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Obama: JUST As Rich as the Rich He Will Complain About

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Next week, Obama will take on the growing income disparity in his State of the Union address. He will make anyone with money out to be worse than grub worms, worse than month old leftover meatloaf, worse than Miley Cyrus sitting on the back of a Duck Dynasty pickup truck—the RICH will be attacked by the President as the evil dogs that they are:

But—I’m here to say: the rich have their own problems:

For instance: An Italian manager causes at least 1,000 Euros of damage opening a bottle of fizzy spumante by sending its cork sailing straight through a valuable 18th century oil painting.Damaged painting

Imagine what this poor man is going to go through. Unlike the very rich Obama, he doesn’t HAVE a butler to open every bottle of champagne. What if Obama had to open his own champagne in the White House? What if Obama had popped a cork into the very rare portrait of our first President, the one saved by Dolly Madison from the British, and ruined it? On top of that, most likely he’ll have to pay for this damage out of his own pocket.

If Obama had done that to the portrait of George Washington, WE the taxpayers would pay for it, not him.

Where IS that man’s sympathy for those in his own class?

And what about that poor little rich kid–Justin Biever?

Bieber was arrested early Thursday on suspicion of driving under the influence after police say he drag raced on a Miami Beach street and failed a sobriety test. He was charged with resisting arrest without violence and driving with an expired license, according to the Miami-Dade County Corrections Department website. During the search, a substance suspected to be Ecstasy or the synthetic drug Molly was found “in plain view of the deputies,” sheriff’s officials said. Bieber’s friend Xavier Dominique Smith, 20 — also known as Lil’ Za — was arrested in connection with the discovery.Justain Bieber

He also likes to race his car around the neighborhood and throw eggs at neighbor’s house.

Why he didn’t TP like a normal teenager is anybody’s guess, but no doubt, Justin, because he is so famous, couldn’t go to his local store to buy toilet paper for the job. UNLIKE Obama, who gets his toilet paper bought by vast servants. Obama has hundreds of them.) Justin…seems to just have his buddies.

Nobody is going to care when one of the richest men on the planet starts complaining about the rich getting too much money.

After all: He is…one of them…and some would say, even more…evil.

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