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Nobody Knows Why the Shooter Did It — Seriously?

Nobody Knows

Last night, I went to bed early…. which is a rarity. And I had a dream…a most horrifying dream. It was one of those dreams that you think is really happening…you really believe that you are in real-time.
Suffice it to say, that I heard my dog barking by my bed, and I got up to see what she was barking about, and then…a powerful invisible force literally picked me off my feet, carried me across the room high, and set me down. 

I was scared. WHAT!! Was this evil? Okay…so there IS a force in the universe that was trying to tell me something, but it was defiantly in control. It was showing me I had NO power whatsoever to resist it physically. It was an invisible evil presence that picked me up again…and did it once more. Time and again it picked me up, and carried me across the room in the air, and then put me down.

I tried demanding it to answer me… “What do you want?!” Imagine if you had found out that evil WAS real, invisible, and like the burning bush was shown to Moses, it just showed itself to you?

Wouldn’t it freak you out? 

Now, it took me a while to realized that I was NOT in reality. Most of my dreams are very creative, and I wander around in them solving some puzzle in my life, I always KNOW I’m dreaming…but not last night.

So, I got up, got a drink of water and decided to go into my office and try to shake it out.

And then, I turned on the TV.

And saw, in real-time, the shooting in Las Vegas. The evil in my room, was in Las Vegas.

Here’s what’s disturbing. After a whole day of ‘news’ nobody wants to admit that its was conservative and brave Americans that had been purposely targeted. There was a whisper that they found Antifa flyers in the shooters room, that he was, probably, much like the man who targeted the Republicans at their baseball game in Washington D.C. because you see, they can’t tell the American people what’s really happening. One Senator…well..but 59 Americans killed and white ones at that? 

They are walking…carefully.

And pretty soon, the news of the woman who came down into the crowd and told them they all were going to die, will be forgotten. So, will the ISIS claim, even thought they claimed it was them.

What most people think, is that this man, hated conservatives…and who knows what really happened? As far as we know, this could have all been a plot by Soros. We really don’t know.

What’s happening is that the left, wants war…on America. They KNOW they don’t’ have a chance to win this war UNLESS and until they disarm the American people.

I don’t know about you, but anybody who spends his time gambling, hanging out in bars, is pretty much a scum bag.

There were pictures on the internet of him wearing a “Pussy” hat, it may be him, but who knows?

And let’s not forget that this very well could have been a false flag attack. The liberals HAVE to get rid of our guns. It’s the last freedom they need to get…before they can finish their plans.

What we CAN be sure of, is it was meant to attack, patriotic Americans. That was…no accident.
Many ‘stars’ and liberals are thinking tonight…” serves them right.”

This morning I felt much like I did on 9/11, except this time, one man was fueled by our liberal (and a few disgusting rino’s) to hate President Trump, his supporters, and America.

It seems the fight for America has begun. ISIS? Lone Wolf? Democratic hatred? CIA false flag?

Probably all of the above if you ask me. As Americans, we need to unite.

Let the football players kneel…. they won’t get as many free drinks, even car salesmen will rip them off.

I really believe with all my heart that decency will win out. Machine guns are outlawed and last night was not done by lone shots, it was full machine gun attack.  So, don’t listen to the hysterical noise that is coming.

Last night, the true greatness of America was shown. Throughout the carnage, good people were helping each other…just like on 9.11, the firemen, the police, the average Joe on the street who loves his country.

The struggle to take our guns is still on track. NO gun law will stop this crap from happening.
If there is one thing America MUST do, is not lose the right to have a gun. The talk is already starting, and we MUST remember, that the deep state wants this too. The liberals are spewing hatred and violence all across our nation, and we must name the enemy within even if the media won’t.

Many republicans will be behind gun control too. Remember, after every shooting Obama tried to get our guns, and he failed.

We need to stand strong on this.

I really believe that somehow the evil that gripped that madman last night sent an echo out into the universe’s wire and crept into my dream. Like an echo, it reverberated across the dimensions of dreams.

Think I’ll stay up for a while…and play this a few more times;

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