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GOP: Are You Talking to ME?!

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Well, somehow we survived the weekend, and the insults being hurled at Donald Trump didn’t stop. We were all told by everyone: This is Donald’s last stand.Trump two

HA! That’s what you get when your President hangs out with rappers and pole dancers! People want MORE!

I tried to stay away from it all, since it was clear that Megyn Kelly threw the first punch…and don’t tell me it wasn’t a punch. She spit out those words “Dog and Pig” with such venom, I was waiting for the green vomit.

When Trump said “Only Rosie” we all laughed, because we remember that fight. (So do these girls) And Rosie stated that fight too.

The rule here is, don’t start a fight with Donald Trump. He will reduce you to the lowest common denominator.  And if you’re a woman, all bets are off. With Donald Trump, women truly ARE treated equally.

Obviously, this attack was a well-thought out plan with psychiatrists and political think tanks in war rooms in Rino offices…Jeb Bush has to be the nominee to the rich GOP, because let’s face it, every rich man on the planet has given to Jeb Bush. It’s all in the bag. DO they get rid of Donald?

I was thinking some kind of sexual scandal–or he had sex with an intern. (I even have to laugh at that thought.) Or…Hillary’s server was found in his New York office.

They know, his weaknesses, and since women will decide the election, (They think) that’s where they should attacked.  Trump was expecting attacks from the other men running, not FOX news. He should have known better.

And the kick was swift. With that one blow, they expected the women of America to fold their cards. But…they are, once again, getting a big surprise.

Talks about Breasts and Penises with Stern

Talks about Breasts and Penises with Stern

Rush Limbaugh, saw it for what it was:

We all made a mistake,” Limbaugh said on his radio show on Friday. “We assumed that the orders went out to the candidates. But the candidates did not make one move toward taking Donald Trump out. The broadcast network did; the candidates didn’t.”

Limbaugh denied he is attacking Kelly for the question, but he said he knows “full well” nobody would dare ask a Democrat the same question or try to make Democrats justify their existence.

“But I’ve reported stories like the Mexican government is advertising in Mexico how to get on the American welfare rolls, how to get food stamps,” said Limbaugh. “The Mexican government is doing it all. Trump was right.”

“There isn’t anybody in the political class that has been discussing illegal immigration and sanctuary cities and the criminal element that’s coming across the border, and nobody doing anything about it, in either party,” Limbaugh said.

Michael Savage went further:

It’s clear that Martha Washington (one of Savage’s nick names for her), Roger Ailes, and Rupert Murdoch are working for Hillary Clinton,” the pundit said on The Savage Report  on Friday.

But it wasn’t just Kelly he railed against, but Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook was the main sponsor of the debate, hosted by Fox News, and Savage said that was because Zuckerberg wants to open the nation’s borders so he can get cheap labor for his website.

He complained that her “nostrils have become almost porcine” while she “snorts her insults at America.”

When have you ever heard of a man in favor of cheapening American wages and flooding America with illegal aliens buying a network during the opposition’s debate?” Savage said of Zuckerberg. “Well you just heard of it. What do you think the F stood for? Mark Zuckerberg joined forces with Fox News to undermine one Donald Trump and that was for one reason only: Zuckerberg is the greediest man in the history of the world. Zuckerberg doesn’t care who gets hurt, he just wants them in this country.”

“Do we want to win?” Bush said. Or, he asked, “Do we want to insult 53 percent of all voters? What Donald Trump said is wrong.”you talking to me

When George Will said this morning that the GOP ADULTS in the party, should reign in all those who are fighting mad at the way Trump was treated, I turned it off. That man was talking to me.

Hey…you talking to me? You talking to me! 

They don’t get it. Every candidate and pundit jumped on the Donald Trump bandwagon…when they SHOULD have been jumping on Obama’s Iran deal.

The biggest complaint by all the elite snobs was — “We don’t need a president who talks like that.”

And guess what? Donald isn’t apologizing. And why should he?

Neither is Jeb Bush.

“I’m playing by the rules of the game, the way it’s laid out,” he said of his PAC fundraising. “And if people don’t like it, that’s just tough luck.”

If that attitude is good enough for Jeb Bush, it’s good enough for Donald Trump.

If you want another President who is calm, cool, and collected, never attacks back, and smiles and waves….because that’s “Presidential”– keep the one you have in the White House. He’s got that “I’m the coolest man walking the planet, and I can lie, steal, kill, and cheat because of it!” down pat.

In the meantime, those girls need a spot on FOX. Maybe we’d watch it again.



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Nobody Reads: Amos Singeltary—American Prophet.

oligarthyNobody Reads 

Back when the American Constitution was being pondered and written, the arguments were much the same as they are today: Do we make a centralized government, or one more a bit more…less powerful. The Federalists were lead by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay, John Marshall, James Wilson, John Dickinson, and Roger Sherman. The anti-federalists had Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, George Mason, John Hancock, James Monroe, Elbridge Gerry, George Clinton, Willie Jones, Melancton Smith, and Sam Adams. 

Both sides took to writing their thoughts, in newspapers throughout the country.

From A History of the American People-p.193 (by Paul Johnson)

One pamphleteer, signing himself “A Republican Federalist,” equated the proposed Congress with the British: ‘The revolution which separated the United States from Great Britain was not more important to the liberties of America, than that which will result from the adoption of a new system. The former freed us from a foreign subjugation, and there is too much reason to apprehend that the latter will reduce us to a federal domination.’ This fear of Big Government was allied to a widespread conviction, which the anti-federalists articulated, that the new federal congress and government would quickly fall into the hands of special interests and groups who would oppress the people. Hamilton’s notion of lawyers as a disinterested class formed by nature to run the center did not impress.

As Amos Singeltary of Massachusetts put it—

“These lawyers, and men of learning, and monied men, that talk so finely, and gloss over matters so smoothly, to make us poor illiterate people swallow down the pills, expect to get into Congress themselves: they expect to be the managers of this Constitution, and get all the power and the money into their own hands, and then they will swallow up all us little folks, like the great Leviathan. “

Remember, this was said BEFORE our Constitution was ratified. As to the point made about “lawyers” it was a held belief by the federalists that lawyers should be the ruling class, because they thought lawyers or, the “learned profession” were superior, and formed a natural ruling elite to rule over farmers, planters, and merchants, because they had no vested economic interest to advance.  (laugh here.)

In other words, it was decicded from the beginning by Hamilton and Madison that Harvard professors and lawyers should be the ones to rule the country. And…they do.

Is that why Bill Clinton and Barack Obama felt they had to become Constitutional Lawyers?

Nobody Wonders.

If you need to address radical Islam, you need to name it…what it is: Radical Islam. If you need to address a bunch of rich elites who think THEY and only they should rule over the people, you need to start reminding everyone what kind of government we DO have now…

Amos Singeltary, got it right. America oligarchy. 

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Nobody Flashes the Moon Going Past the Earth…or…Maybe not.

Nobody Flashes

I saw this on Kim Komando’s site, (Yes I get her emails) and she posted it convinced that NASA really released this picture of the Moon going by the earth.

If you check around though, many people, including myself, think it’s a bit funny. I mean, it just goes STRAIGHT….and out into the void….And if it is fake, couldn’t NASA have done a better job?

Anybody have any opinions?

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