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Nobody Can Find a Poor Man’s Rich Car

Nobody’s Perfect

Me:…..Okay, real short. I went looking at cars tonight, and my god…they all look alike. Really. I don’t care if it’s a Honda, Toyota, Ford, GM, whatEVER..row upon row of neat little sedans, made of boring colors. Gray, brown, dark grey, metallic gray, bobo gray, hissy gray, bore you again gray….. It’s as if the rich want to stand out. All the poor people have to drive boring gray cars that all look alike. Once in a while they throw in black and red just to make you think.

Now, I can tell you what I DIDN’T see tonight…These cars: They only make good designs for the rich people. The days of the sporty poor man’s Mustangs and Firebirds…are OVER.

Now everyone drives their grandmother’s car.

I mean REALLY. My grandmother had a pink caddallic…what is wrong with these “designers.”

Maybe I should just get an old truck and paint a dragon on the side.


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Nobody Flashes Hail Damage

Nobody Flashes

Due to an act of God and nature, I have hail damage on my old 94 Ford Cougar. This has made me a more than usual crabby camper. My insurance company says it’s totaled. I happen to disagree, because what’s a few dings? Sure, you can’t see out of the front window, and the side mirrors are not so good, but hey…it runs. You turn it on, and it moves. The radio works. The tires are not worn. And it’s now a collector’s item since they don’t make Cougars anymore…right? Whatever the reason, today and tomorrow will be slower than usual blogging days, since you NEED a car to go LOOK for a car, and so tomorrow, I am making one of those lifetime decisions, about how nothing is ever what they tell you is it…and buying a new care is a MUCH harder decision than whether someone should kill bin Laden or NOT. That would take a nano-second…finding a new car will more time…but hopefully it will be resolved within a few days.

Just thought I’d let you know. (that’s me)

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Nobody Notes: Obama Humpin’ the Dogs

Nobody’s Notes’

Once in a while, on some Sundays, I will be posting various thoughts that I have gathered from the news, just because they are there. They will mostly all be random, so I decided to simply call them, NOBODY’S NOTES, because as you can see…I’m on a Nobody Roll!

Here they are;


Remember when Spike Lee tweeted George Zimmerman’s  address so that the millions of blacks that had been fired up by Jesse Jackson and Obama, could go out and find him, inciting mob violence? Since it was his family’s home, Spike put innocent people in danger. If something had happened to George’s family, Nobody Wonders if Spike Lee would have been arrested?

And when the Black Panthers put out a million-dollar bounty on Zimmerman’s head, the press reported it as some kind of interesting development, instead of what it was: an intentional felony and attempt to kidnap. Since Obama and Eric Holder did nothing, does this mean that I can put out a bounty on Spike Lee’s head? Can the NRA put out a million- dollar bounty on the Black Panthers? If it’s legal for them, it must be legal for everyone, right?—

 Mr. President?


Joe Biden just came out with the statement: “Bin Laden is dead, General Motors is alive.” What he fails to mention is that it really doesn’t matter that GM is alive to the United States citizens. In the future, the U.S. auto companies will put most of their new plants in Mexico and China, not the U.S. GM has announced investments of $3.67 billion in Mexico since November 2007.  GM has closed five U.S. based assembly plant and put three more on standby. The plain fact is, JOE—  the U.S. will lose 65 percent of the automobile market in the next decade.

Nobody Wins when Joe starts talking. Bin Laden is dead, but Joe Biden is smoking some bigtime Obama weed when it comes to GM.


Did you know that the Japanese consumed 80 percent of BlueFin Tuna, a 500-pound fish grown in the Gulf of Mexico? Bluefins only spawns in the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean, but due to the oil spill, and the stock in the Mediterranean being depleted, Mitsubishi is starting to buy from Australia and they have to repackage it, because the Japs considered Australia’s Bluefin…inferior. Nobody Knows why the Japanese are such Bluefin ftuna lovers, and  why they don’t like Australia’s Bluefin..but then again, Nobody Cares.  


Nobody Remembers that 1848 was a strange year: Karl Marx published the Communist Manifesto, the first women’s rights convention was held at Seneca Falls,  NY,(coincidence?)  Wisconsin became the 30th state, Mexico was given $15 million for California, Nevada, Texas, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona, parts of Colorado and Wyoming: and the cornerstone was laid at the Washington monument. And all of that was overshadowed by the discovery of gold in California.

La Raza’s thinks America “stole” the territory, nevertheless we did pay Mexico fair and square. But $15 million is nothing compared to what we pay and have paid in welfare to the illegal Mexican citizens that we now support. If the Mexicans want it back: let them buy it back with interest.


We are facing economic disasters and a dangerous President who is grasping power without Congressional approval, and what is the Congress doing? Investigating steroid use in baseball players. Obama COULD have had a great joke about that last night at the dinner last night, but he chose instead to make dog eating jokes.  Nobody’s Perfect. And speaking of imperfections…

Did you know that David Axelrod, another Obama advisor, was born to a mother who wrote for a communist newspaper in New York City? Well, now you do.


John McCain was on Charlie Rose last week, talking like Attila the Hun. Nobody Thinks that Mitt Romney might just pick him to be Secretary of Defense the way he was going on.  He was upset that we weren’t bombing Syria, and Iran, and North Korea, and probably Miami. Nobody Wishes he would retire to some Swiss Mountain villa with Hillary and go get stoned. Really. And speaking of Hillary:

Sal Alinksy wasn’t only Hillary’s mentor he was Obama’s too:

For it was Alinsky who spent his life teaching would-be radicals (like Obama) that you can say what you have to say to get over the hump, but once you’re over the hump, you do whatever you want to do. In other words, it’s okay to present yourself as something moderate, even centrist, for the purposes of securing power, and once you’ve secured that power it is perfectly acceptable to revert to who (and what) you really are. In Rules for Radicals, Alinsky demonstrates this with a look at how Vladimir Lenin was able to overthrow the government in pre-communist Russia:

Which is why at the White House dinner, Obama could joke about NOT being born a citizen, and how he loves to eat dog, and the many other things he knows we can’t touch him on. He figures…He can go on promoting his Marxist/Alinky power because…he’s over the Hump

Now, watch if you feel like it…the United States’ President, humping the dogs like Eddie Murphy at the Dogtown Oscars.


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Nobody Gets Email: Sean Penn Has Met His Match.

Nobody Gets Email

Floyd sends me some pretty great video’s, but this guy has got Sean Penn’s number down to even its tiniest Sean Penn Hair follicles!

You’ll laugh at this, and then go…YEAH! Damn straight. Finally, someone who explains with great force WHY all this diversity is lame.

(I love Youtube.)

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Will Hillary Be the Next VP?

Nobody Get Email

If you think that campaign video’s proclaiming Obama’s great feats from his first four years in office is all you will be seeing all summer…think again!

This was just released, to remind the American people of how much Hillary Clinton has contributed to the administration. And how nobody should mess with this tough woman…and that includes Americans. (Uh…that is when she’s not getting drunk.)

(Thanks to Gary)

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Did Geronimo Kill Bin Laden?

Nobody Remembers

The propaganda has already begun. The brave, wise, and greatest commander-in-chief that ever sang on a late night television show—Barack Obama, a year ago Tuesday, killed bin Laden. Oh the danger he faced. Oh the planning he had to do…Oh the devastation to his career if those Navy Seals didn’t pull it off. The FACT that he did it on the night of his big speech in front of Congress…proved that it was all very well-planned, as was his big handshake to Panetta in front of the whole world.  Do you honestly think that he would have risk such a public display of confidence if it wasn’t in the bag?

The whole thing was scripted like a movie to make Obama look better than George W. Bush, who couldn’t catch the man all those years he was in office. Obama made us safe.

In fact we are SO safe according to Panetta, we needn’t worry anymore. The war on terror is OVER. But…wait! There must be a few terrorists still left out there, because all the police and the rest of the world are on high alert for attacks that are being planned by al-Qaeda for the bin Laden death anniversary! How in the world did they get past that “No more terror” alert? Did they miss that tweet?

But don’t worry. Obama is a real hawk when he has to be. Why…we are being told, Mitt Romney would never have made the decision to kill Obama in a million years.

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. A Ten-year-old could have made that decision in a nano-second… but that’s besides the point here.

So Nobody Wonders why the great Obama called his operation: Geronimo EKIA. That’s what the Seals reported to  Panetta on the phone when they confirmed that bin Laden was dead.

They shouted: “Geronimo EKIA!”

Uh…seems to me that another President named George,  was either being honored for this attack by the Seal Team, or he helped in most of the planning.  It’s no coincidence that the code name for bin Ladin was “Geronimo” I mean, come on.

That was picked to honor Bush’s daddy and his granddaddy for stealing Geronimo’s bones so long ago. Not Obama. Unless of corse, Obama was a Skull and Bones member, but somehow, I doubt it.

Now that the economy is not going to get any better, Obama only has one option left to make himself popular: Bomb Iran, and keep making propaganda about how he’s the toughest SOB on the planet: protecting the American people against attacks that…of course…are not there according to him.

But prostitute attacks…are real.

Next Tuesday, if there are no attacks, I’m sure Obama will take credit once again…but if he was REALLY as powerful as he portends to be…

He’d get back Geronimo’s bones, and give them back to his relatives..right? Isn’t he all for the minority rights? Well…isn’t he?

Don’t wait for it. I’m not.

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Bob Dylan & Diaphragms

Nobody Cares

Once in a while I take out a book from my library, and give it a look. I have over 7,000 books that I have collected through the years, mostly from sales at libraries ( where you could get a good hardback for 50 cents) and somewhere long ago, I had bought a book on Bob Dylan.

Like most baby boomers, I was obsessed with Dylan…bought all his records, marveled at his words. And when I became a singer myself, if my voice was not what I wanted it to be, I used the excuse “Well look, Bob Dylan can’t sing either and look how rich he got!”

Okay, that’s pretty lame..but it worked.

I’m reading the newly release book about Steve Jobs and found out that he had a two- year fling with Joan Baez mainly because Jobs was a Dylan freak too, and was thrilled to know that he was bedding the same woman that Bob Dylan had so long ago. As if, he was the same genius level as Bob.

You know…great minds think alike.

Years later I remember being completely disgusted when I saw my old idol Bob Dylan sitting next to Bill Clinton who was bombing Kosovo at the time (and killing many innocents by sheer misses) while he gave Bob Dylan the Congressional Honor Award.

Hypocrite I thought. What’s your “Masters of War” mean to me now?

Such is fame and ego.

So anyway, I opened up my old book this morning, only to find a flyer with the “Information on the use of the Diaphragm.” and I remember having used one after I was trying to get off the pill because of the horrors that the pill  was doing to my body.

I found sticking a big rubber thing up inside me rather annoying, so I didn’t use it for long. The fact that I kept the instructions hidden in a Bob Dylan book seems rather…funny to me now. (I put it back for my own historical reasons)

My doctor at the time laughed when I told him about getting one, and he told me the Diaphragm had been invented to keep camels from getting pregnant on the long voyages through the desert.  So the “men” decided to make diaphragms for the stupid women who couldn’t remember to take their pills.

Is that why they invented “the patch?” Stupid women can’t remember anything? Or was this a matter of trust? Probably both.

And so, somehow Nobody Thinks the dead Muslim woman are safe…BECAUSE….

Just how many Muslim women are using the old camel Diaphragms?

 Nobody Cares, but Nobody Wonders. 

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Nobody’s Fool: Senator James Inhofe

Nobody’s Fool

He’s not flashy. He’s not “cool.” What he is –is one hell of a Senator, and it’s about time he get more attention. And here’s some good news—there are a handful of good men (and women) in Washington, watching out for the American people, and Jim Inhofe is one of them.

He was this week’s hero.

Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) has launched an investigation into the Obama-EPA’s apparent “crucify them” and “incite fear” strategies targeted at American energy producers. This investigation will look into EPA’s actions towards domestic energy production specifically in light of the agency’s recent efforts relating to hydraulic fracturing.

In his letter to Lisa Jackson, Sen. Inhofe asks the EPA chief:“Do you believe it is appropriate for the Regional Administrator to make statements in which the Agency has ‘determined’ that due to a company’s actions, “houses could explode’ despite evidence known to Agency staff which would reasonably preclude such an outcome?”

Of course, like the weasels they are, the White House backed off, why Obama doesn’t do that…that guy was saying it all wrong…

Senator James Inhole used to work in the field of aviation, and had been a pilot in the Navy. He was a real estate developer, and was the President of the Quaker Life Insurance Company. He was the mayor of Tulsa at one time.  He has support from the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, United Parcel Service, National Association of Realtors, NRA, and the American Medical Association. He gets money from oil, and electric companies, and from that hated nemesis of every liberal that breathes: the Koch brothers.

He serves as a watchdog on the EPA…and as you will see in this video below, he’s not holding back what he thinks. He makes videos to keep us all updated on YouTube.

Among some of my favorite Jim Inhofe quotes are:

“I have offered compelling evidence that catastrophic global warming is a hoax. That conclusion is supported by the painstaking work of the nation’s top climate scientists.” (July, 2003)

“It kind of reminds…I could use the Third Reich, the Big Lie…You say something over and over and over again and people will believe it, and that’s their (the environmentalists’) strategy. (2006)

“I believe very strongly that we ought to support Israel; that it has a right to the land. This is the most important reason: Because God said so. As I said a minute ago, look it up in the Book of Genesis. It  is right up there on the desk.”

Like I said: he’s not flashy. He’s not well known. And one thing for sure: He’s Nobody’s Fool. Listen….

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Nobody Wins On Obama’s Farm

Nobody Wins

Hey…so The ObamaNazibater is going after pigs on the farms…and kids on the farms. He doesn’t want either.

One of my mother’s fondest memories was how she used to go out in the early morning and gather the eggs on my grandfather’s farm.  She was about 3, and she was small enough to crawl into the hen boxes and pick up the eggs, put them in a basket, and then her grandma would cook them up, and Grandpa would sell them to the neighbors. It was like a hide and seek game, and she loved it. To this day, I am convinced that my mother got her hard work ethic from the days she spent on that farm with her beloved grandfather.

My Prussian grandfather Toelle was one of the most popular men in the Missisppi Delta. At his funeral my mother counted over 1,000 bell rings. Back then, they would ring the bell everytime a car passed. They named a road after him. And now, Obama is trying to get control of the family farms.

And Obama’s turning us into Cuba as fast as he can….isn’t he?

Today, my grandfather would be arrested, not only for the pigs and chickens he was growing but for having my mother gather the eggs for him.

Anyway, some really good artists have made some really funny films about Obama’s communistic economic tactics.  I’ve posted one before…here’s another.


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Jimmy Fallon: Obama’s Obsequious Butt-Boy Tick

Nobody Knows

The reason Obama won the last election, according to many, was due to the fact that he got all those kids who had never voted in their life, to go out and vote. Some of them couldn’t even read, but there you go. We have just witnessed in the last month how Obama is going to “save” the poor, mistreated, left alone to suffer without him—American woman, and NOW he is going back after the young “students.”

So, when the obsequious Jimmy Fallon rehearsed a very hip and young way to catch all those college students, (and blacks) who we know from watching Jay Leno’s “walks” are pretty stupid, (see video) the young and stupid will think this President is really “cool” after watching this very slick advertisement for Obama made up especially for the POTUS.

After all, most of them haven’t got out into the real world yet. They don’t realized that the reason college is so expensive is due to the government

This from The Godfather:

It’s unfortunate that most college students rarely get a free market approach to economics. This is by design. Colleges are dependent on tax dollars. Even private colleges are subsidized by students who bring money they got from the government in the form of guaranteed government loans and grants.There’s another part to the story that is often missed. The rising cost of college is the direct result of government subsidizing education. Women trapped in welfare programs have little choice but to continue to vote for the political party that promises to maintain the programs. Republicans capitulate by going along with the Democrats so they won’t be vilified by the press and the always aggressive liberals.  Their debt after graduation — now at $1 trillion and more than all credit card debt — makes them dependent on the State.

So it’s the same as gettng the single mother voting Democrat forever. Put the ‘students’ on that same dependent bandwagon.

I stopped watching Jimmy Fallon when he made parents send in video tapes of them lying to their own children about taking away their Christmas presents and then laughing when the kids started crying.

VERY Sick. So it’s no surprise that Jimmy Fallon is pretty much a sumbag, although a talented one, and will do anything for a nickel.

And right now, he is the Obama’s obsequious butt-boy. Literally. Jimmy and Michelle have done pushups in the White house, and he has even made a pack with the dog. Next thing you know, he will be in the White House garden picking tomatoes with the kids.

Jimmy is being used to “slow-jam” Obama down our kids throats (Kids being anywhere from 19-55) …and have them love it while they do.

America: They can sell you a tick off a monkey’s back.

Jimmy insulted Michelle Bachman when the band played “The Bitch is Lying” as she walked out as a guest on his show. He denied knowing about it.


Nobody Knows how much money Jimmy is making to be Ba–‘RACK’s: (What’s with the new promunciation there Mr. Obama?)  personal campaign manager for the young…but one thing I do know…

Jimmy makes a mighty good tick.

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Rubio VS Obama: Not Eligible…but Nobody Cares

Nobody Wonders

This is a bit old, but watch it to the end, where the fact is plainly laid out that Marco Rubio is stated not to be eligible to be Vice President. Here you come into the two arguments: Republicans want to stay to the Constitution, and to the rule of law. This is their cry….untill it came to that one rule of law that only a “citizen” born in the United States would be eligible for high office.  Obama, by most of the stuff that I have read (and I’ve been reading a lot about this) was not eligible, and the birth certificate he produced was a joke. He did the same thing he did in Obamacare…he bribed whomever he could to remain silent. The fraud of his elections has been reported all over the news. But, we go on. Who cares? What can we do now?

Right. He’s got the power, it’s too late.

But…besides Joseph Farrah of WND, Jerome Corzi, and Donald Trump…every single man and woman in Congress has kept silence.

The Democrats use the old line that works very well…”Oh it’s such a trivial thing!” And they honesty believe the Constitution is old, outdated, and they just don’t pay much attention to it.  The Republicans are ignoring the facts, because they have planned to use Marco Rubio as a Vice President, and this decision was probably made right after Obama was elected.

So BOTH parties are hypocrites. They know that can’t be honest and “change” the Constitution, because Obama has already served. Besides, too many people would get upset. So they just ignore it.

There are so many other things that occupy people’s mind that in hindsight it does seem sort of trivial.’s not. Not at all. Our founders knew what they were doing.

As we have seen with the atrocities of Obama’s “rule of tyrannical law” a man who feels very little for America, with “Dreams of his Kenyan Father”  has taken the most powerful reins of America and used its vast resources to help the Muslim Brotherhood gain back its power in Middle East. They have now come to thank him in the White House. And we are in more danger as a nation than ever.

That’s why you make sure you have a born citizen hold that office.

Rubio, the contender who everyone assumes will be picked, is out talking about Russia today. Last week, it was Africa. He knows he is about to become one of the very richest men on Earth. He will lead the merger of the Mexico/America into the future, especially if he goes on to become President. Our American nation, our constitution, will be made to be “trivial” in the wake of whatever they have planned for us.

We must all but consider the Constitution as being dead in the water. If our leaders abide by no law, or laws they pick and choose for their own benefits, then why does it matter who gets elected?

Now we have to pick between more Muslims coming into our country, or more Mexicans.

To believe in America, to promote America…means you would have to become an isolationists (Watch them all SPIT out that word)

And now that I’ve had that little Nobody rant…I’m off to go try to find some strawberries that don’t taste like they were “genetically modified” in some Monsanto lab. And I’m thinking, maybe we ought to let Monsanto grow the next President.

A lot of people would go for it.



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Drones…Here to (cough) Protect You.

Nobody Reports:

Drones. Our politicians are drone crazy. Did you know that the U.S has over 7,000 drones flying more hours than manned attack planes, and more pilots are being trained to operate them than manned aircraft?

Think of what this is going to do to the commercial airline industry in the future. Most of the commercial pilots come right out of the Air Force.  What is going to happen when there is a shortage of pilots due to the fact that our military is training them to fly drones?

Better go to Paris now.

I saw my first drone at a tea party gathering around 2009. To say I was shocked that a few thousand  people needed to be watched by a drone, is an understatement. It’s not a good feeling…I actually thought about giving it the finger as it passed over my head, but had second thoughts: What if my picture is taken giving the drone the finger? Did I really want to be on Obama’s hit list?

Everyone at that tea party was insulted that we even needed to be spied upon. My goodness…we had TEA bags. Very lethal. Lots of veterans had looks of…well, I won’t say.

But spied on we will be.  Somehow between worrying about the damage being done to the country from those dangerous baseball pitchers taking steriods, Congress found time to passed legislation giving the go ahead for drones to monitor the skies over the US and spy on its citizens. More than 50 companies are already developing more than 150 drone system. (see map)

50? Really? Best Buy’s are closing down all over the country, but drone companies are doing great business? What’s wrong with this picture?  Tell me…why do we need them here in the States? Don’t we have helicopters? And are there going to be that many people needing drones? Didn’t Obama say the “war on terror” was over?

I mean, come on. What can a drone do that’s so almighty important besides kill you?

 It takes a crew of 180 people to pilot one military drones— operate its sensors, analyze the data it collects and lots of people to handle maintenance, and while not as expensive as a jet fighter, the latest Reapers cost $8 million each and can be shot down easier…which is why Iran is really proud to have gotten one  from Obama for free.

The CIA is now flying drones, and so far they have killed over 2,000 people identified as terrorists. And it seems, hundreds of people and organizations are going to get to fly them all over the place—It’s just the latest cool toy that you always wanted as a kid. And everyone is excited!

 For example, the COA list does not include any information on which model of drone or how many drones each entity flies. In a meeting with the FAA [Thursday], the agency confirmed that there were about 300 active COAs and that the agency has issued about 700-750 authorizations since the program began in 2006. As there are only about 60 entities on the COA list, this means that many of the entities, if not all of them, have multiple COAs (for example, an FAA representative [Thursday] said that University of Colorado may have had as many as 100 different COAs over the last six years). The list also does not explain why certain COA applications were “disapproved” and when other authorizations expired. Most of the active drones are deployed from military installations, enforcement agencies and border patrol teams, according to the Federal Aviation Authority.
(Wait..isn’t the Colorado University near the secret underground bunker? What are they going to do..kill the little nobody who will be running for the bunker doors?)
Astonishingly, 19 universities and colleges are also registered as owners of what are officially known as unmanned aerial vehicles. Many of the of institutions, which include Cornell, the University of Colorado, Georgia Tech, and Eastern Gateway Community College, are developing drone technology.

Colleges need drones? What are they going to do? Follow you home if you steal one of their $100-dollar text books?

The nation is bankrupt and Congress is buying drones, which are going to be used to track every single person, car, house, river, stray dog, and illegal backyard tomato patch in the nation. They figure when they tell grandma and grandpa that their Social Security is run out, they are NOT going to get attacked by maniacal seniors out running around with their kitchen knives looking for someone to puncture.

Nope, they are going to stay in the sky…seek, and destroy.

Really. You tell me why we need a gazillion drones in the sky? What are they expecting? A massive invasion? Is THAT why General Petraus was taken from Afganistan and put in charge of the CIA over here?

All of a sudden, the elections look lame. I don’t know about you, but I plan to take a REAL pilot out to never know when you might need one.   

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Nobody’s Perfect: Joe Biden VS Mark Abaire

Nobody’s Perfect:

We have two very minor mistakes made by two men in Florida last week. One man was a major player—

Vice President Joe Biden visited the Florida Everglades on Monday to promote the Everglades Restoration Project and joked about his Secret Service detail threatening to shoot the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation commissioner.

Okay, whether that “joke” about having his secret service man shoot the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation commissioner came AFTER he called the Everglades, EverGators, is not known by this Nobody. I wasn’t there. So, mark another great slip of the tongue by our Vice President Joe Biden, right up there with the other slip of the tongue last week by Marco Rubio (see former posts) and it seems the heat in Florida is getting to the brains that are not used to thinking anyway.

Joe , far as we know, will be Obama’s running mate again. And we also know: he is very afraid of “gators.”

Then–we have this man Mark Abaire, who, in my old hometown of Naples, Florida, decided to get a cup and go get himself a free soda from McDonalds. Nobody finds it comforting to know that in my old hometown, the citizens are not about to take this lying down: The employees called the police.

 Mark Abaire, 52, of Naples, Florida, was arrested by Collier County deputies after leaving a local McDonald’s without paying for the soda he put in his complimentary water cup. While the felony theft charge he faces for the $1 theft sounds a bit like something out of a Victor Hugo novel, it turns out that Abaire is a repeat offender In Florida, a third-degree felony can mean a sentence of up to 5 years in prison and a $5,000 fine. Abaire faces additional misdemeanor counts of trespassing and disorderly intoxication. He was held in Collier County jail with bond set at $6,500. Which is $6,499 more than the price of a soda.

Nobody Thinks the Collier County police might want to look into our VP threatening to shoot their Game commissioner, but, then again, maybe they should just invite him back to wrestle Mark Abaire for a soda.

Something tells me the two men might just hit it off.


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Smart Car VS The Rest of the Road…

Nobody Flashes

The Obama administration wants us all to be in smaller cars. But we will always have big monster trucks on our highways.

I saw one of these today, and it made me think of this video, which I hesitate to show, but nevertheless…think about it. How really smart is this car?  And is this just another way to “cull” the herd?

(Thank to Pattie)

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