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Nobody’s Email: Taking JUST The Right Picture

Nobody Gets Email:


p>Every Sunday morning, I intend to put up more ‘positive’ and inspirational things, (Or humorous) just because…well….it’s Sunday, and I need to have a word with my Sponcer.

And this video especially, is worth watching. To hear the actual voices of the Apollo 8 astronauts seeing the Earth rise, and then scrambling to get a picture…it’s just fantastic. What a tremendous gift they gave to the world. NASA did a good job recreating the event for the 45th anniversary.

So enjoy!…and then, go take some pictures out your back door.

(Thanks to Kim Komando)

snowpocalypse 2014

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Nobody’s Email: A Space Station Tour Worth Watching.

Nobody Gets Email

If you have ever wondered what the space station really looks like, go on a really fun tour with Commander Sunny Williams, who is a wonderful tour guide. She explains everything,

Notice, the Russians, don’t wave. Also notice, they still use plain old paper and pens. And unbelievably, they have many different types of toilet paper to choose from. Only a woman would go into such detail.

Nobody Notes: We can’t send our own spaceships into space anymore, but we can supply the mad dog Egyptian Brotherhood with a bunch of F-16’s.

Somebody want to explain that to me? How about explaining it to Sunny? No?

Anyway, I know it’s long but it’s the best one I’ve seen.  Sunny is a woman after my own heart.


(Thanks to J.R. )



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Did Russia Win the Space Race?

Nobody Wonders:

Do you remember what you were doing when America put the first man on the moon? Okay, so you were three. That’s no excuse.

It was just the biggest deal in America, and it was all because the Russians put a dog and then a man up in space, and JFK just couldn’t take that. So we went to the moon. (Okay, some say it was faked…I have no clue.)

And then the rest of our lives…we heard not another word about Russia and its space program…unless of course you happened to read the National Geographic issue of October 1986:

“Behind this bold undertaking (The Russians were going up to fix their space station) is the accumulated experience of a space faring nation second to none. Soviet Space pioneers and passengers have carried aloft from 11 other lands, have logged 12 years of space travel amassing a record of solid achievements and spectacular firsts. By contrast the United States in 55 manned missions has accumulated less than five years of space experience.”

Remember: This was 1986.

As you remember, after the Shuttle blew up during Reagan’s term in office, we slowly seemed to lose interest. Not the Russians. They have been steady, and relentless. I hate to seem ignorant on having even thought about this until now, but I got mad last night, because some American scientist who was getting really excited —talking about going back to Titan and other Moons around Saturn and then he said that he hoped Obama got reelected, and gets a boost from some of the things being planned—well–that comment simply floored me.

Our space program was closed down by Obama. Russia now charges us for passage to space. So WHY again would this scientist want Obama to be President?

The Russians have done some remarkable things: Here’s a bit from Wikipedia in case, like me, you missed it:

Over its sixty-year history, this primarily classified military program was responsible for a number of pioneering accomplishments in space flight, including the first intercontinental ballistic missile (1957), first satellite (Sputnik-1), first animal in space (the dog Laika on Sputnik 2), first human in space and Earth orbit (cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on Vostok 1), first woman in space and Earth orbit (cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova on Vostok 6), first spacewalk (cosmonaut Alexey Leonov on Voskhod 2), first Moon impact (Luna 2), first image of the far side of the moon (Luna 3) and unmanned lunar soft landing (Luna 9), first space rover, first space station, and first interplanetary probe.

What would JFK have said were he alive, about the fact that we closed the American manned space program and now depend on Russia to get us there?

Nobody Wonders.


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Neil Armstrong…Even in Space, Gracious…

Nobody Cares

There is much uncertainty to life. Good health may be taken away from you without warning. Material possessions may be lost due to circumstances beyond your control. The one thing that cannot be taken from you without your consent is your character, which includes your beliefs, your ethics, and your principles. So guard them with care. They are your most valuable possessions.–Neil Armstrong

Last week, we lost one of our greatest American hero’s: Neil Armstrong. There are only three events I remember seeing on TV growing up that left permanent marks: The Beatles on Ed Sullivan, Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, and the assassination of JFK.

Neil’s was the best of course— It was almost a like a dream.

After his great “The Eagle has Landed.” ..Neil faded into the background. He talked about seeing Aliens on the moon, but of course, our “rulers” didn’t want to go into that much. So they kept him off the televisions with that nugget and we didn’t see him again until Obama decided to end our space program. Then ALL the old astronauts came out in protests. Just now, one of them told Cavuto that the space program kept us ahead of the other nations in engineering and just about everything. The recent success of the Mars landing shows that even Obama cannot stop the America spirit when it comes to exploring space.

Nobody Thinks it would be an absurdity to believe that there are NOT aliens. And if they are watching us, then so far, they really don’t seem to care too much about our lives.

Above is a video from Space: Neil Armstrong..the quintessential American.

What a man.

I hope you become comfortable with the use of logic without being deceived into concluding that logic will inevitably lead you to the correct conclusion. —Neil Armstrong

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The Scientists Fight Back…for Space

Nobody Flashes

We went to Iraq, Afghanistan, and closed our nation to the stars.


When we had NASA , we had kids who wanted to study science and become astronauts. We got future scientists.

Richard Branson just wants to take the rich on a very fun short-lived carnival space ride. No doubt 72 Sir Richard Branson Virgins will be supplied to the Saudi’s that sign up.  All very fine and good, but it won’t inspire too many kids to become explorers of the universe.

As you can see. all the politicians want our tax money to be spent on earth…on globalizaton.  Don’t expect Mitt to bring it back.

NASA was the ultimate investment in America, and now we outsource it…to the Russians—So it’s good to see in this video, that the American scientists are at least fighting back.

Nobody Thinks that it’s obvious–Why invest in failed solar projects when you could bring NASA back? You want ‘green energy’? Get NASA to invent it.

Oh…but then all those new patents would belong to the government and not a privately owned business then, with stock option then would it?

The truth is: we just don’t have the school system here anymore to support it….do we?

What HAVE they done to our country?

(To be fair…Americans are not the ONLY ones asking that question tonight. Somewhere in Spain, a bull is very tired. )




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