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The University of Chicago–Exploding Excretments

Nobody Cares

Sandra Fluke has done her job. So well in fact, that here we find another young student out to get some changes done…and  very important changes they are too! The toilets are exploding at the University of Chicago..yes, the school that mentored that hotbed of leaders that have graced it halls, and which have included: Saul Alinsky, David Axelrod, Carol Moseley Braun, David Brooks, Jon Corzine, Ramsey Clark, Ed Ashner, Paul Wolfowitz, Ahmaed Chalabi (Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq), David Rockefeller, and Indiana Jones–is falling apart.

And no one seems to care ! Exploding excrement, elevators that try to kill you, heating vents that burn and maine…and yet WHERE is our ‘President’ on this? After all, this IS Obama’s old school. This is where he met Michelle, who went on to be employed at the university, starting out at about $300, 000 a year. Surely they would want to help out their old alma mater?

Don’t they CARE about this poor girl? After all…if your hand falls on the heater at night, your medical bills alone will break you, and you won’t be able to afford contraceptives.

The cost of one semester at the University of Chicago is around $12,633, and that doesn’t include gas….so you would think that the university professors could take a cut in pay and fix the toilets, wouldn’t you?

Nobody Thinks—.there is more to this than meets the eye. It could be, the very halls themselves have decided to take revenge for the great evil that they have sent out into the world. If I was a university, and I knew the damage that had been done in my house, I certainly wouldn’t want to continue the trend.

I might explode a few toilets too.


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