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Ashton Kutcher Missed the…NASA Boat.

Nobody Wonders

Last night, I was listening to my favorite late night talk show host, George Noory, and his guest, was a man who insisted that Obama is going to nuke Iran, and the whole world will be destroyed. He kept saying that we must get him out of office or the whole world will be destroyed by nukes. He said that about fifty times.

Gee…that’s a pleasant thought.

So what does a Nobody do? Recently, Richard (Where’s The White House dope?) Branson, President and owner of Virgin Galactic, is selling tickets to outer space faster than you can say, “Biden Bonkers.” Ashton Kutcher has just announced that he is the 500 person in line for Richard’s trip. He has to wait some time before he gets to do his turn…and if he hadn’t have rushed into things..he could have gotten a much better deal for much less cash.

Yes, he could have gone to Mars, round trip, for $500,000. Nasaa new partners in Mars expeditions, Elon Musk, are going to have their Falcon 9 launcher and Dragon Vessel to carry the crew and luggage, up and running in about 13  years…just about the time Ashton will be going up in his very short and very expensive trip to the sky and back, I will be going to Mars. I will look back and wave at the little guy, because my trip will be MUCH more exciting.

That is: if I win Megamillions tonight. And If I win… I’ll have MORE than enough for a roundtrip ticket, and Ashton will have to just get in line….again.

I might even plant a few trees while I’m there. The place could use some sprucing up.

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