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Obamacare: Conspriacy to Kill? Or Just…Pragmatic Ignorance?

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Would you call Obamacare a conspiracy? I was thinking about this after reading snopercod’s comment last week that he didn’t believe in conspiracies. So that got me to thinking…when a bill is passed in the night, on Christmas Eve, and nobody knows what’s in it, could that be called a conspiracy?People speak

And if it can be called a conspiracy—- a conspiracy to what? Some have even said that the rollout was meant to fail, so that Obama could implement the one payer system he really wants.

To this nobody, it sure feels like one. One that a government hatched in secret, to give the elites control over our doctors and our lives, and lies were told in order to get us to accept it. Sort of like when the Nazi’s told everyone they were just going to take a nice shower after their journey.

In Obamacare— a panel of 15 will decided who will get what life saving procedures and when.  Obamacare, admitted by all, will end up rationing care. Many people, who just 30 years ago, would have gotten the best treatment no matter what, will now die.

We are watching a very ‘poor’ family recently, feel the full effects of that ‘dying’ mandate. Young, 13-year-old  Jahi McMath, went into a hospital, to get her tonsils out, and ended up…in a coma. And now her poor parents are being told to let the poor girl die. She is a vegetable they are being told.  Hospital spokesmen’s come out with great sorrow for the “dead’ girl. No apologies for the obvious blunder of them being responsible for her condition in the first place.

But is she really brain-dead? Highly unlikely. There has been case after case where people have come out of coma’s and lived. The brain is such a complicated and wondrous thing. The brain can relearn. Both hemispheres can reconnect after extensive damage. There are hundreds of cases where this has happened. IF they have keep her brain nourished, she has a chance…if the government would just get out of the way. Jahi McMath

I’ve been in this scene. I was told the same thing when my mother had a stroke back in 2000.  Three neurosurgeons declared her brain dead, and she was talking to me. She lived almost a year, learned how to walk again, and she talked again…and she had her mind until the day she died after her stroke.  I fought that hospital day and night to get just the tiniest simple human care for her. It was a constant and unbelievable battle. If not for one doctor from India, they would have taken the feeding tube out and let her starve. I had to fight to keep that tube in.

And it was all about the money.

My mother, was 78. One of the reasons my mother lost so much of her ability to talk was BECAUSE of the many mistakes the hospital made. (Like not noticing her lung was collapsed after being admitted….for three days.)  There was no excuse for it, no reason for it, and I’ve never been able to explain it. To everyone at the hospital, the fact that my mother was fighting for her life at 78, was a complete annoyance. I saw over and over again…human cruelty from everyone on staff. I felt like I was walking in a Stephen King nightmares. But then I realized they were all on the same page: if you are pass a certain age…to everyone’s concern, it’s time for you to move on. It’s Obama’s theory. Just go.

You do not need another ten years to run up our bills.  That attitude is everywhere. And if you are comatose…just die.

But the brain can recover. Millions of older people have strokes and come back. Young people recover from major brain injuries. Jahi's parents

My mother had lived her life, imagine that happening to parents of a young girl?  Anyone who has lost a child, knows. She has a right to the best care, the BEST technology, until her times comes.

That used to be standard care in America….what happened?

Compare Jahil’s situation to 85- year old Ariel Sharon, the great Jewish prime minister, who has been in a coma since 2007. Ariel is just now losing kidney function. But he has and will continue to be kept on life support until that moment comes. There was never any talk in 2007, of some hospital saying, “He’s brain-dead. We will not feed him anymore.”

Why, HIS mind is fine!  In January 2013, Israeli specialists reported Sharon had showed “significant brain activity” in an MRI scan, responding to pictures of his family seven years after the stroke.Areail Sharoon

Good thing they didn’t pull the plug, which means…starving him.There is a big difference if you are one of the elite.

And so, that is the concern to me,  Obamacare is a death warrant to millions, and the Congress and Obama have exempted themselves from it.

If that isn’t evil I don’t know what is.

So again: Is Obamacare a conspiracy?  According to the dictionary definition: a conspiracy is  an evil unlawful, treacherous, plan by two or more persons….so no. Even though Obamacare is evil, and treacherous, and conceived by many people, it’s no secret.

But…the record shows that our government has conspired to decide who lives and who dies in Obamacare. Can it be possible that NOBODY in the government knew about this?  We saw that fiasco when Terry Shrivo was FORCED by the government to die. To starve. When you take someone off life support, you starve them. Her parents would have taken care of her forever, but our powerful government said: “NO.”Terri Schiavo

Just yesterday, I heard an x-cabinet member of Ronald Reagan site on the side of Jahi being brain-dead. “Who’s going to pay for this?” he cried in an anxious voice?

Well, whose going to pay for our trillion dollar debt that the politicians rang up? Why did we have to pay for Wall Street, GM? Everybody’s abortions?

Even if the McMath’s  could pay for Jahil’s care,  under Obamacare, any doctor who treated her would be in for deep fines.

My heart goes out to those poor parents, because even if they had picked their little girl up and walked out of that hospital (something I once did with my dad) they would have been found and persecuted.

Michelle Malkin said it best in her column last week:

“We don’t know what God has planned for Jahi. But I do know this: America has become a throwaway culture where everything and everyone — from utensils to diapers to cameras to babies — is disposable. Elites sneer at the sanctity of life. The Terri Schiavo case brought out the worst, most dehumanizing impulses of American medical ethics debates. And from the attacks I’ve seen on the McMaths family, little has changed.”

And it’s not going to, unless we all raise our voices about the conspiracy against us.

Our very lives depend on it.

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p>Every Sunday morning, I intend to put up more ‘positive’ and inspirational things, (Or humorous) just because…well….it’s Sunday, and I need to have a word with my Sponcer.

And this video especially, is worth watching. To hear the actual voices of the Apollo 8 astronauts seeing the Earth rise, and then scrambling to get a picture…it’s just fantastic. What a tremendous gift they gave to the world. NASA did a good job recreating the event for the 45th anniversary.

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