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Let’s Book Kathy Griffin To Do a Show in Syria!

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Well, the liberals are so beside themselves that President Trump had such a GREAT trip overseas. They are losing their minds, and that’s not good, since most of them don’t have minds. The big headline of today was Kathy Griffin, who took up all the front pages, by holding a dripping head of President Trump, video ISIS style.

Sure, she came out and made what seemed to be a sincere apology, but don’t believe it for a minute. She knew what she was doing, and knew it was a crime, and had the apology video all ready to go to keep herself out of any kind of jail time.
I thought she was a disgusting human being that one New Years’ Eve night when she tried to give Anderson a blow job in front of MILLIONS of children and the whole world on New Year’s Eve. Clearly, she’s just another adolescent narcissist liberal, no-talent, bitter basket case of ugly ignorance.

Chelsea Clinton even said it was over the top, and the ONLY reason she did, is because she hopes to take her mother’s place in politics.

And then we had the founder of Starbucks, freaking out. The CEO who lost SO much business when he said he was going to hire refugees over Americans, it’s GOTTA hurt.
People said, “Hey, forget you. I’ll go to McDonalds or QuikTrip.”

He blames his big loss, NOT on his bigoted stupidity, but on President Trump.

“We have a president that is creating episodic chaos every single day, and that is no doubt affecting consumer behavior,” Schultz said, in a video obtained by Business Insider.

Really? Had nothing to do with you being a bigot?

We go from a big coffee CEO to some ‘professor’ who is starting a “white genocide” movement, you know that one that is on all the campuses…Anthropologist Michael P. Oman-Reagan, “white genocide” is a “good plan” because it will entrench leftist power by preventing right-wingers from having babies.

Since he is white, I think it’s only fair that he starts with himself. If it’s a white genocide he wants, then he should be first. That’s how stupid liberals are. If you are WHITE, and liberal you can live.
They should be saying “white right-wingers” but I digress. Logic is not their forte.

And in the MOST ironic twist of the movie century, the actor who plays Captain America hates President Trump with a passion.
He hates President Trump and he hates the ‘ignorant masses of Americans that voted Donald Trump into the White House,” “this man disgusts me,” and this man has driven the “wave of ignorance and hate.”

To which many people say…” Is he stupid? Does he realize that he just hit himself in the box office gut?

Well, since China seems to be taking over Hollywood, does it really matter if movies sell here anymore? China believes in globalization. And you can bet they probably LOVE Captain America bashing the man most Americans voted for…their very own Caption America President.

But Kathy takes the prize of being the most hideous.  To all the people all over the world that have been beheaded by ISIS, she wasn’t mocking Trump, she was mocking every person that has been killed by Jihadists. In fact, I think this might be her as a young child practicing her ‘art’ in this picture:

Clearly, she is that full of hatred, and has no clue as to what ISIS is doing, nor does she care. And trust me, most of Hollywood thinks she is a brave soldier for doing it.

That’s how sick they are.

Will FACEBOOK allow the many videos that are probably being made right his moment of people holding up Kathy Griffin’s beheaded head dripping in blood?

No, but if I had money, I’d start making Kathy Griffin masks, dripping with blood, her eyes bulging out, beheaded neck….and blood for this year’s Halloween.

I bet I’d make a LOT of money.

The good news? The stupider they all act, the stronger the REAL America will become.

Let’s hope they don’t stop.


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