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Boy, I’ve got some catching up to do haven’t I? It seems the last two weeks, the press has been attacking the two front runners of 2016: Hillary Clinton VS Chris Christie.Chelsea Clinton and Rachael Ray The ‘progressives’ have started their attack with the sweet face of Chelsea, who will be running right up front with her mom. She was on Rachael Ray, (more poised than her mother)–in order to get the young single women into the race.  Chelsea will be the sweet bullet they will use to get the young vote—in the meantime mom sports the “bangs” that got Michelle’s ‘youth’ vote.

While Chelsea hogs the lame talk shows,Hillary in Bangs Chris Christie is on full defense. He is being bashed as the man who prevented millions from going to the bathroom on the interstate.  And as Rush noted —the dems bring out their stars to insult the front runners—Palin got SNL…Chris Christie gets his state’s hero, none other than Bruce Springsteen to mock him.  Bridgegate

The comrades  are just warming up: All the Benghazi investigations cannot even touch the stars that Obama has in his pocket. Hillary, will somehow persevere, if only because, the ‘progressives’  play dirty. and images go much further than common sense in America.

Tom Edison never expected this when he invented the motion picture camera did he now?

Nobody Flashes:

Did you know that Hitler was not killed? According to Jerome Corsi, in his new book, Hitler got out, and lived out his days in Argentina. Hey, why not? I can’t see that idiot killing himself. That’s one book I’m can’t wait to read.Hunting Hitler

Nobody’s Perfect:

That’s me. It seems my “flu” went into pneumonia…I blame my dog, who thought minus 7 degrees was a day at Maui and decided to let in all the cold air one night while I was sleeping.  (Don’t ask, my dog is spoiled, a true American Eskimo.) Good news, antibiotics are kicking in…but I’m not ready for laps just yet.DSCN0063

Nobody Reports

Some GOOD news! China can now send us light bulbs that don’t kill us. If Congress did one thing right, it was open the door to our beloved Edison’s light bulb. Thank you!

Nobody Knows

John Kerry was described as being not only an nincompoop, but completely messianic by one of the Israel’s top guys who KNOWS the Iranians. Nobody Knows how Obama’s big peace movement can be claimed when they now have idiots saying that Iran can’t even make a bomb…but Iran has declared, thanks to Obama, that the West has surrendered. Which is why I present this early picture of Bin Laden: That’s him at 14, second from right….surrendering to the West. (Remind you of anyone?)

bin Laden

And speaking of John Kerry: Did you know he NEVER eats ketchup? That could be his problem  Even Jesus would use ketchup on stale bread. (Speaking of Jesus, did you know now that Ariel Sharon has died he is coming back according to this rabbi? )

He just didn’t say when. (The Jews are so smart.)

Nobody Wonders

In the meantime, the NSA continued to collect data on millions of American that it swears it will never see…but it’s just so much fun to collect it.

Rand Paul said having Obama look into potential abuses, was like having the Fox guard the hen house: He had this to say:

“We can’t allow the White House to be the one in charge of overseeing the White House,” he said. “They say collecting all your records is not spying. It is spying.”

Obama’s has put himself in charge of overseeing the whole terrorist NSA thing…which brings this picture to mind: During 9/11, these planes were grounded, waiting for their orders.   Imagine where our military will be if we should ever be attacked on our own soil? (again)  We are finding out Hillary and Obama saw no reason to protect 4 in the most dangerous place in the world, so…..will they worry about the rest of us, or blame it on a video? (again) And we thought the reaction to 9/11 was bad….Grounded aircraft on Sept 11, await orders

Nobody Wins

Obama has threatened once again, that he will take action with his pen and his phone, if Congress does not bend to his wishes. Imagine the surprise when Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, whose book about Obama has been discussed the whole week, came out with a neck brace and put the record straight: It was CONGRESS’s fault.

That’s just what Obama keeps saying. Robert Gates today

Nobody Wins when your top officials are afraid of the “Commander in Chief”  and nobody asks…uh…what happened to your neck Mr. Gates?

Nobody’s Fool

Jimmy Kimmel is Nobody’s Fool

Nobody’s Remembers,

Castro visited the Lincoln Memorial? Did Bin Laden? Fidel Castro

Nobody Cares

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton playing volleyball. It took a man to make the woman….and we should all care about what’s coming….It was the first time Hillary laid down for Bill Clinton. And something tells me, it won’t be the last.  You think Hillary runs the show? Would these two ever commit suicide in a bunker together?

Bill and HillaryHa. Mr. Corsi…your next book.

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