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Nobody Wonders What James Comey Will Say…

Nobody Wonders—

WHY President Trump fired F.B.I Director James Comey today, and since I haven’t been watching the ‘pundits’ today, you can be sure that my imaginations and wonders on this matter are all my own.

Here’s a few Nobody Wonders:

Clearly, the NWO, got rid of Le Pen, and all along, it’s been clear that the plan was to IMPEACH President Trump. The “populists” movement must NOT be allowed to go on. Condoleezza’s Rice is so worried about it, bless her heart, she came out of hiding and told the world.   

Yesterday’s grilling on James Comey was all about finding evidence that President Trump colluded with the Russians to beat Hillary Clinton. Every question was meant to point to the fact that Comey, who was blamed for Hillary’s lost, did NOT go after Trump and his connections with the Russians.

They HATED Comey.

And now, that Trump has fired him, they are appalled.

What hypocrites.

Leave it to the liberals to find an attack in any action of President Trump’s. So, now they say that President Trump fired Comey to cover up his involvement with the Russians.

Frankly, most of America thought Comey should be fired when he said that he “found no intent” on all the crimes that Hillary committed.

No intention? Selling uranium to Russia? Libya? Secret email servers? A billion dollar missing from the State Department? MILLIONS in their own pocket from foreign governments?

Comey didn’t even mentioned those crimes. Gee. We had to get it from WikiLeaks.

There were people in jail for even lesser crimes, so clearly, Comey was protecting a criminal, and why?

Because he said he didn’t want America to lose faith in their institutions.

To this nobody, Comey tried VERY hard to let the American people know what a big crook Hillary really was. And who knows just what elites had been ordering him to protect her?

Was it really because of his concern for us? Or was it because Obama and the Bushes and the globalists that run the world, did NOT want Hillary prosecuted, and he works…for them.

We won’t know. And it’s no big deal that President Trump fired him.

In fact, he could have fired the whole D.C. government Mafia, and we would have been happy.  

So, I missed it all today.

Everybody is wondering what President Trump will say, what Hillary will say, what Obama will say, what McCain will say, what the local postman will say, but Nobody Wonders…

What is James Comey going to say?

The real truth will come out with that, or his silence.

And this Nobody Wonders, which road he will choose.

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