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Nobody Flashes the Moon Going Past the Earth…or…Maybe not.

Nobody Flashes

I saw this on Kim Komando’s site, (Yes I get her emails) and she posted it convinced that NASA really released this picture of the Moon going by the earth.

If you check around though, many people, including myself, think it’s a bit funny. I mean, it just goes STRAIGHT….and out into the void….And if it is fake, couldn’t NASA have done a better job?

Anybody have any opinions?

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What if NASA was like the National Weather Service?

Nobody Flashes

Yesterday, the National Weather Service shut down all of the Eastern Seaboard. Trains, planes, roads,…millions were told to stock up on food, and stay home and prepare for the worse storm of the century. New York snow

So they did.

Today, they admitted, that “Hey, so what if it only snowed 4 inches! We kept you all safe!”

Meanwhile, millions of people living paycheck to paycheck will be missing a few days pay next month because of the National Weather Services big mistake. Scientists didn’t bother to look out their back door.


What if NASA made such a big mistake?

What if NASA said, “Hey, there’s n heading towards earth the size of a mountain but don’t worry, it will miss us.” ?

And what if, NASA got that prediction right?

Which they did:

The space rock, code-named 2004 BL86, is expected to reach a point about 745,000 miles from our planet, or three times the distance to the Moon. Latest estimates suggest that AN10, which is 0.6 miles across, could approach as close as 19,000 miles.

But…what IF, like the National Weather Service, NASA got it ……….

Wrong? Asteroid

I’m just saying.

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Nobody’s Perfect: Antares VS SpaceShip Two

 Nobody’s Perfect Obama flys

Last week, America had not one, but TWO space crashes. Ever since Obama decided to end our space exploration and announce we were going to Mars, American’s lead in space was basically put into the never-never-land Obama bunker. We couldn’t figure out how he was going to go to Mars without NASA, but then, Obama NEVER fills in the details to any of his plans.

Hearing the news that NASA was closing down, it took Richard Branson no longer than a few plane trips to Dubai to get the backing to build his vision of sending rich people into space on his SpaceShipTwo, by next year, which is now going to be delayed.

Yep. We had two big black-eyed, oh THAT’s not good, disasters last week. Two…”Not so perfect” launches by America: Virgin Galactic VS NASA.

Which one was the bigger mistake?

Let’s start with NASA first. When you fire thousands of engineers and put astronauts out to pasture, it’s not always going to go well, and last week the whole world saw that America, couldn’t even get a bunch of crab cakes off the ground.

The Orbital Antares rocket that exploded during a launce at the NASA facility in Virginia costs more than $200 million itself. NASA has also reported significant ground damage at its facility. (Not to mention, what the repairs will cost.)

The accident at Orbital Sciences Corp.’s launch complex at Wallops Island was sure to draw criticism over the space agency’s growing reliance on private U.S. companies in this post-shuttle era. NASA is paying billions of dollars to Orbital Sciences and the SpaceX company to make station deliveries, and it’s counting on SpaceX and Boeing to start flying U.S. astronauts to the orbiting lab as early as 2017. This was the fourth flight by Orbital Sciences to the orbiting lab.

The poor astronauts waiting for their crab cakes, would just have to suffer.

THEN Richard Branson’s test flight of his Virgin Galactic Disney-like ride into space….crashed horribly, leaving the pilot dead, his wife widowed, his little children fatherless,—-well, you can imagine what YOU would be thinking if you were one of the 800 who had already forked out big bucks to go on that very same rocket. (I’m betting Justin Beiber is having second thoughts.)

What went wrong?

Since April 2009, Virgin Galactic had used a hybrid rocket motor built by Sierra Nevada Corp., a Sparks, Nev., company that has contracts with the U.S. military, NASA and commercial space firms. The engine, fueled by nitrous oxide and a rubber compound, had been fired in flight and on the ground about 50 times. SpaceShipTwo had three successful test flights powered by the Sierra Nevada-built engine.

However, in May, Virgin Galactic announced it was switching to an alternate plastic-based rocket fuel. It is not clear when testing began, but Scaled Composites said on its website that there have been 10 test fires since May.Virgin Galactic

Can we blame Al Gore for plastic fuel? Well, I can.

Richard Branson’s loss was about $150 million he says, but is it his loss?

So, Branson’s gotten investors and taxpayers to pony up just short of $600 million to make his dream of flying into space a reality. Since the Virgin Group is so opaque on its finances, precisely how much Branson and his company have put in is difficult to say. However, thanks to statements by Virgin Galactic officials, we do a bit more about the cost side. We know that, as of October, that roughly $270 million has been spent on the program. And the most recent estimate on cost, as of about 10 months ago, was roughly $400 million. Now, let’s see how this stacks up against known investments not funded by taxpayers…. Aabar Investments: $290 million + $110 million = $390 million WOW! That’s like really close. The Abu Dhabi royal family’s investment covers virtually the entire estimated development cost. And for that, they own only 37.8 percent of the company.

Not to mention, the tickets are already sold at $250,000 a piece, for a trip that will only last two hours, and actual time in space will be about five minutes. Each trip will to have a six tourists and the pilot and co-pilot, but you can BET that the waitresses at the port station before the trip are going to serve you wonderful drinks in their sexy out-of-this-world costumes before your flight. Who wouldn’t want to go?

(Me) Myself, I’d just go see the movie Gravity again.

So, who wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week?

Was it NASA? While they didn’t KILL anyone, you would think after sending men to the moon, a simple rocket to the space station would have been already old hat. AND…they have NO idea they say, what went wrong. In the old days, they said right away.

(No doubt, Louis Lerner’s old computer was used due to an IRS donation.)

Or was it Richard Branson, who while risking millions of dollars from taxpayers and Saudi Kings, should have gotten engineers that weren’t drinking champagne with Al Gore at global warming conventions?

I’m having trouble with this one. To my mind, the space shuttle design seemed to work fine. If they had wanted to give tourist rides to billionaires they would have gotten a MUCH safer trip to a well designed space hotel and charged a lot more. But then again, when America owns the space shuttles, rich men can’t own stocks, can they?Shuttle

Who wins? Obama. Next load— he’ll probably just send food stamps by balloon.

Let’s send him BACK to Mars, and get our Space Program back up and running, if not, those billionaires will be paying 20 times the price to go into space–to Russia. And who wants to see that happen?

(Don’t answer that.)

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Al Gore Has Competition….

Nobody Flashes

This was reported on July 30, 2013, by NASA. Nobody suggests that Al Gore might want to redo his hockey stick….Yes Al..there is a bigger ball of gas in the universe than you, and hopefully, it hits you in the head.


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Nobody’s Email: A Space Station Tour Worth Watching.

Nobody Gets Email

If you have ever wondered what the space station really looks like, go on a really fun tour with Commander Sunny Williams, who is a wonderful tour guide. She explains everything,

Notice, the Russians, don’t wave. Also notice, they still use plain old paper and pens. And unbelievably, they have many different types of toilet paper to choose from. Only a woman would go into such detail.

Nobody Notes: We can’t send our own spaceships into space anymore, but we can supply the mad dog Egyptian Brotherhood with a bunch of F-16’s.

Somebody want to explain that to me? How about explaining it to Sunny? No?

Anyway, I know it’s long but it’s the best one I’ve seen.  Sunny is a woman after my own heart.


(Thanks to J.R. )



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Funky Sun

Nobody Flashes

Hey…I thought they closed down NASA? Or did they just close down the shuttle program? NASA is still doing some really fun things…like this video

Makes you have a lot more respect for mother nature doesn’t it?


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Nobody’s Perfect: Obama VS NASA’s Curiosity

Nobody’s Perfect

They had no road to drive on, and a President who all but shut them down–but that didn’t stop this roomful  of brilliant NASA scientists from dropping  a nice sized car on the surface of Mars. They got there WITHOUT Obama’s help….and in spite of all the unpatriotic roadblocks.

They did it.

Last year, NASA was all but completely destroyed. There was a cut of 1.64 billion dollars. The Shuttles were retired as fast as they could truck them out. Frankly, because they didn’t replace the Shuttles, it was a day of devastating mourning for space lovers. It was getting painful for me to watch John Glenn begging Obama to not close NASA  down on National TV.

John Glenn. An American hero…begging.

Not only did they close down the space program, but they also stopped all funding for the James Webb Space Telescope, Hubble’s successor. The chickens’ hatched by Obama put all the Congress into a black hole of not caring one wit. Dead people needed to keep collecting their Social Security checks, but astronauts in space?

Who needs them?

We found out America was no longer going to send man into space. Noooo….we were just going to watch him on Earth with millions of spy drones, and camera’s, and satellites surveying his every move.

John Glenn could just go cry to someone else. Obama shut it all down. As a result of NASA’s closing—over 10,000 lost their jobs, and over 1,213 suppliers lost contracts.  

 Obama was closing the space program down to just the robots. This from a Liberal site:  

 If NASA were de-funded, the private sector could begin to deliver services that are actually valuable to consumers, things NASA barely emphasizes, like employing robot satellites that gather information about the Earth to supply the high commercial demand for more accurate weather forecasts and geological assessments.

Leave it to the Liberals to make NASA into Al Gore’s Brown Shirts of global warming.

The President’s budget canceled joint U.S.-European robotic missions to Mars in 2016 and 2018.

But not this one: This one, was done…and was done—perfectly.  The Curiosity mission costs $2.5 billion — almost $1 billion over budget.

Funny. That’s about what we send Pakistan every year.

This from one “participant.”

Schiff said he believes Mars was targeted for cuts because the administration thought there would be, at best, a muted reaction and little opposition. “They have been astounded by the fury of the pushback, and that is the only thing that has saved us so far.”

Who knows?  Maybe Obama wasn’t expecting this mission to succeed. But that didn’t stop him for taking credit for it.

You didn’t hear it today, but a handful of us who were up late last night did. Only a few minutes after Curiosity had landed…two of Obama’s butt-boys came on the air.

“I want to thank MY boss, President Obama!” said the first one. The second one did the same…thanked Obama. All of a sudden, the joyous celebration in the room turned into Obama’s big success. THE BOSS.

Obama had done it all. He killed bin Laden with his bare hands. He single handedly put America back in the good graces of Muslims around the world, and without his guidance, Curiosity would have never landed on Mars.

Someone in his administration was smart enough to keep that off the TV’s today. But I wished they’d play it.

Obama had nothing to do with the success of this landing.

But, watch him soon…he WILL take credit for it.

As for the team at NASA…God Bless you all…Curiosity will pave the way for the first American man on the moon, and trust us..we all  know who built that road, and it was no BO.  God…I just LOVE this stuff!

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The Scientists Fight Back…for Space

Nobody Flashes

We went to Iraq, Afghanistan, and closed our nation to the stars.


When we had NASA , we had kids who wanted to study science and become astronauts. We got future scientists.

Richard Branson just wants to take the rich on a very fun short-lived carnival space ride. No doubt 72 Sir Richard Branson Virgins will be supplied to the Saudi’s that sign up.  All very fine and good, but it won’t inspire too many kids to become explorers of the universe.

As you can see. all the politicians want our tax money to be spent on earth…on globalizaton.  Don’t expect Mitt to bring it back.

NASA was the ultimate investment in America, and now we outsource it…to the Russians—So it’s good to see in this video, that the American scientists are at least fighting back.

Nobody Thinks that it’s obvious–Why invest in failed solar projects when you could bring NASA back? You want ‘green energy’? Get NASA to invent it.

Oh…but then all those new patents would belong to the government and not a privately owned business then, with stock option then would it?

The truth is: we just don’t have the school system here anymore to support it….do we?

What HAVE they done to our country?

(To be fair…Americans are not the ONLY ones asking that question tonight. Somewhere in Spain, a bull is very tired. )




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Ashton Kutcher Missed the…NASA Boat.

Nobody Wonders

Last night, I was listening to my favorite late night talk show host, George Noory, and his guest, was a man who insisted that Obama is going to nuke Iran, and the whole world will be destroyed. He kept saying that we must get him out of office or the whole world will be destroyed by nukes. He said that about fifty times.

Gee…that’s a pleasant thought.

So what does a Nobody do? Recently, Richard (Where’s The White House dope?) Branson, President and owner of Virgin Galactic, is selling tickets to outer space faster than you can say, “Biden Bonkers.” Ashton Kutcher has just announced that he is the 500 person in line for Richard’s trip. He has to wait some time before he gets to do his turn…and if he hadn’t have rushed into things..he could have gotten a much better deal for much less cash.

Yes, he could have gone to Mars, round trip, for $500,000. Nasaa new partners in Mars expeditions, Elon Musk, are going to have their Falcon 9 launcher and Dragon Vessel to carry the crew and luggage, up and running in about 13  years…just about the time Ashton will be going up in his very short and very expensive trip to the sky and back, I will be going to Mars. I will look back and wave at the little guy, because my trip will be MUCH more exciting.

That is: if I win Megamillions tonight. And If I win… I’ll have MORE than enough for a roundtrip ticket, and Ashton will have to just get in line….again.

I might even plant a few trees while I’m there. The place could use some sprucing up.

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Nobody Reports

Glenn Beck posted this little gem on his website, and I just had to post it, because I’ve read just about everything about the moon landing being faked that there is, and I still have no idea, who or what to believe.

I must admit, with the evidence coming out everyday as to just how much our government lies…it’s pretty easy to believe they would “fake” at least the first moon landing, and then later on, got it right. So, why not fake a comet sighting? NASA has to look as if it is doing something, don’t they?

But I like this guy…astronaut Dan Burbark. He seems pretty sincere, and just because of the fact that he even mentioned Tasmania, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. He really DID see a putty-tat.

Not so, a few of Glenn’s readers–one guy had THIS to say:

  • love almost all your videos SA,  but this NASA Lovejoy noise is all a HOAX, i’m serious, the facts don’t add up, the size the trajectory, all of it and the CGI of night flight of  ISS, take a look at the posts everywhere on ISS night flight, THEY ARE ALL  CGI, look closely and think, and remember the ISSS is supposed to be over 340 km above us, THIS IS FAKED and bad CGI, LOOK PEOPLE, LOOK AT all the ISS Night Flights, they are FAKE and bad CGI.

I’d say, he sounds pretty convincing, whoever he is. I would look closely at the CGI if I knew where it was.

Does that stand for  “Cool, Graphic, Interface?”  “Common Gerbil Intelligence?”  “Centrifugal Germane Inkblots?”

And what is ISSS?– “Intelligent Suckers Still Supplementing?  “I Still Stand Stupid?”  ” Imminent Superior Soccer Stars?”

So I remained…stumped, until I continued reading and found my answer:

sumstuff46 said: maybe the earth ended and we are living in another dimension! 😉

That’s sounds good to me, sumstuff!

Anyway, Dan can come to my dinner table any old-time he wants, fake or not. He has real enthusiasm. I’m sure Tasmania will welcome him with open arms once he comes down.


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MTV Space Cribs…?

Nobody Cares:

Soon, you will see the ads:

Are you a multibillionaire? Is life on earth forcing you to watch all those racist tea party people trying to stop that wonderful Federal Reserve getting you down? Do you long to get away from the floods, global warming, Sarah Palin, and SUV’S? Are those pesky nights talking to Ben Bernanke starting to all seem like a blur? Does seeing Dick Cheney on his book tour just make you want to get as far off the planet as possible? Well, we have the answer for you! No longer do you have to feel the daily pressure of being one of the only people on the planet who feels that there are JUST too many people on the earth. The answer is not in viruses, or floods— the answer is right before you. You need a vacation. For just $4 million dollars you can spiral out of this world. You might NEVER want to come down. Call us today at 1-800-Galatic

Nobody is more jealous than me. People with big bucks are going to soon get to orbit the earth. All they need is a ticket. Space is going to be the next real estate venture, because let’s face it, a very elite group of multi-billionaires have sucked what little money was left out of the planet and feel the need to go BEYOND building franchises in China. They need more space. And despite the millions of space junk floating around our planet now, the race to build space hotels is the plan of the future.

The news out today was that NASA is not so sure the Space Station is going to stay afloat if the Russians don’t get up there. (Wait, I thought they closed NASA?) I can’t wait to see Putin strapped into the rocket, with his shirt off, two blond Russian babes by his side, taking a trip to the Russian hotel in the sky. No doubt he will be strutting around in his space station, in boxer shorts…lifting weights.

They haven’t been talking about it much but, we have a NEW race to space: not to the Moon…not to Mars, but to a three-day luxury trip to a romantic little room in a Space Hotel. Places where the showers are tiny bubbles of water, and the champagne can be sipped with a straw. If you want to sit down, you can put on your Spiderman suit, and Velcro yourself to a front row seat to see Africa rising.

If I was up there, I’d make a bet to see who could spot Angelina’s Jolie’s lips first.

Russia is building a Space Hotel and so are we. So…Who is going to the first to put the billionaires up into their own little orbiting hotel room? Right now, there are many more millionaires on the planet than in then there EVER was. Several hundred of them have managed to grab even more wealth and what can you give a person who has 52 Ferrari’s sitting in their garage?

A room in space.

The Barcelona-based architects of The Galactic Suite Space Resort say it will cost 3 million euro ($4.4 million) for a three-night stay at the hotel, with this price including an eight-week training course on a tropical island.

British tycoon Richard Branson’s space tours firm, Virgin Galactic, will use his facility in New Mexico to propel tourists into suborbital space at a cost of $200,000 a ride.

The numbers are similar for Virgin Galactic with 300 people already paid or signed up for the trip but unlike Branson, Galactic Suite say they will use Russian rockets to transport their guests into space from a spaceport to be built on an island in the Caribbean.

Russia, is aiming to have their hotel ready by 2016. They will use the Space Station as a storage container, and fill it with caviar and enough Vodka to last years.
While most of us would LOVE to take the trip, it remains to be seen, which hotel will have the best deal. I’ll be waiting for the Space Station Motel Six.

So, space scientific exploration is out— hotels in space are in. McDonalds in space can’t be too far behind.

Oh, one more thing…if Obama wins the next election, you can be sure that we will never go to Mars. Why?

Adam Ismail, Mustafa Khalil , and Abdullah al-Umari, three men from Yemen, sued NASA for invading Mars. They claim that they “inherited the planet from our ancestors 3,000 years ago.” They based their argument on mythologies of the Himyaritic and Sabean civilizations that existed several thousand years B.C.

That solves it. Muslims are Martians, we should let them go home.

Someday, we will be seeing Paris Hilton on her new show “Space Hilton presents: Paris’s MTV Space Crib.” I wish I could say “I’ll be dead so I won’t care.” but…something tells me, I may not be that lucky. (Nobody Makes this stuff up, and call that number at your own risk!)

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