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Obama didn’t waste any time getting in front of the camera after getting back from Hawaii and taking charge of the poor and helpless who in this ‘recession’ (that he inherited) where there are no jobs, he is acting to save them. We just have to give these people more money, until they find a job.Of course, the irony is: they CAN’T find a job…Obama has made sure that of that. And the conservatives are complaining that people are too pickey, a CEO should go out and get that service job at McDonalds. It’s a win/win for Obama.Obama creates poor

Blaming the mean and cruel republicans for starving and freezing the many people out of work, a problem that the republicans caused, —that story always works for Obama.

And so, Obama says the country is growing! But…until everyone has a service job flipping hamburgers at $15 dollars an hour, we MUST not stop simulating the economy, and the best way to do that, is to just give everyone a check.

I’m still waiting for mine.

Rush Limbaugh explains:

RUSH: It may! To heck with anybody working. Just put everybody on unemployment, and then get out of the way for all the economic growth that’s gonna happen. She’s right, folks. If you are relatively new to the program and you’re hearing our caller, I can understand you probably think, “What a nutcase! What a wacko!” No, she’s right. Nancy  Pelosi and other Democrats have bragged about unemployment benefits growing the economy.

She’s said that they are worth it, that every $1 paid in unemployment benefits creates $1.73 in economic output. Sheila Jackson Lee has said it. Pelosi has said it. A number of ranking Democrats have said it. Of course it makes no sense. They’ve said it to justify the failure of their own economic policies. And they know that the database of low-information voters in this country will lap it all up and everything will be fine.

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