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President Trump: Putting the EPA Back to Work, To Save Lives

Nobody Remembers

Do you remember some time ago when I wrote about how MAD I was to find out, that not far from my house, was a huge hole where long ago, the government had dumped the radioactive waste from the Manhattan project?

For four days afterward, in a panic, I got together suitcases to prepare for a 5-minute escape, after I had heard a news report telling the surrounding area to get ready to flee.

I was even madder that the government had kept this a BIG secret from not only the rest of the country, but the people surrounding the area for over 50 years. This area is in the middle of millions of people’s houses and even Lambert Airport.

Do NOT underestimate how secretive your government can be. (Remember that tomorrow.)

But some people knew about it, and they’ve been trying to get the government to MOVE the waste for over 27 years.

And today, I heard the great news: The waste will be removed, and the waste company will pay to remove it. All it took was the right President.

And President Trump put Scott Pruit, the EPA top guy on it:

 Thursday, EPA Administrator Scott Pruit announced the proposed partial remedy which would remove 70% of the waste carried over from the Manhattan Project. The proposition will carry an additional period of public comment before final implementation. During that time, community members will have opportunities to provide questions, concerns, and wishes to the EPA.

There ARE people fighting this, most likely the Republic Waste company that will have to pay the $360 million to do it. And to save money, they want to hold a public hearing and try to convince the people that they could just leave the waste there but put it in bigger and safer containers.


They should remove it and send it to North Korea. Because now, underground, there is a fire burning. Evidently, they don’t want to mess with that…because there might be an ‘accident’ so 70% is all they can muster.

Nevertheless, after all these years, they should do the right thing and move it.

And that’s not the worst of it: It seems, they not only dumped radioactive waste in this landfill, they also dumped it into a creek…several miles away from the Manhattan site. Again, right in the middle of thousands of houses and a city.

And this is the map where you find a cancer cluster.

As I told you this week, my dear friend who lives up the street from me, has stage 4 cancer, and she worked near this creek. There are litigations going on, but so far, nobody has collected a dime.

So, tomorrow, when you hear all the BS about how upright the FBI, and the DOJ is, remember, a government once cared so much about its own people who it dumped it’s toxic waste right near a major city.

And kept it a secret. Even when the people found out, no President would care enough to order it taken care of.

Until now.

So, I must say: THANK you Mr. President.

For doing the right thing for the ‘people’ at last. Scott said it will take about five years, but that’s certainly a start.

Now, we’d better not get a huge hike in our waste bill. They better not put the bill on the local clients….or I’m CALLING the President!

That’s a threat you can count on.

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Question: Just How MANY Sewers Have the Democrats Gummed Up?

Nobody Wins–

—Until NOW—(Applause!) President J. Donald Trump is cleaning house, fumigating the barn, stomping the bugs, melting the cheesy tacos, draining the swamp, and not only taking names, but deleting those names forever from the American playbook. Snakes will be replaced with eagles, and Nancy Pelosi will someday be remembered, not as a Congresswoman, but as a lady who put Botox out of business. cat-face

And it’s just the first week!

This nobody is wondering if he could get to the EPA sooner than later. We the American People Have been tortured too long. A few days ago I heard a spot on the radio saying…”Don’t worry if your water is brown…it’s just oxidation.” And then there’s my plumber who told me that every month he puts bleach down every drain in his own house.

I was reading today about the damage done by the “low-flow” toilets:

Those “low flow” toilets intended to save water don’t work particular well, either. Environmentally conscious San Francisco changed its building codes to require them. The move may have saved water, but it also created a far more immediate environmental disaster. Without enough water to wash out sewer pipes, human waste gummed up the sewer system. On hot summer days, residents in some areas complained of a rotten-egg stench. The problem is one reason San Francisco has spent $100 million to upgrade its sewer system. When that failed, the city turned to another solution–bleach. It invested $14 million in a three-year supply to inject into its sewer system–promoting an outcry from environmentalists concerned about ‘irreversible’ damage to the environment, such as the production of poisonous chlorine gas and the release of cancer-causing toxins into San Francisco Bay.”

                                                                           (Freedom Manifesto-Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames, p.69)

That does it: I’m adding San Francisco on top of Flint, Michigan as a place I don’t need to visit anytime soon.

And for further explanation as to why we should cut that EPA, here’s Dick Morris:


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Nobody’s Perfect: Obama’s EPA VS Obama’s Race War

Nobody’s Perfect

You might think that this week, with all the emotional turmoil over Donald Trump and FOX, the Nobody’s Perfect Title would be Kelly VS Trump.


 It’s actaully, some really nasty Obama programs that will harm us a lot more than a personal political battle…This week it’s all about Obama’s programs which have been designed to hurt us all: And we haven’t even gotten to Climate Change and Gun Control yet. 

This week, we have Obama’s wars:

Obama’s EPA VS Obama’s Race War:

Let’s start with the disaster that Obama’s precious EPA has done: 

This covers quite a large area…and all the people that use that water are now going to have to buy bottled water, (more money)  and who knows how long it will take to clean it up? Maybe years.

Obama’s beloved EPA, which is the right arm of the President, has just now poisoned the well. (There must be a lot of white people living along this river.)

These people are going to be going through a daily hell. They can’t sue the mining company, and they can’t sue the EPA OR Obama. It was….an accident.  It shows you what happens when “You didn’t build that” but you sure as heck wish you would have.

The Irony of it is too incredible to even imagine. The Government agency that is meant to protect us from spills like this: Causes it….with a oops. Sorry.

And then there’s Obama’s Race war. As you all know, I live not far from Ferguson. After the big Obama takeover of Ferguson last year, the black shops made a lot of money from millions of good hearted “WHITE” people, donating their time and money to help out… and Obama himself sent millions in to “help” the community. Big corporations dug in their pockets: MORE money.West arrested

This small stretch of road made more money than most small countries…and where did it go?

The Democratic governor, Nixon (Who refused to send in the National Guard and let it burn)  is also giving the city (and their new black mayor) $360 million to rebuild it into a beautiful tourist spot, complete no doubt with a statue of the “gentle” giant. So, it’s been very calm and things have been back to normal…somewhat…until a few days ago.

Obama must have made the phone call from his golf cart in Martha’s Vineyard.

And out of THIN air, the same protesters were coming out again. YES! And this time, they want WAR!

In a day of civil disobedience called by activists to protest the shooting of Brown and other unarmed black men across the United States by police, 57 people were arrested as they broke through barricades at a courthouse in St. Louis and blocked the entrance, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Missouri said.

Among those arrested was Princeton University professor and activist Cornel West, according to a protest organizer, and the crowd was shouting “We are ready for war!”

Their black representatives were on the ball…there to help…Antonio French even told them they could hide in his office when the shots were going on:


Tonight I let 4 guys run into the #HealSTL office to get away from the gunfire. While I was in the front, they stole laptops and iPads. SMH.Lady

And that lovely race baiter Congresswoman, Maria Chappelle Nadal, tweeted too….

AMERICA: There is a genocidal effort underway in St. Louis. Please pray for peace and our safety. We are hearing reports of police hunting.

I hate to correct you Maria, but there were a lot of people sitting in traffic tonight when the protesters shut down the heaviest traffic during rush hour. It’s horrible every day WITHOUT a bunch of idiots blocking everyone’s chance to get home after a hard day’s work…or even someone trying to get to the hospital.

The police let them stop traffic, then calmly arrested most of them….but it took over an hour. You do NOT want to know the mess that caused.

There were more than a few white people in that line, so it seems the ‘white lives’ don’t matter is taking hold.

So who won the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week? the EPA or the Ferguson War Hunters?

Obama wins!  He seems to win almost every other week. I think, he’s actually on the road for an Olympic Nobody’s Perfect Metal.

I need to design that sucker…maybe a roach pin..but then again, when it comes to Obama, I wouldn’t want to insult the noble roach.



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Voter Sewer Scare Tactics

Nobody Wins

Last Tuesday, all eyes were on Wisconsin, and so were mine. So when I went to vote Tuesday at my local police station..I had NO idea what we were voting on. The parking lot was packed: Wow, I thought to myself, must be something important on the ballot!”

As I was walking up, I spotted one of my swimming buddies and her mom. “MOM” wanted to vote. And I had to admire her spunk because she had a walker, and had quite a ways to walk…and walking wasn’t exactly an easy thing for her to do.

“So, what’s on the ballot?” I asked.

“Oh…you HAVE to vote yes!” said ‘Mom’. Everyone told me if we don’t, our rates will go sky high!”

Now, I don’t watch too much TV..but I noticed the “fear factor” right away. I saw BIG fear in Mom’s eyes. Obamacare was passed with the “fear factor”…the “stimulus” was passed with the “fear factor,” so I am always leery of anything that our “rulers” say if we DON’T pass the taxes…Hell will visit our doorway, with a couple of pit bulls salivating buckets of slim, and we will all die of Ebola.  

And so, on the doorway, I looked and saw what we were voting on:


To comply with federal and state clean water requirements, shall The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD) issue its sewer revenue bonds in the amount of Nine Hundred Forty Five Million Dollars ($945,000,000) for the purpose of designing, constructing, improving, renovating, repairing, replacing and equipping new and existing MSD sewer and drainage facilities and systems, including sewage treatment and disposal plants, sanitary sewers, and acquisition of easements and real property—related thereto, the cost of operation and maintenance of said facilities and systems and the principal of and interest on said revenue bonds to be payable solely from the revenues derived by MSD from the operation of its wastewater sewer system,including all future extensions and improvements thereto?——YES NO

(Well, so they want to update the whole sewer system, and WHY is that? Which means the cost will be passed onto the clients…right? And all future extensions will just be added without notice? )



PROPOSITION 1 Shall Article 2 of the Plan (Charter) of The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District be amended to provide that the portion of the boundaries of the District that are located within St. Louis County shall be as described in records kept in the office of the Secretary-Treasurer of the District and no longer required to be contained in the text of the Plan? —YES NO


(What? It goes into some office and is no longer required to be contained in the “text” of the Plan? What if I want to read the “test” of the plan? That doesn’t sound good. Does that mean the Secretary only gets to see it? )




PROPOSITION 2 Shall Articles 3 and 9 of the Plan (Charter) of The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District be amended to (a) establish procedural requirements relating to the formation of sub districts within the District and the design, construction and funding of improvements in such subdistricts, and (b) establish the method for levying special benefit assessments, all subject to a vote of the property owners in the affected subdistricts?—YES NO


(Yes, the property owners DO need to vote..but will we be reading this same Turkey gobble?)




PROPOSITION 3 Shall Article 3 of the Plan (Charter) of The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District relating to powers of the District be amended to (a) permit the District to establish environmentally sustainable standards and practices, and (b) clarify the existing authority of the District to enter into contracts pertaining to stormwater facilities?—YES NO


(Okay, this smacks of Al Gore. Does this mean the DISTRICT gets to establish environmental sustainable standards and practices, and will be able to tell us all to get windmills to run our sewers? Well, how would YOU take this?)




PROPOSITION 4 Shall Articles 5, 7 and 10 of the Plan (Charter) of The Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District be amended to provide that notice of the expiration of the term of office of a Director, notice of tax levy hearings, notice of proposed rate changes, and notice of elections under the Plan (Charter) shall be given by mail, publication or electronic media, or such other form of communication as may be permitted by Missouri law?–YES NO


(You have to wonder, they don’t do this now? what if they NOTICE us? )


After my “shock”,  I looked in the empty room…where I saw one man, and four ladies sitting at a table. Besides “mom” I was the only voter there.  “Uh, can anyone here tell me what this gobblegook really means?” I asked. “I haven’t heard a lick about this on the local news, and this is like legalize from Russia.”


The man came over to me, with an understanding and sympathetic look on his face. I could tell he was just as confused as I was about the whole thing. “I know, I’m sorry, we are not allowed to say anything.” he said.


Then, over she came…the dragon liberal lady. The grand puba of the room: She looked me straight in the eye, and said, “You don’t HAVE to vote.” Right. I came here because I was bored.


“Of course I have to vote. I live here.” I said to her in a half cocked angry voice.  If a liberal wants it to pass, then right away I’m suspect. I’d vote just to spite her.  But, by the time I got my ballot, I figured my vote wouldn’t count at all. No one was here. They didn’t advertize this much, and they wrote the whole thing in such confusing language anyone could interpreted in any fashion.


Is this how they are cramming the green energy down everyone’s thoat all over America? I knew it was already a done deal. They talk about the “blacks” being disenfranchised in America, but when they hold voting on a Tuesday, and don’t even talk about the issues, and then write it as unintelligible as possibly, so you don’t really know what it means..and then threaten you if you DON’T pass your new high rates, you will be sorry.


Nobody Wins. Comrades. America loses.

 Mom’s daughter went out to get the car and I walked “mom”  out on my arm…I told her how much I missed my own mom, and she said, “I lost my son. He was in the Air Force and was shot down in Saudi Arabia.”

What can you say besides…thank you so much for your son and his service? It made me very sad…lost generations. This poor lady thinks she did the right thing…her bills will go up, and she just voted for them too.


Tonight, when I got home, I found out two things: Number One: What scared good old “Mom.’ THIS is how they extort high rates of taxes out of the American people.

With FEAR. Al Gore, would be proud

Proposition Y is a $945 million bond issue by the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District (MSD).

If St. Louisans vote yes, sewer rates for the average single-family MSD user would rise from roughly $29 for the average single family to roughly $44 by mid-2015. The new rate effective July 1 of this year would be about $31.

By contrast, a rejection of the measure would raise that average rate to about $64 effective July 1 of this year. That figure would then rise to about $65 by mid-2015.

MSD must increase its rates to begin paying for $4.7 billion in upgrades mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The expenses stem from a settlement announced in August. The upgrades will help correct more than 350 sewer overflows in the St. Louis area and will be made over 23 years, according to a primer document from MSD. They will address violations of the Clean Water Act

 Number Two: Proposition Y passed with a majority, which means I was outnumbered by “Mom” and the dragon lady.

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Nobody’s Fool: Senator James Inhofe

Nobody’s Fool

He’s not flashy. He’s not “cool.” What he is –is one hell of a Senator, and it’s about time he get more attention. And here’s some good news—there are a handful of good men (and women) in Washington, watching out for the American people, and Jim Inhofe is one of them.

He was this week’s hero.

Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.) has launched an investigation into the Obama-EPA’s apparent “crucify them” and “incite fear” strategies targeted at American energy producers. This investigation will look into EPA’s actions towards domestic energy production specifically in light of the agency’s recent efforts relating to hydraulic fracturing.

In his letter to Lisa Jackson, Sen. Inhofe asks the EPA chief:“Do you believe it is appropriate for the Regional Administrator to make statements in which the Agency has ‘determined’ that due to a company’s actions, “houses could explode’ despite evidence known to Agency staff which would reasonably preclude such an outcome?”

Of course, like the weasels they are, the White House backed off, why Obama doesn’t do that…that guy was saying it all wrong…

Senator James Inhole used to work in the field of aviation, and had been a pilot in the Navy. He was a real estate developer, and was the President of the Quaker Life Insurance Company. He was the mayor of Tulsa at one time.  He has support from the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, United Parcel Service, National Association of Realtors, NRA, and the American Medical Association. He gets money from oil, and electric companies, and from that hated nemesis of every liberal that breathes: the Koch brothers.

He serves as a watchdog on the EPA…and as you will see in this video below, he’s not holding back what he thinks. He makes videos to keep us all updated on YouTube.

Among some of my favorite Jim Inhofe quotes are:

“I have offered compelling evidence that catastrophic global warming is a hoax. That conclusion is supported by the painstaking work of the nation’s top climate scientists.” (July, 2003)

“It kind of reminds…I could use the Third Reich, the Big Lie…You say something over and over and over again and people will believe it, and that’s their (the environmentalists’) strategy. (2006)

“I believe very strongly that we ought to support Israel; that it has a right to the land. This is the most important reason: Because God said so. As I said a minute ago, look it up in the Book of Genesis. It  is right up there on the desk.”

Like I said: he’s not flashy. He’s not well known. And one thing for sure: He’s Nobody’s Fool. Listen….

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