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Nobody’s Perfect: Obama’s EPA VS Obama’s Race War

Nobody’s Perfect

You might think that this week, with all the emotional turmoil over Donald Trump and FOX, the Nobody’s Perfect Title would be Kelly VS Trump.


 It’s actaully, some really nasty Obama programs that will harm us a lot more than a personal political battle…This week it’s all about Obama’s programs which have been designed to hurt us all: And we haven’t even gotten to Climate Change and Gun Control yet. 

This week, we have Obama’s wars:

Obama’s EPA VS Obama’s Race War:

Let’s start with the disaster that Obama’s precious EPA has done: 

This covers quite a large area…and all the people that use that water are now going to have to buy bottled water, (more money)  and who knows how long it will take to clean it up? Maybe years.

Obama’s beloved EPA, which is the right arm of the President, has just now poisoned the well. (There must be a lot of white people living along this river.)

These people are going to be going through a daily hell. They can’t sue the mining company, and they can’t sue the EPA OR Obama. It was….an accident.  It shows you what happens when “You didn’t build that” but you sure as heck wish you would have.

The Irony of it is too incredible to even imagine. The Government agency that is meant to protect us from spills like this: Causes it….with a oops. Sorry.

And then there’s Obama’s Race war. As you all know, I live not far from Ferguson. After the big Obama takeover of Ferguson last year, the black shops made a lot of money from millions of good hearted “WHITE” people, donating their time and money to help out… and Obama himself sent millions in to “help” the community. Big corporations dug in their pockets: MORE money.West arrested

This small stretch of road made more money than most small countries…and where did it go?

The Democratic governor, Nixon (Who refused to send in the National Guard and let it burn)  is also giving the city (and their new black mayor) $360 million to rebuild it into a beautiful tourist spot, complete no doubt with a statue of the “gentle” giant. So, it’s been very calm and things have been back to normal…somewhat…until a few days ago.

Obama must have made the phone call from his golf cart in Martha’s Vineyard.

And out of THIN air, the same protesters were coming out again. YES! And this time, they want WAR!

In a day of civil disobedience called by activists to protest the shooting of Brown and other unarmed black men across the United States by police, 57 people were arrested as they broke through barricades at a courthouse in St. Louis and blocked the entrance, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Missouri said.

Among those arrested was Princeton University professor and activist Cornel West, according to a protest organizer, and the crowd was shouting “We are ready for war!”

Their black representatives were on the ball…there to help…Antonio French even told them they could hide in his office when the shots were going on:


Tonight I let 4 guys run into the #HealSTL office to get away from the gunfire. While I was in the front, they stole laptops and iPads. SMH.Lady

And that lovely race baiter Congresswoman, Maria Chappelle Nadal, tweeted too….

AMERICA: There is a genocidal effort underway in St. Louis. Please pray for peace and our safety. We are hearing reports of police hunting.

I hate to correct you Maria, but there were a lot of people sitting in traffic tonight when the protesters shut down the heaviest traffic during rush hour. It’s horrible every day WITHOUT a bunch of idiots blocking everyone’s chance to get home after a hard day’s work…or even someone trying to get to the hospital.

The police let them stop traffic, then calmly arrested most of them….but it took over an hour. You do NOT want to know the mess that caused.

There were more than a few white people in that line, so it seems the ‘white lives’ don’t matter is taking hold.

So who won the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week? the EPA or the Ferguson War Hunters?

Obama wins!  He seems to win almost every other week. I think, he’s actually on the road for an Olympic Nobody’s Perfect Metal.

I need to design that sucker…maybe a roach pin..but then again, when it comes to Obama, I wouldn’t want to insult the noble roach.



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  1. Chamber of Commerce report this week found that EPA regulations could cost about $51 billion per year in lost gross domestic product, although it included the new power plant rules in the equation.


    Comment by Jeremy Loeschner | August 28, 2015 | Reply

    • It’s a planned destruction…and we…all feel helpless. 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | August 28, 2015 | Reply

  2. Joyanna -Just guessing, but IF the Native American Indians would get involved in action like this- – with us “white eyes” and others, then I do believe they could, as hinted at before – – “clean house”! As to “what ELSE” this man can do – -apparently anything he pleases, since Congress doesn’t seem to be able to develop any “chutzpah” – -or, maybe a majority movement by the American public. BUT, we would have to have a “leader, a coordinator” that could create enough energy that would cause all of US to join together in the effort. Somehow, Trump and Cruz keep popping into my thought processes!


    Comment by madmemere | August 10, 2015 | Reply

  3. Joyanna- There are many, many minority groups (other than whites) living along this waterway; consider the 3 Native American Indian Reservations and 19 Indian Pueblos situated in NM! I still feel if all the towns, cities, ranchers, etc, effected by this pollution, were to get together and file a class action lawsuit, against the EPA, they could, no doubt, clean out the entire EPA budget, for the coming year and shut them down – – perhaps “permanently”??


    Comment by madmemere | August 10, 2015 | Reply

    • Hey! Thanks for that info mademere! I am so disillusioned with Obama, I always imagine the worst and can’t help making snippy comments sometimes.  I certainly hope they do get together and sue the EPA, but would they get much? Hard to say.  Has there ever been a case where the government was sued and they actually won? I don’t know, but it be worth looking into. I heard Bill O’Reilly say once that you can’t fight the government, or sue them. You’d lose every time.  I also found that to be true in my own life…I once had a major complaint about my local high school, and they came after ME.  The Indians on the other hand, might actually GET something, because they have treaties…and democratic lawyers. .  I just feel so sorry for everybody down there, and the EPA is only getting started with Obama’s new laws. And then I think…my GOD…what ELSE can this man do? 


      Comment by Joyanna Adams | August 10, 2015 | Reply

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