeted that “nobody votes on this issue”. For the most part, the US public just doesn’t care – and Mr. Obama appears happy to keep it that way.

(We don’t CARE? )

True, there’s a portion of the population, composed of civil libertarians and conservatives suspicious of government power, that vociferously objects to the government’s intelligence-gathering activities.

In a poll the first week of January, 48% of Americans said they support the government’s phone metadata surveillance program. While 47% opposed it, these are hardly the type of numbers that will encourage a massive policy shift.

Okay…I’ve told you before. Don’t believe polls. They are as about as real as the money the Feds print out of thin air.

The truth is: Obama is a liar, he doesn’t know what the heck he is doing on the world stage, and that makes him a dangerous man. How can anyone deny that now? Other former allies are drawing their own “red lines” to his face, and they are not about to back down.

And Obama’s answer to them?

“in the same way that the intelligence services of every other nation does. We will not apologize simply because our services may be more effective.”

Obama just slammed Merkel. And then he slammed the world and all the people who are upset about Obama spying on everyone when he said this:Kirs 44

No one expects China to have an open debate about their surveillance programs, or Russia to take the privacy concerns of citizens into account

I don’t know what you thought about that line, but I thought it smacked of a bit of jealousy. Poor baby. HE is expected to tow the line and everybody else gets off Scott free! Not fair! Yes, Obama is jealous. Jealous that China and Russia don’t have to give long speeches about democracy because being a dictator is so much easier, and he is trying so hard to get there. That’s why he says over and over how he will ‘act alone’ without Congress to get things done. He just can’t help himself.

Toward the end he said this to assure his fairness and concern:

Just as we balance security and privacy at home, our global leadership demands that we balance our security requirements against our need to maintain the trust and cooperation among people and leaders around the world,”

Obama might as well say: “If you like your privacy …you can keep your privacy .”

Right…Mr. President: Say it one….more….time.

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Shock: Obama Would NOT Let Trayvon Play Football

Nobody Flashes

Wow. Shock. Obama has just admitted–football is dangerous:Obama gay

The president made the comments while speaking aboard Air Force One with David Remnick, the magazine’s editor and a former sportswriter for The Washington Post.

Obama said that while the risks were understood, if he had a son, he would not allow him to play professional football.

“I would not let my son play pro football,” he said. “But, I mean, you wrote a lot about boxing, right? We’re sort of in the same realm.”

So, we can also assume that if Obama had a son, he wouldn’t let him join the military either, because it’s MUCH more dangerous than a game of football.First Gay President

I suggest we bring rugby America.

Is ANYONE surprised?

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