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President Trump: Putting the EPA Back to Work, To Save Lives

Nobody Remembers

Do you remember some time ago when I wrote about how MAD I was to find out, that not far from my house, was a huge hole where long ago, the government had dumped the radioactive waste from the Manhattan project?

For four days afterward, in a panic, I got together suitcases to prepare for a 5-minute escape, after I had heard a news report telling the surrounding area to get ready to flee.

I was even madder that the government had kept this a BIG secret from not only the rest of the country, but the people surrounding the area for over 50 years. This area is in the middle of millions of people’s houses and even Lambert Airport.

Do NOT underestimate how secretive your government can be. (Remember that tomorrow.)

But some people knew about it, and they’ve been trying to get the government to MOVE the waste for over 27 years.

And today, I heard the great news: The waste will be removed, and the waste company will pay to remove it. All it took was the right President.

And President Trump put Scott Pruit, the EPA top guy on it:

 Thursday, EPA Administrator Scott Pruit announced the proposed partial remedy which would remove 70% of the waste carried over from the Manhattan Project. The proposition will carry an additional period of public comment before final implementation. During that time, community members will have opportunities to provide questions, concerns, and wishes to the EPA.

There ARE people fighting this, most likely the Republic Waste company that will have to pay the $360 million to do it. And to save money, they want to hold a public hearing and try to convince the people that they could just leave the waste there but put it in bigger and safer containers.


They should remove it and send it to North Korea. Because now, underground, there is a fire burning. Evidently, they don’t want to mess with that…because there might be an ‘accident’ so 70% is all they can muster.

Nevertheless, after all these years, they should do the right thing and move it.

And that’s not the worst of it: It seems, they not only dumped radioactive waste in this landfill, they also dumped it into a creek…several miles away from the Manhattan site. Again, right in the middle of thousands of houses and a city.

And this is the map where you find a cancer cluster.

As I told you this week, my dear friend who lives up the street from me, has stage 4 cancer, and she worked near this creek. There are litigations going on, but so far, nobody has collected a dime.

So, tomorrow, when you hear all the BS about how upright the FBI, and the DOJ is, remember, a government once cared so much about its own people who it dumped it’s toxic waste right near a major city.

And kept it a secret. Even when the people found out, no President would care enough to order it taken care of.

Until now.

So, I must say: THANK you Mr. President.

For doing the right thing for the ‘people’ at last. Scott said it will take about five years, but that’s certainly a start.

Now, we’d better not get a huge hike in our waste bill. They better not put the bill on the local clients….or I’m CALLING the President!

That’s a threat you can count on.

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Nobody Flashes: Radiation by Government

Nobody Flashes

Minutes ago, I heard a very brief message on my local radio station saying that nuclear radiation in a local landfill, has gotten to the point that many people might be asked to leave their homes, or just not go outside. Since I do not live too far from this ‘landfill’, I am just posting this to warn readers that if they don’t see my posts online, the reason is, I’ve had to leave my home. While I understand that worst case scenario, It’s not like I wouldn’t have time to take my most prized possessions, as the poor people in California fires could not do, but what DOES infuriate me, is that it is just now coming out on our local news, that radiation has been leaking into the atmosphere for some time now.

It’s also only NOW being reported that the waste from the 1942 bombs were dumped not only near our water supplies and near the city of St. Louis, it gets worse. The company AND the government did experiments on the population back then, and dumped by plane, radioactive material on areas of population to see the effects.

Many people in North County St. Louis have died from rare cancers. My best friend from High School, died at 47 from brain cancer, as did my father. Nobody ever thought much of it…

Until now.

So, the government has known about this problem for a long time, and now claim, nothing can be done, because there is a nuclear fire underneath the landfill.mad

St. Louis American: Legislators call attention to North County radioactive dump


“A river floodplain is probably the worst place to store radioactive waste, said Robert Criss, a geology professor at Washington University. But in fact, that’s where such waste has ended up after Mallinckrodt Chemical Works started producing uranium for atomic bombs in 1942 right next to the Missouri River floodplain.

The (nuclear) waste landed only eight miles upstream from Missouri American Water Companys intake for drinking water in Florissant that supplies all of North County. Thats also upstream from the Chain of Rocks water intake, a main supplier for St. Louis citys water. Dumped illegally in 1973, the waste is now buried in the West Lake landfill, west of Interstate 270 on St. Charles Rock Road. As the radioactive waste gets older, it becomes more dangerous, said representatives of Missouri Coalition for the Environment.”

“… the radiotoxins had migrated widely throughout the landfill. Also, the fire was hotter than acknowledged and not confined to the South Quarry by the gas injection wells. It was advancing on the North where, at the far end, lie the radioactive wastes that remain in Area 1. That is to say, the worst case concern in everyone’s mind of contact between the fire and radioisotopes has, in fact, begun unfolding for the past year in slow motion. It has been unseen only because radioactivity is invisible and odorless, and the instruments that have been installed to measure radioactivity only detect an entirely different type of gamma radiation than the alpha emitting radium isotopes buried here.”

“Even the company’s own groundwater tests show the radiotoxins have also dispersed into the South Quarry where temperatures are the hottest. Alpha emitting particles may only be extremely dangerous if inhaled or ingested, but they are now being volatized into a gaseous form that is escaping into the air, precisely into the form that is most hazardous. For the past year, downwind neighbors have been at risk of inhaling that radiation.”


Anyway, I just asked my husband if we should go and get a radiation kit, and his answer was…”Why? It’s not like we can move.”

And here’s the kicker: this radiation could very well have leaked into the water basin of the Mississippi.

I’m beginning to think EPA really stands for Exterminate People Association.

It’s one thing to have to leave your home for natural disasters, quite another to know your own government is slowly killing you from radiation.

Yes, I’m pissed. They have been reassuring us all for years, that…we…are ….safe.

Evidently…the truth is, we are not.

I want to know, what politician was paid off. (By the way, the democrats have run the city forever.)


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