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Professor John Cleeze: Lesson in Snobbery

Nobody Reports

The mainstream liberal Marxists leave no stone unturned. Every single liberal rich snob they can think of are on full force hate Trump mode, AND his supporters. And it’s not just the American snobs.

Yesterday, as I wrote, Judge Judy came out against him. Oh. Well she wasn’t quite Cher, or Bette Midler, or Whoopi. She just ‘pretended’ to want to save us all from the constant fighting.

Now, the English are getting into the act. Recently they are bringing another favorite icon from the sixties out, John Cleeze who is promoting his new book: Monty Python’s John Cleeze’s book Professor at Large.

Yes, professor Cleeze is educating the young minds at universities everywhere.

You see…John is a regular English snob. He talks about one of his fellow actors in the Pythons that he never got along with, because you see…he’s Welsh.

The Welsh are a subject race who God put upon the planet to carry out menial tasks for the English. (Cleese) We use to disagree on everything because I was sort of snooty and superior, and he was a cold rather sarcastic fervor. He felt strong about everything and had to have his way on everything.

Joke? Mmmmm

And then after he gives several chapters to his contempt for religion, he goes into his comments on American politics—

Cleese: I think Obama’s very bright, more than bright. There are a lot of bright people but I think he is astoundingly emotionally intelligent

Yes, Cleese, who spent most of his life in college and falling down on stage, never spent anytime with the ‘little’ people of England, I suppose. But— he sure could make them laugh.

Here’s what he DOES think of the average young person, an opinion held by all snobs, especially Hillary Clinton.

In 1990 when they measured the average attention span for young people it was about fifteen seconds. Today a millennial’s attention span is now six seconds. Now, I want you to guess what the attention span of a goldfish is. It’s nine seconds.

How does he feel about our President?

There’s less hope due to President Trump. His presidency is the most extraordinary thing that’s happened in my lifetime. I couldn’t believe that people had voted for him. It reminded me, when I was eighteen, I went to professional wrestling for the first time.

Cleese: Trump supporters are angry that they don’t have a better lifestyle but are resolutely determined not to consider socialism, when its capitalism that’s delivered them the sort of society that they live in.

At the moment I find extraordinary pleasure in looking at trees. You just sit and look at them and they make you feel good. I think trees should have a vote: they’re only about three IQ points lower than Trump supporters anyway.

And how does the average professor Cleeze liberal snob feel about women? He was bored by them, but found out how to get into their pants. It took Cleeze quite a while to figure it out.

Men: pretend to be actually be interested in them! When I went to Australia for the first time, I started to become successful with girls because they couldn’t get over the fact that I actually listened to what they said.

Amazing! Pretend you’re not thinking the whole time about their boobs!

And Advice? He tells the college kids….

The second thing is don’t have children. Children cause most of the misery in the world. If you have children you worry yourself sick about them, they cost a fortune, and then they grow up to be like their mothers. So, avoid children.

Instead have cats.


Well, if you read the book, he’s not joking. He is your typical university professor who thinks that the eloquent speaking Marxist is great, and the straight to the point get everything done Trump is…

Lower than a tree stump.

I dismissed this book as harmless, until I saw in the last AARP magazine, an article promoting John’s book.


Nobody thinks that many of the elite  universities are worthless, filled with people who think they are brilliant because they sit around and ‘think’ all day and that makes them superior to the masses.

And John Cleeze proves that old ageing movie stars still need attention. And AARP is right up there with the New World Order….pretending to “care” about the old, while in the meantime really doing not a thing for them.

Have you ever tried to actually use that AARP card? “Uh…no…we don’t use that here.”

Speaking of ‘educated’ men trying to get attention: Has anyone see Harvey Weinstein? Bill Clinton?

Maybe we should start looking into the dormitories of the elites universities where they all can gather and watch John Cleeze cut off a Presidential Trump arm and leg.

I’m sure, Cleeze could sell tickets. Saying of course, after he, dressed as a knight, cuts off Trump’s fake head and then sayin…”.it’s just a joke. I couldn’t find a tree!”


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Obama: The Black Peanut of History

Nobody Flashes

Just a short note: I finally watched The Black Panther Marvel movie tonight. I had heard so much about it, that tonight I kept wondering…didn’t I see that?

No. Evidently, I think I remember watching some really long documentary on it, in which the actors and reporters showed long clips and analyzed it as not only being the biggest grossing movie of all time but had many conservative themes in it as well they said.

For instance, the King of this imaginary African nation called Wakanda was keen on protecting his people and keeping his country isolated. He also had built a wall. Truly, it wasn’t a ‘racist’ movie at all.


After the movie I had to give myself another gold star, because I do remember writing that it was more than likely a huge propaganda film and I refused to pay to see it.

My instincts were right. There were  sprinkles of leftist themes throughout the movie: like how there should be a black violent revolution. This theme had to be endured throughout the movie. But the most prevalent theme was that colored people were hurting all over the world, and rich nations had a moral duty to share their “wealth” and “technology” with the rest of the world.

Which in the end, the King Black Panther does…at the U.N.

What a guy. Obama was probably looking to buy that Black Panther Costume and put it in his collection to show all his white neighbor friends in Martha’s Vineyard.

The only white good guy in the movie is Bilbo the CIA agent. Clearly, trying to clean up the image of the CIA is going to take a while.

As entertainment…it was…okay. There were some fun fight scenes via Lord of the Rings. The costumes were flashy… the women warriors were fun, but…when the high-tech woman called the white American CIA agent a ‘colonialist’…I was just wondering where Obama was hiding.

And speaking of Obama, he is hiding no more.

Singing the same old song in some speech today. Filled with as much imaginary claims as The Black Panther Movie.

The trouble is: His lies are now on record.

His great speeches are hollow.

And his audacity for his own narcissism knows no bounds.

Clearly, Obama feels like he is the black panther of the world, but in reality…

He’s just another Jimmy Carter.

Just another peanut in the annals of History.

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Nobody’s Perfect And Some Are Just Born Losers: Robert De Niro

Nobody’s Perfect

You know (Sorry, this man brings out the high school in me.) Robert De Niro has made the Nobody’s Perfect Award way too many times in my columns, and I hate even wasting my time even thinking about him.

Everyone thinks he is such a great actor, but he really isn’t acting: He plays himself in every single movie he’s ever been in: He plays the bully, the thug, the man who beats you up with threats and loudmouth cussing.  De Niro is an angry walking man of rage, who if Freud was around would say has a typical case of impotency, and tries to cover it up, with being a complete, classless, megalomaniac asshole.

He’s so low on the human totem pole he makes Harvey Weinstein look normal.

It’s his ‘angry’ persona which made him money: Some are clowns, some have talent, De Niro is just your stereotypical thug.

Personally, I think he just loves the attention he is getting from continuing to be the Mafia thug from the neighborhood, you know, the poor kid whose parents divorced, and left him to fend on his own. Which, according to Wikipedia, is his story. The raging bull who takes no crap from no one, and thinks he is totally big King of the ropes for it.

He had another one of his foul-mouthed attacks on Trump at the Tony Awards, which I’m sure didn’t get many viewers, and his performance was predictable. He was De Niro:  “Fuck Trump.” he said. And everyone jumped up and applauded.

Hey, I’m not going to use the $% stuff. It’s what he said. And not a soul besides Rush Limbaugh and Paul Joseph Watson calls him out on it.


President Trump makes a historical moment with Kim Jung Un. Something no other U.S. President has ever been able to do. So, De Niro is just another angry old man.

In the meantime, De Niro apologized to Canada for our President.


Go back to France Mister De Niro. Go live in Canada. Go back to your brothel in Paris.

You don’t like America?

Well analyze this on your next trip to your next restaurant opening: Most of America is sick of YOU. Hope your wife’s coffee company takes off because your career in the movies is over.

I’m sure Obama and Michelle can get you on Netflix.


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Wonder Woman or Ripley?

Nobody Flashes

Recently, the famous director James Cameron said he didn’t like the new Wonder Woman movie, because he said basically that Wonder Woman didn’t portray a strong woman as she should be. HIS female character. Sarah, in Terminator (His first wife) the mother of John Conner, was a better example of what a strong woman should be.

Wonder Woman basically, was too much tits and ass.

I disagree.  “It’s a comic book hero stupid!”

Wonder Woman had superpowers. What are you talking about?

Okay, having said that, the one character that I think comes close to the perfect example of an all together strong woman was Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in James Cameron’s Alien. 

Especially THIS scene. Ripley uses her brain throughout the movie and survives. Ripley never does anything a woman could NOT do…. like Angelina Jolie, all 58 pounds of her beating up 50 guys.

Right. Every time some skinny chick takes out 3 men or four men in a movie at once, I have to laugh.

And any mother who is a good mother, can identify with this scene…that monster Alien is after her “child.”

“Get away from her you BITCH!” 

It’s probably the greatest movie woman line of all time.

I love it. It’s exactly what I would do if someone went after MY baby.

In fact, once or twice I came close to this scene, in real life that is.

Plenty of ‘aliens’ walking around on this planet, and human mothers can be wicked when it comes to protecting their children.

That’s why some of them should be banned from watching hockey.

How James Cameron got this wrong I certainly have…no clue.

I’m just glad he didn’t direct Wonder Woman. 

Just think of all we would miss this Halloween.

On another more serious note, I just texted my son and asked his nobody “opinion”…which would he choose?

“Neither. Tell them to get a job like maybe Condoleezza Rice instead.”

Yes…I’d say that’s the real wonder of women…raising wise men.

For two whole minutes tonight, I WAS Wonder Woman. For two minutes.

Don’t ask ME what happened after that.

Ask James Cameron.


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Nobody’s Perfect: Rob Reiner: Has a New Head

Nobody’s Perfect

I found this on Breitbart and just had to share it, in case any of you missed it like I did, the first time around.

It’s a piece taken BEFORE the election.

You know, I knew Meadhead was stupid, but not THIS stupid. Saying that the Trump supporters were racist, KKK members, and Hillary was the most qualified to be President in his lifetime.


Right. She married Bill Clinton. Because of that, she was given the keys to all political offices. She has done nothing to even deserve our attention. In fact, she has done more harm than ever to our country, and America KNEW it.

But, not Rob. Poor guy. Trump was voted in on his ideas, not his celebrity.

Hillary, had none. All she had been was a walking political corpse of corruption and crimes.

You would think even a director would read the script.

After the election, he said this:

“What’s interesting here is that we really have a test, and we are being tested as to whether or not our democracy is going to survive,” Reiner said on MSNBC in February. “We have somebody who’s mentally unstable, who is a pathological liar. There’s no getting around that, who’s running our country.”

First: We are NOT a democracy. (Not very educated are we Rob?)

Second: Hillary lied with every other breath. She sold our uranium to RUSSIA, and made millions off foreign countries…. she had a regular money-making machine…selling off what was NOT hers to sell off. She committed major felonies, time and time again, all for her own glory and benefit.

What normal American did Hillary EVER help?

Really Rob? Are you truly that stupid?

The mentally unstable one, is clear. Just listen to the tape, he opens his mouth and its…almost too sad….to believe someone could make it through life so…

What’s the word? (You fill it in…….)

Rob Reiner, wins the Nobody’s Perfect Award for being…well, let’s just say the elevator never reached the top floor.

In fact, it’s still in the garage.

There’s only spaghetti left…the meatballs have left the building.

Therefore, from now on, Meatball will be known as : Spaghetti Head. That’s about all that’s up there.

On second thought: Maybe you shouldn’t watch this.

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Do YOU Suffer from Franchise Fatigue?

Nobody’s Opinion

Talk about clueless.

The Wall Street Journal just posted an article about how Hollywood blockbusters in America are flopping. The Mummy, Pirates of the Caribbean, Transformers, and just about every other sequel you can think of, have flopped at the box office this summer.  The reason they give is: Americans are tired of the same old songs.

Like I said: Clueless.

First: It’s the economy stupid. Going to a movie just for two now costs well over $40.00. To many people, with inflation, and the price of health care, you have to cut something, and it’s much easier to pay for Netflick. Why go to a movie, when you have thousands to choose from at home?

Not to mention, the kids now know how to download the latest releases…it’s not legal, but what are they going to do? Technology is almost ‘nudging’ us to stay in our own homes.

(Which is what they want, really, when you think about it.)

Second: Many Americans, like my husband and I, REFUSE to give any snobby movie star who attacks the President, with such viciousness, any of our money. We feel, that to attack a newly elected President, with such hatefulness, with absolutely no basis in anything that he has done so far, is attacking America itself.

Johnny Depp suggesting last week that President Trump should be assassinated, was, to the average person, appalling.The movie stars don’t seem to care if they have poor box office attendance, in America, because they make their money overseas.

To any logical person, that’s the REAL resistance going on. And by the way, people are tired of paying twenty dollars for a small popcorn and large coke.

The only way we can fight back is to not buy their product. The ones that are talking out, seem to be on drugs most of the time, anyway. Johnny Depp, Carrie Fisher…is it any wonder they admired Obama? Bill Clinton? Two ‘ex’ drug users?

Third: Most of the big movie theaters are attached to the malls. The malls in America are dying off at an alarming rate. Therefore, the traffic isn’t there anymore from the mall. It’s only a matter of time before they start closing down the big theaters.

My husband and I went far away today to a popular mall which we walked just last Christmas. Not one shop was closed back then.  The five big malls around North County St. Louis, have all closed down, and with them the movie houses that were once thriving. So, to see half the shops closed down, at this mall so far away, was more than depressing.

We can’t say its just a ‘Ferguson’ thing anymore. No, I blame Obama.

We feel, like the America we grew up in, is disappearing.

It is…and FAST.

And it’s not the Zuckerberg, everybody is going to be happy world they are predicting.

Zuckerberg went to Iowa recently to talk to truckers. He actually asked truckers what they would think of self-driving trucks.

What planet do these rich, elite, idiots live on? Do they not know that the globalization they have pushed on us all, is killing our country?

Think of all the teenagers who worked in malls, at movie theaters for summer jobs. Gone. They certainly can’t afford to take a date to the movies, when they can’t find a job.

Still, the elite journalists at the Wall Street journal call it franchise fatigue.

The only ‘franchise fatigue’ I have at the moment, is political journalists, who are CLUELESS to the average man or woman living in America.

They keep singing the ‘same old song.’


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Nobody’s Perfect: Griffin– Aslan

Nobody’s Perfect

It’s a great week for moronic people. For instance, Kathy Griffin has been on the front page since she since she dipped a fake Trump’s head in blood.

“I made a horrible, horrible call,” she continued. “Trust me, if I could redo the whole thing I’d have a blow-up doll and no ketchup.”

Sorry Kathy, that’s not ketchup. I would know, it’s practically what I live on. Ketchup does NOT drip. What? Did you get complains about the REAL blood? You think we’re stupid?

In an amazing feat of typical liberal. “go on the attack when caught in crimes” Kathy claims that President Trump, took her down.

How CRUEL. After the fact: It’s starting to look like the whole thing was set up.

Frankly, I got a kick out of the apology tape where she took off her big, fake, eyelashes. I don’t know who glues them on, but most of the time one of them is falling off. Now, I love makeup, and wear it myself, but Kathy’s eyelashes look like Spiderman’s leftover breakfast toast.

It’s hurtful to me,” Griffin said. “There’s a bunch of old white guys trying to silence me and I’m just here to say that it’s wrong.”

It’s wrong? Holding up your own beheading video is not exactly right, Kathy. And you’re not exactly young, now are you? I wonder how many black guys thought what you did was pretty disgusting too?

And then there’s the Muslim? on CNN, named Raza Aslan, who said the President was a “piece of shit.”
Yes, he has a job. CNN, once the most rejected name in news is now truly…a piece of shit network.

Nobody watches it. Which is why they are hiring Muslims to cuss out President Trump. He eats brains I’m told…and probably knows Kathy.
CNN made him apologize. Ratings. Ratings. What will he say next? This woman, man, whoever.
Will Raza say he wants another man raped?

Will he interview Kathy Griffin on his show and give her an award, shaped like a machete?

Stay tuned. Looks like for the immediate future, my Nobody’s Perfect Award will never have trouble finding a moron.

They seem to be…. everywhere.


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Let’s Book Kathy Griffin To Do a Show in Syria!

Nobody’s Perfect

Well, the liberals are so beside themselves that President Trump had such a GREAT trip overseas. They are losing their minds, and that’s not good, since most of them don’t have minds. The big headline of today was Kathy Griffin, who took up all the front pages, by holding a dripping head of President Trump, video ISIS style.

Sure, she came out and made what seemed to be a sincere apology, but don’t believe it for a minute. She knew what she was doing, and knew it was a crime, and had the apology video all ready to go to keep herself out of any kind of jail time.
I thought she was a disgusting human being that one New Years’ Eve night when she tried to give Anderson a blow job in front of MILLIONS of children and the whole world on New Year’s Eve. Clearly, she’s just another adolescent narcissist liberal, no-talent, bitter basket case of ugly ignorance.

Chelsea Clinton even said it was over the top, and the ONLY reason she did, is because she hopes to take her mother’s place in politics.

And then we had the founder of Starbucks, freaking out. The CEO who lost SO much business when he said he was going to hire refugees over Americans, it’s GOTTA hurt.
People said, “Hey, forget you. I’ll go to McDonalds or QuikTrip.”

He blames his big loss, NOT on his bigoted stupidity, but on President Trump.

“We have a president that is creating episodic chaos every single day, and that is no doubt affecting consumer behavior,” Schultz said, in a video obtained by Business Insider.

Really? Had nothing to do with you being a bigot?

We go from a big coffee CEO to some ‘professor’ who is starting a “white genocide” movement, you know that one that is on all the campuses…Anthropologist Michael P. Oman-Reagan, “white genocide” is a “good plan” because it will entrench leftist power by preventing right-wingers from having babies.

Since he is white, I think it’s only fair that he starts with himself. If it’s a white genocide he wants, then he should be first. That’s how stupid liberals are. If you are WHITE, and liberal you can live.
They should be saying “white right-wingers” but I digress. Logic is not their forte.

And in the MOST ironic twist of the movie century, the actor who plays Captain America hates President Trump with a passion.
He hates President Trump and he hates the ‘ignorant masses of Americans that voted Donald Trump into the White House,” “this man disgusts me,” and this man has driven the “wave of ignorance and hate.”

To which many people say…” Is he stupid? Does he realize that he just hit himself in the box office gut?

Well, since China seems to be taking over Hollywood, does it really matter if movies sell here anymore? China believes in globalization. And you can bet they probably LOVE Captain America bashing the man most Americans voted for…their very own Caption America President.

But Kathy takes the prize of being the most hideous.  To all the people all over the world that have been beheaded by ISIS, she wasn’t mocking Trump, she was mocking every person that has been killed by Jihadists. In fact, I think this might be her as a young child practicing her ‘art’ in this picture:

Clearly, she is that full of hatred, and has no clue as to what ISIS is doing, nor does she care. And trust me, most of Hollywood thinks she is a brave soldier for doing it.

That’s how sick they are.

Will FACEBOOK allow the many videos that are probably being made right his moment of people holding up Kathy Griffin’s beheaded head dripping in blood?

No, but if I had money, I’d start making Kathy Griffin masks, dripping with blood, her eyes bulging out, beheaded neck….and blood for this year’s Halloween.

I bet I’d make a LOT of money.

The good news? The stupider they all act, the stronger the REAL America will become.

Let’s hope they don’t stop.


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Meryl Streep, DRAWS FIRST BLOOD…Thanks!


Nobody’s Perfect

Well…okay. Here’s how they do it. They always control the narrative don’t they?

The great news today was that Trump, who isn’t even President yet, has been working hard to get jobs back into America…and so far, he’s bringing more jobs back to America than the last four Presidents…and he’s not even in the White House yet!

It’s unbelievable news. Obama can’t even steal his thunder, even though he’s trying.

Streep as Donald

Streep as Donald

And so…the Democrats do as they always do: Look for something to attack.

Everybody was talking about it today. Meryl Streep, once again, attacked Donald Trump for making fun of some retarded reporter. A reporter that viciously attacked Trump. (It’s always first, remember? Do NOT draw first blood.)

You know, it’s amazing how these people never learn the reason that Trump is so attractive to millions of Americans is because he doesn’t take shit from anybody.

It matters not who you are: Despot, movie star, politician, janitor, powerful CEO…nope. If you attack Trump, he WILL strike back.

“Meryl Streep, one of the most over-rated actresses in Hollywood, doesn’t know me but attacked last night at the Golden Globes,” Trump writes on Twitter. “She is a Hillary flunky who lost big.”

The liberals have been attacking conservatives for so long now, they’ve made everybody wimps and puppies. You DARE not say a word, because they will destroy you, we are all…deplorable.

And now, there is a man who refuses to put up with it.

I watched the Golden Globes last night, and winced at every single liberal cut to Trump…and winced at all the sycophantic bowing down to the black colored skin, and winced at all the boring movies being lauded…truly, not much to pick from this year.

But when Meryl Streep started in on her attacks, I turned it off.merly-stree-one

Really? Really? How stupid are these people? Do they think that they are so magnificent that the people living paycheck to paycheck, people who cannot even afford their medications anymore, let alone a $50 dollar trip to see a movie, will even spend their money on these liberals stupid movies after they attack the people who they want to attract?

They’ll stay home and watch football. Or baseball. Or play video games.

And yes, she had to make a nasty comment about that. Those deplorable people who don’t know how FINE she is. How, magnificent is the actress. How noble, like the star in the sky….how beautiful…how….

Stupid. Funny, she sounds so good on film, but like Hillary, she’s not much of a talker in real life is she?

So, knowing she could get big headlines the next day, and probably after getting off the phone with her bud Hillary, she made her speech….where she claimed it broke her heart that Trump made fun of some reporter that attacked him.

Well Ms Streep, it broke OUR hearts that Obama never said a word about all the violence in Chicago, and race riots all over the country, after he promoted racial disorder for 8 whole years, attacking whites and cops in American.

“Disrespect invites disrespect, violence incites violence. When the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose,” she warned.

To America, it’s disrespectful to attack the incoming President, just because your best girlfriend lost the election. It showed no class. Instead of thanking people for the award, she showed what an idiot she is.merly-streep-two

Liberals have been bullying us for years, and so, thanks to the Golden Globe attacks, I think I’ve about had it with the award shows.

I only watch for the dresses, but you can see those on the internet.

And guess what Meryl, we’ve got Netflick, and Hulu…and it won’t matter anymore how many awards you give yourselves…we don’t have to listen to you anymore.

Go get drunk with Barbara and Hillary…and keep attacking!

The more you attack, the more popular Trump will become.

Remember, you drew first blood.



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Nobody’s Perfect: Mark Hamil—Dopey.

Nobody’s Perfect

Ahhhhhhh, the many complaints of aging Movie Stars, just won’t go away.

Mark Hamil, has decided it’s his turn to let the world know: He is a flaming liberal idiot.mark-hamil

Star Wars is coming out soon. I don’t know about you, but those of us who remember the FIRST Star Wars are all rookied out. If I see another Jedi Master, or repeats of the Millennium Falcon, I couldn’t care less. The Star Trek series far surpasses the Star Wars franchises, not only with story, but with just about everything: Graphics, acting, storyline…excitement.  

The last Star Wars movie was so lame, I don’t even remember the name of it. Now, they just keep it up to sell the merchandize.

Harrison Ford went on to a long career, but Mark Hamil, well, he didn’t do so well after Star Wars. Sure, he kept busy, making guest appearances on lame TV sitcoms, but he did a pretty stupid thing in 1977: He missed an exit ramp on a highway and decided to cross four lanes to get to it.

He ended up smashing his face so badly, even plastic surgery couldn’t hide the scars.

But it’s okay! Like Hillary Clinton, he’s back, with a new show I haven’t even heard of—called “Pop Culture Quest.”

 And we all know that politics of the radical left are really popular right now in the culture: along with BLM, Gun Control, obnoxious women comedians, and aging movie stars who NEED attention so badly, they are willing to start criticizing those deplorable from places like Oklahoma.

You want to keep your career alive, and you can’t compete with the young stars anymore?

THEN…Politics is your answer!

Mark said this:

I’m glad I have [my new show ‘Pop Culture Quest’] to take my mind off what’s going on,” Hamil told the Daily Beast. “Because if you look at what’s being assembled for our government it’s like, yikes. It’s a who’s-who of really despicable people.”

Translation: If you like Trump’s pick for his cabinet, then YOU TOO, are despicable.

What do these people do? Grab a dictionary and look for bad labels to call conservatives under the “d” section?



What will Harrison Ford call us? Disgusting? Degenerate? Demanding? Disgraceful?

Why don’t they lighten up and just call us Dopey? I am very FOND of Dopey. I like that name.

I have often wondered, what “Force” screwed up this guy? He would claim it was his father, who was Darth Veda…a man who supported Richard Nixon. Hillary claims it was her conservative father who made a liberal out of her.

Oh well. Space movies are fun. But Star Wars…AGAIN? Come on. Really.

Mark Hamil was in the right place at the right time.

And now, he thinks he’s Yoda.

So, congratulations Mark Hamil! You win the Nobody’s Perfect Award for the week!

May the “Force” pick you up and slam you down and knock some sense into your head. (On the other side of the scar of course. Just a slight knock will do.) If I was Dopey, maybe a good cymbal to the head. But…

I wouldn’t dare. I might be despicable, but I do have what you might call, deplorable dignity.

I only use ‘force’ when I decide to push the button on my remote control…which I do every time I see ‘Star Wars’.


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Nobody’s Email: Mac King Shows His Rope

Nobody Flashes Email.

After the “Bad news Friday” dump of Hillary’s ongoing FBI email escapade, it was good to get this fun video.

I have NO idea how he did this, nor…do I WANT to know. I simply want to be amazed.

Enjoy! It’s Saturday! And go ahead…try this at home. Tell me how you did.

(Thanks to madmemere)


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Harrison Ford Has NO Idea The He Helped Give Us Trump…Shall We Tell Him?

Nobody Cares

While Hillary is out there talking about “love”— as if she has ever loved anybody in her entire life but herself, she has her very rich and snobby movie star elites…attacking Donald Trump.

Three famous rich liberals have gone on the “Trump” attack train this week: Let’s start with the one with the least class: Harrison Ford.Harrison ford one

Harrison Ford is a man who should have retired long ago, but because his best buddy Steven Spielberg kept him in all his movies, he is STILL around. So, Donald Trump says something very nice about him, and it pisses him off:

This week Harrison Ford took on Donald Trump after the Republican made a reference to Ford’s 1997 action flick Air Force One. Trump had told The New York Times that he admires presidents from action movies, like Ford’s character.


“My favorite was Harrison Ford on the plane,” said Trump. “I love Harrison Ford — and not just because he rents my properties. He stood up for America.”


Harrison Ford quipped back, (How DARE Donald tell the world that he rents his property) reminding Donald Trump that he never really fought terrorists in an airplane.


“It’s a movie,” he said. “Donald, it was a movie. It’s not like this in real life, but how would you know?”

NOBODY SAYS: You’re right Harrison. Everybody knows it was a movie, including Donald, because in REAL life, you are a gutless worm of a man, and I for one am getting tired of looking at your ugly face. We all know, if that had been you in real life on Air Force One, you would have taken the first plane out of there and left everyone behind. You are one of the rich snobs we hear in America are really getting tired of. I was going to see Star Wars, but why? Clearly it’s going to be a typical propaganda film, and frankly, they should have left you out of it.

You have no class, and by the way, how dare you lecture us about climate change, when you ride around in your private jets, and HOW big are all your houses?

What? You like to work with your hands? I believe it. You have no brain. By the way, was that part of the deal to put you in the movie? You had to come out and promote the global liberal agenda?

(Whew, that felt good. One of the perks of not being on anybody’s website but my own. )


Flash ahead to Muhammad Ali. He had to trash Donald this week too:Ali

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali on Wednesday criticized Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States, calling on Muslims “to stand up to those who use Islam to advance their own personal agenda.”


Another gutless worm: First off, the last time I saw Muhammad Ali he was so brain damaged he couldn’t even talk, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t say this. But let’s be frank. EVERYBODY knows the reason Cassius Clay became a Muslims was so he would not have to be drafted into the army and maybe have to fight for his country, and lose all his millions.

If that isn’t a perfect example of using Islam to advance your own personal agenda that I don’t know what is.

In other words: He did it to save his own hide. He might have been a great fighter..but Elvis had more guts than Cassius Clay ever did. At least Elvis went into the army.

Cassis Clay became Muhammad Ali to skip the draft. TELL me he didn’t.

(Okay, I’m not sure that made me feel any better, after all, the man IS brain dead..but still…typical.)


And last but not least J.K Rowling’s said this: JK Rowling

“How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad,” Rowling wrote, in sharing a BBC article titled, “Why people are calling American businessman Donald Trump Voldemort.”

NOBODY SAYS: You’re…kidding me. Okay. As much of a fan that I am of the Harry Potter films, if you have EVER read those books, (And I have read them all)  then you know, that J.K. Rowling’s is no genius. In fact, she doesn’t write all that well. The concept is great, but…It’s all a lot of P.R with her, and if not for the movies, and whatever connections she had who decided to make her famous, she’d be just another children’s book author lost to the world. (I know, they are kids books…but there ARE better ones.)

The only thing I’ll say about J.K. Rowlings is…don’t think I’d buy another one of her books.

So, if you think I was a bit too nasty on any of these people, let me say…I really don’t care. I’m tired of the liberal trash in Hollywood making all their millions off of conservative ideas, and then in REAL life, they tell us that conservative ideas are racists, conservatives are stupid,  and they are superior to us.

What they don’t realize is that AIR FORCE ONE, might have helped give us the Donald Trump that has emerged…a man who WANTS to save America, just like in the movies.

So, the last laugh is on you Harrison…


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Did Leo Rape the Bear?

Nobody ReportLeo raped

Thank God Drudge warns us…

In an effort to shock and awe and drag the MOST people out of their happy Christmas Hallmark movie marathon, and worried that millions of people are celebrating Christmas, instead of celebrating “climate change” it’s been reported that If you go to Dicaprio in his new movie Revenant, you will see what REAL “rape” is all about!

Forget those out for mother nature.

The new movie ‘REVENANT’ features a shocking scene of a wild bear raping Leo DiCaprio!

The explicit moment from Oscar winning director Alejandro Inarritu has caused maximum controversy in early screenings. Some in the audience escaped to the exits when the Wolf of Wall Street met the Grizzly of Yellowstone.

The story of rural survivalism and revenge reaches new violent levels for a mainstream film.

The bear flips Leo over and thrusts and thrusts during the explicit mauling.

“He is raped — twice!”

YES! the message is: Move to the city where you will be safe, where you only have to worry about being robbed and killed!…And we can keep a watch on you!

My husband wanted to go see this movie…

I can’t wait to tell him…

Will the Walking Dead have a rape scene between Darrel and a Wolverine?


Funny—why is it more appalling to liberals when men and GAYS are raped? Women…not so much.

Can you guess?

UPDATE: The liberal press says Drudge has got it all wrong. That rape didn’t happen.

Nobody thinks that maybe Leo raped the bear. I can’t wait to find out. Leo raped two

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Kanye West Wants to Run for President—Pass the Tequila

Nobody Flashes

Kanye West announced he’s running for President at the MTV awards, while he had the attention of the nation. Kim is already designing her separate Air Force One for herself, with enough closet space to hold her outfits. There will be another jet built just for the family…and they will have to put camera’s in every room in the White House…just for us.

He says he will run in 2020.

Nobody Wonders: Why wait Kanye….run in 2016….what? You have as much money as Donald.

Are you chicken?

What a putz.


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