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Wonder Woman or Ripley?

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Recently, the famous director James Cameron said he didn’t like the new Wonder Woman movie, because he said basically that Wonder Woman didn’t portray a strong woman as she should be. HIS female character. Sarah, in Terminator (His first wife) the mother of John Conner, was a better example of what a strong woman should be.

Wonder Woman basically, was too much tits and ass.

I disagree.  “It’s a comic book hero stupid!”

Wonder Woman had superpowers. What are you talking about?

Okay, having said that, the one character that I think comes close to the perfect example of an all together strong woman was Sigourney Weaver as Ripley in James Cameron’s Alien. 

Especially THIS scene. Ripley uses her brain throughout the movie and survives. Ripley never does anything a woman could NOT do…. like Angelina Jolie, all 58 pounds of her beating up 50 guys.

Right. Every time some skinny chick takes out 3 men or four men in a movie at once, I have to laugh.

And any mother who is a good mother, can identify with this scene…that monster Alien is after her “child.”

“Get away from her you BITCH!” 

It’s probably the greatest movie woman line of all time.

I love it. It’s exactly what I would do if someone went after MY baby.

In fact, once or twice I came close to this scene, in real life that is.

Plenty of ‘aliens’ walking around on this planet, and human mothers can be wicked when it comes to protecting their children.

That’s why some of them should be banned from watching hockey.

How James Cameron got this wrong I certainly have…no clue.

I’m just glad he didn’t direct Wonder Woman. 

Just think of all we would miss this Halloween.

On another more serious note, I just texted my son and asked his nobody “opinion”…which would he choose?

“Neither. Tell them to get a job like maybe Condoleezza Rice instead.”

Yes…I’d say that’s the real wonder of women…raising wise men.

For two whole minutes tonight, I WAS Wonder Woman. For two minutes.

Don’t ask ME what happened after that.

Ask James Cameron.


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