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Jimmy Fallon: Obama’s Obsequious Butt-Boy Tick

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The reason Obama won the last election, according to many, was due to the fact that he got all those kids who had never voted in their life, to go out and vote. Some of them couldn’t even read, but there you go. We have just witnessed in the last month how Obama is going to “save” the poor, mistreated, left alone to suffer without him—American woman, and NOW he is going back after the young “students.”

So, when the obsequious Jimmy Fallon rehearsed a very hip and young way to catch all those college students, (and blacks) who we know from watching Jay Leno’s “walks” are pretty stupid, (see video) the young and stupid will think this President is really “cool” after watching this very slick advertisement for Obama made up especially for the POTUS.

After all, most of them haven’t got out into the real world yet. They don’t realized that the reason college is so expensive is due to the government

This from The Godfather:

It’s unfortunate that most college students rarely get a free market approach to economics. This is by design. Colleges are dependent on tax dollars. Even private colleges are subsidized by students who bring money they got from the government in the form of guaranteed government loans and grants.There’s another part to the story that is often missed. The rising cost of college is the direct result of government subsidizing education. Women trapped in welfare programs have little choice but to continue to vote for the political party that promises to maintain the programs. Republicans capitulate by going along with the Democrats so they won’t be vilified by the press and the always aggressive liberals.  Their debt after graduation — now at $1 trillion and more than all credit card debt — makes them dependent on the State.

So it’s the same as gettng the single mother voting Democrat forever. Put the ‘students’ on that same dependent bandwagon.

I stopped watching Jimmy Fallon when he made parents send in video tapes of them lying to their own children about taking away their Christmas presents and then laughing when the kids started crying.

VERY Sick. So it’s no surprise that Jimmy Fallon is pretty much a sumbag, although a talented one, and will do anything for a nickel.

And right now, he is the Obama’s obsequious butt-boy. Literally. Jimmy and Michelle have done pushups in the White house, and he has even made a pack with the dog. Next thing you know, he will be in the White House garden picking tomatoes with the kids.

Jimmy is being used to “slow-jam” Obama down our kids throats (Kids being anywhere from 19-55) …and have them love it while they do.

America: They can sell you a tick off a monkey’s back.

Jimmy insulted Michelle Bachman when the band played “The Bitch is Lying” as she walked out as a guest on his show. He denied knowing about it.


Nobody Knows how much money Jimmy is making to be Ba–‘RACK’s: (What’s with the new promunciation there Mr. Obama?)  personal campaign manager for the young…but one thing I do know…

Jimmy makes a mighty good tick.

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