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Eric Holder Suggests Fast and Furious Propaganda

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The Democrats LOVE to throw up the “Nazi” label to most everyone but themselves, but here we have proof that Eric Holder has taken a page directly out of Joseph Goebel’s bible of propaganda: repeat, repeat, repeat your message, and don’t stop with the propaganda…in fact start with the children. Get them “brainwashed” while they are young.

Make sure that every little child in the Uuited States think guns are bad, and  not “cool.”

They have to disarm America in order to control it. If Obama gets reelected, there is no doubt that the final push for “gun control” will just be mandated. Notice how tyranny is sold: Whatever they want you do to, it’s for …the good of the people.

Hey…communisn 101 comes to America in the form of “Hope and Change.” Whenever you hear Obama say “HE CARES”……that’s you’re cue that more of your freedom will be lost.

Remember..Hitler took the guns.

So what’s the good news? This was made in 1995, which means, Eric is not making much progress…guns are being sold at high levels all over the United States.

I can’t wait till this guy is gone as fast and as furious as he came in….can you?

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Nobody Reviews: Jack Abramoff


Nobody’s Opinion

 Jack Abramoff…not exactly a household name. I heard Jack on Michael Savage not too long ago.  If you watch Jay Leno, you know that not many people even know who our Vice President is, let alone who Jack Abramoff was.

Jack Abramoff…was one of the best lobbyist in history…and he hasn’t been out of jail for long. (2010)

Jack told Michael that the time he spent in jail made him realize, that even though in his job as a high paid lobbyist, he committed “crimes,” he never saw it that way at the time. Giving Congressmen money and gifts was just part of every good lobbyist’s job.

“What I did not consider then, and never considered until I was sitting in prison, was tha contributions from parties with an interest in legislation are really nothing but bribes. Sure, it’s legal for the most part. Sure, everyone in Washington does it. Sure, it’s the way the system works. It’s one of Washington’s dirty little secrets but it’s bribery just the same. “

After reading Jacks’ new book, Capitol Punishment, you realize that our whole political system is run on corruption and bribes, and you start wondering how much money is being given to Presidential candidates for their campaigns, not only from US companies, but from foreign countries?

And what do those foreign countries expect in return? Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library was practically built by donations from the Saudi Kings. What did he do for them? The same Saudi donations went to George W. Bush ‘s Presidential Library…what? Are we not drilling for oil so that President’s can have billons dollar monuments— so that they can be immortalized forever… by Saudi Kings?

Nobody Wonders about that…a lot.

Jack tells you in the book just how easy it was for a Russian leader to give a million dollars to Tom Delay by losing in a round of golf.

For those of you, who like me, had no clue what Jack Abramoff did to go to jail: He was accused of stealing money from the various Indian Casinos. Jack was hired by many of them to lobby Congress on their behalf –to help them… 1. KEEP the profits they made…and 2. make more.

For his hard work, Jack got paid around $300,000 a year….(the average for lobbyists) but in his estimation, he saved them billions.

Jack was a superman when it came to getting things done: to bribe Congressmen, he would get them the best tickets in town to any sports game going on: take them on trips around the world to play golf, and then make all his contacts (which were in the thousands) give Congressmen big fat other words…the whole culture of Washington is set up in bribes. Big businesses pay big bribes to big Congressmen, who vote this way or that on some big project.

It also runs major league sports teams too it seems, but that’s another blog.

That’s how Washington is run: You give to me, I’ll see that the government stays off your back, or as in GE’s case…you don’t have to pay any taxes. Or you can get out of Obamacare… Or in the case of Solyndra…you give Obama campaign money, and Obama will give you billions of taxpayer dollars.

So,…the very men that Jack gave big money to put in their campaign coffers, turned around and helped put him in jail. The question is why?

In an honest world, he should have gone to jail..but then, so should every lobbyist and every Congressmen in Congress. No matter what you think of Blogo’s hair, he is telling the truth.

When it comes to selling Obama’s senate seat. They ALL do it.  Just about everything in Washington has a price, and the Congressmen do not think taking money for their vote is illegal. For instance, Jack gives an example:

Congressman Bustamante once said to Jack:

“The Defense Department is planning to place a new naval base in the Gulf of Mexico, and I want it for my district. I hear they are looking at Florida instead. If I get that base, you get the votes. (for his casino) If I don’t, you don’t. The votes are from the Hispanic Caucus and they are solidly in my control. What do you say?”

I must admit: the book is not what I expected. It’s mostly a testimony for a life that wasn’t all that bad, a man justifying to the world that what he did, was mostly good stuff. He built Jewish schools. He helped organized the Republican Party in all states of the nation. He helped Ronald Reagan get in the White House. He was great friends with Grover Rehnquist, Mark Levin, and Tom Delay.

He’s not so enamored of Newt Gingrich, John McCain, or George Clooney, who once said on the Golden Globes awards, “What kind of parents would name their kid “Jack” when his name ends in ‘off?’ No wonder that guy is screwed up!”

It drove his daughter to tears.  

Yes, Jack lets you know all that goes into being a lobbyist, and what the book does do, is make you think about the whole concept of “lobbying.” You come away with the impression that— “Okay, we now know they all took bribes..but what does Jack leave out?”

Prostitutes? Drugs? What? I’m convinced that Jack Abramoff knows more than he will ever tell because he loves his family. He’s not about to risk his life, or theirs.   He swam with the sharks, he was the shark, and somewhere along the line, they went after him…because he knew too much.

And he was a devote Jew. I don’t know why, but I wouldn’t rule out his devotion to his religion as being a target. Somewhere along the line, and once in a while…our most corrupt politicians throw someone to the sharks..just to keep themselves out of jail. And the ones they throw into jail: know too much, or don’t follow orders.

If you don’t have time to read the book: go to the last chapter. Jack makes excellent suggestions:

“The reason there are tens of thousands of lobbyists is because the ever expanding federal government creates ever increasing opportunities of abuse. The more the federal does, the more lobbyists there will be to protect special interest at the expense of the common interest. “

“We need to eliminate any contribution by those lobbying the government participant in a federal contract or otherwise financially benefitting from public funds. If you get money or perks from elected officials be you a company, a union, an association, a  firm, or an individual, you shouldn’t be permitted to give them so  as one dollar.”

“Lobbyists should be banned from contribution to official organization and campaign funds. They should be banned from gift given as well.”

“Post public service lobbying employment needs to be eliminated. If you choose to serve in Congress or on a congressional staff, you should be barred for life from working for any company, organization or association which lobbies the federal government. “

Nobody Says—They should throw in that Presidential Advisors can’t get cushy jobs on major televisions networks to “lobby” the American people either for their X- bosses :  Dana, Rove–Mathews, Stephanopoulos…

“If you choose public serve choose it so serve the public. not your bank account. “

“Representatives should be allowed to serve for three terms of two years, senators for two terms of six year then they should get out of town.”

 “Apply every federal law enacted by Congress to the Congress itself. “

Anyone can see that these are excellent…and this Nobody hopes Jack continues now to use his “gifts” for lobbying every one he knows…to keep our Constitution.

The Constitution could use a good lobbyist right now. If Jack wants redemption…Nobody suggests Jack  starts with saving that, before it’s sold to Saudi’s for a future Obama Presidential Library.  THAT would be an honest day’s work, and a much better legacy.

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