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Rubio VS Obama: Not Eligible…but Nobody Cares

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This is a bit old, but watch it to the end, where the fact is plainly laid out that Marco Rubio is stated not to be eligible to be Vice President. Here you come into the two arguments: Republicans want to stay to the Constitution, and to the rule of law. This is their cry….untill it came to that one rule of law that only a “citizen” born in the United States would be eligible for high office.  Obama, by most of the stuff that I have read (and I’ve been reading a lot about this) was not eligible, and the birth certificate he produced was a joke. He did the same thing he did in Obamacare…he bribed whomever he could to remain silent. The fraud of his elections has been reported all over the news. But, we go on. Who cares? What can we do now?

Right. He’s got the power, it’s too late.

But…besides Joseph Farrah of WND, Jerome Corzi, and Donald Trump…every single man and woman in Congress has kept silence.

The Democrats use the old line that works very well…”Oh it’s such a trivial thing!” And they honesty believe the Constitution is old, outdated, and they just don’t pay much attention to it.  The Republicans are ignoring the facts, because they have planned to use Marco Rubio as a Vice President, and this decision was probably made right after Obama was elected.

So BOTH parties are hypocrites. They know that can’t be honest and “change” the Constitution, because Obama has already served. Besides, too many people would get upset. So they just ignore it.

There are so many other things that occupy people’s mind that in hindsight it does seem sort of trivial.’s not. Not at all. Our founders knew what they were doing.

As we have seen with the atrocities of Obama’s “rule of tyrannical law” a man who feels very little for America, with “Dreams of his Kenyan Father”  has taken the most powerful reins of America and used its vast resources to help the Muslim Brotherhood gain back its power in Middle East. They have now come to thank him in the White House. And we are in more danger as a nation than ever.

That’s why you make sure you have a born citizen hold that office.

Rubio, the contender who everyone assumes will be picked, is out talking about Russia today. Last week, it was Africa. He knows he is about to become one of the very richest men on Earth. He will lead the merger of the Mexico/America into the future, especially if he goes on to become President. Our American nation, our constitution, will be made to be “trivial” in the wake of whatever they have planned for us.

We must all but consider the Constitution as being dead in the water. If our leaders abide by no law, or laws they pick and choose for their own benefits, then why does it matter who gets elected?

Now we have to pick between more Muslims coming into our country, or more Mexicans.

To believe in America, to promote America…means you would have to become an isolationists (Watch them all SPIT out that word)

And now that I’ve had that little Nobody rant…I’m off to go try to find some strawberries that don’t taste like they were “genetically modified” in some Monsanto lab. And I’m thinking, maybe we ought to let Monsanto grow the next President.

A lot of people would go for it.



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