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President Trump: Putting the EPA Back to Work, To Save Lives

Nobody Remembers

Do you remember some time ago when I wrote about how MAD I was to find out, that not far from my house, was a huge hole where long ago, the government had dumped the radioactive waste from the Manhattan project?

For four days afterward, in a panic, I got together suitcases to prepare for a 5-minute escape, after I had heard a news report telling the surrounding area to get ready to flee.

I was even madder that the government had kept this a BIG secret from not only the rest of the country, but the people surrounding the area for over 50 years. This area is in the middle of millions of people’s houses and even Lambert Airport.

Do NOT underestimate how secretive your government can be. (Remember that tomorrow.)

But some people knew about it, and they’ve been trying to get the government to MOVE the waste for over 27 years.

And today, I heard the great news: The waste will be removed, and the waste company will pay to remove it. All it took was the right President.

And President Trump put Scott Pruit, the EPA top guy on it:

 Thursday, EPA Administrator Scott Pruit announced the proposed partial remedy which would remove 70% of the waste carried over from the Manhattan Project. The proposition will carry an additional period of public comment before final implementation. During that time, community members will have opportunities to provide questions, concerns, and wishes to the EPA.

There ARE people fighting this, most likely the Republic Waste company that will have to pay the $360 million to do it. And to save money, they want to hold a public hearing and try to convince the people that they could just leave the waste there but put it in bigger and safer containers.


They should remove it and send it to North Korea. Because now, underground, there is a fire burning. Evidently, they don’t want to mess with that…because there might be an ‘accident’ so 70% is all they can muster.

Nevertheless, after all these years, they should do the right thing and move it.

And that’s not the worst of it: It seems, they not only dumped radioactive waste in this landfill, they also dumped it into a creek…several miles away from the Manhattan site. Again, right in the middle of thousands of houses and a city.

And this is the map where you find a cancer cluster.

As I told you this week, my dear friend who lives up the street from me, has stage 4 cancer, and she worked near this creek. There are litigations going on, but so far, nobody has collected a dime.

So, tomorrow, when you hear all the BS about how upright the FBI, and the DOJ is, remember, a government once cared so much about its own people who it dumped it’s toxic waste right near a major city.

And kept it a secret. Even when the people found out, no President would care enough to order it taken care of.

Until now.

So, I must say: THANK you Mr. President.

For doing the right thing for the ‘people’ at last. Scott said it will take about five years, but that’s certainly a start.

Now, we’d better not get a huge hike in our waste bill. They better not put the bill on the local clients….or I’m CALLING the President!

That’s a threat you can count on.

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